About Us

Rainbow Bridge Memorial began in the fall of 1998 as a memorial tribute to my five beautiful dogs who made their journeys to the Bridge over the years ... Frosty in 1982, Ginnie in 1986, Shadow in 1992, Romi in February of 1998, and Kaylee in August of 1998. I just wanted to show anyone who was willing to look, how special these sweet little girls of mine were.

My best friend then asked for her three BridgeKids, Cortez, Pepper, and Misty, to be added to the page, and then another friend, Maf's mommy Barbara, asked if Maf too could be on the Rainbow.

It wasn't long before my little tribute page began to grow ... and ultimately became this website.

To those of us who love our furred, feathered, or scaled companions, the loss of a pet is every bit as traumatic as the loss of a human family member ... our pets are part of our family. But all too often, the pet lover's loss is downplayed by friends and family members who simply don't understand, who say "it was only a (dog) (cat) (other species)" ... "You should get another one" ... and other things that, while well meaning, serve only to intensify the mourner's grief. When a human family member dies, friends send cards, bring food over, and sit with the bereaved, offering kindness and sympathy. But when a pet dies, the bereaved is expected to shrug it off and carry on as normal.

This is a place where you can come, read about others' feelings for their pets, and add a memorial to your own BridgeKid. Here you will find understanding and support from others who have been where you are. You are welcome here.

Dee & Shayna