Born in mid-April of 1999, Stormy was brought to us by a neighbor in June of '99. She was described as the ‘runt’ of the litter, and you could tell it was true. At 2 months old we could still hold her in the palm of one hand.

She was about the sweetest cat we have ever known, almost indescribable in personality. We never witnessed any act of aggression that was not play related, she never messed beyond the box, occasionally she would beg for food, but that was due to being spoiled early on :)

With her small size, and attitude, we could tell that she would stay a kitten in mind for as long as she was to bless our lives. She never aspired to be an outdoor kitty, always preffering to sit by the open door and scent the wind, watching the outside world with nary a clue as to what lay beyond, nor a care to find out.

Oh she had her little quirks, try as we might we could not convince her that clean folded clothes were not a bed. If she was nearby and we didn't pay attention when she chirped in that special way that kittens have she'd gently reach out a paw to our hand or cheek and partially flex her claws until we'd talk to her and scritch her. Never one for headbutts or kisses she loved rubbing her chin against our hands or legs. Bathtime was always her favorite, as bedtime neared she could always be found curled up on the toilet waiting for me to appear and start the tub filling. The whole time I was soaking she'd sit there chirping and chattering away at me. One time she tried sitting on the edge of the tub, until she leaned forward to try and take a sip of water and fell in. After that it was toilet top every night.

She came along at the perfect time to help me thru some very rough things in my life, having learned only shortly before that my Father had cancer. When he passed away, looking in her eyes would remind me that I needed to go on with life because I had a furry little bundle of pure unadulterated love to attend to.

Discovering that she was ill was the second hardest moment I ever had with her, she stopped eating and drinking, and by the time I could get her to a vet her skin was turning yellow. At the vets office they found a mass on her stomach that had spread to her liver. That was a very hard thing to take, not being able to help her when she had been such a tremendous help to me throughout her life. I tool her home, hoping against hope that she would improve, that somehow, someway, she wouldn't be taken from us. It only took a few days of seeing her lose strength, and not being able to keep anything down to make the hardest decision I ever had to. On September 28th, 2005 I had to have her put to sleep. They allowed me to be there with her through the procedure, and as the medications took effect I could see that the pain was leaving, and she was able to relax, finally at peace, drifting off as she tucked her paw under her chin and the long remembered look of love returning to replace the pain in her eyes.

As she lifted from the bonds of Earth I kissed her forehead one last time and told her to wait for me at the bridge, and to say hello to Babe, Ron's cat that we lost on July 8th, 2005.

Stormy, you always remained the sweetest, most loving kitten I have ever known. In your 6 years you never grew up, and we wouldn't have changed a minute of it except to be able to have you longer in our lives. You were a ray of true light in an often
dreary world, and you were the best kitty cat I ever had.

I Love You Stormy
Christine Goltz
Oregon City, Oregon”

Also loved by
Ron Riekens II
Oregon City, Oregon

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"I Will Always Love You"