My own Bridge angels ...

March 25, 1972-November 26, 1982

The best little dog in the world. Almost human ... with all the intelligence but none of the vice. Your time was far too short, but in the time you had you made sure no one would ever forget you ... and I never, never will. All the years that have passed can't erase the pain of losing you, sweet baby girl, and no amount of time ever will.

How Have I Gone On Without You?
June 23, 1977-April 18, 1986
Our sweet shy baby. Usually in the background but still always making your quiet little presence known ... full of love, full of beauty and grace. Thinking of you still brings tears and the bitter pain of loss, pretty girl.

My Sweet Shy Baby
June 23, 1977-February 2, 1992
Always loyal and true. You always did things your way, but you were so cute about it that ... hey, we didn't care. Your way of gazing up at me with that "you are my whole world" expression always made life seem worthwhile no matter how bad things were. Almost didn't survive losing you, my best and loyal friend.

How Can It Be Seven Years?
June 15, 1982-February 26, 1998
Precious little Mallo-Cup Pup. Funny little girl with the quirky sense of humor ... and there wasn't a sock or piece of underwear anywhere that was safe from you. Miss you forever and always, Precious Puppy.

Remembering Romi
December 11, 1985-August 17, 1998
Forever loving, forever loved, you followed literally to the ends of the earth and never complained. You saw me through the darkest times and made me believe everything would be all right, and you left an empty space that nothing can ever fill. Thank you for the love and loyalty through all the years, beautiful little girl.

Letter from Kaylee at Rainbow Bridge

Kaylee's Brother ... Little Boy Lost
"Shayna Brightstar"
August 3, 1998-October 15, 2013
Bright and shining, Kaylee's little gift to me. I always said, you weren't the puppy I thought I wanted, but you were the puppy I needed to have. Silly little Mogdog, precious beyond words, my little Puppy Pearl. You fought the leukemia for nearly three years, you were soft as marshmallows yet tough as nails. I miss you more than words can ever say. We had a long and loving journey together, but I wasn't ready for it to be over, and I will love you forever.
? - May 12, 2005
I never really wanted a fish, but when someone brought several Bettas to us at work one day, no one seemed to want to bother with this one. So, I brought him home, set him up in an aquarium, and he thrived with us. I became enchanted with him - he recognized us, watched us while we ate, and even watched television and flared at things he found interesting. As time passed he became very much a member of our little family. He left us sometime during the night last night, and though we know he was very old for a fish, we miss him.
Somewhere at Rainbow Bridge there is a beautiful pond, filled with plants and sunshine. Swim free, Tobey, my little friend, till we meet again.
? - April 21, 2007

Some of my childhood friends ...

I grew up with Rowdy; she was the first dog in my life that I remember. My dad had a way of picking up strays, and she was one he brought home with him. We never knew where she came from, no one ever claimed her, so she became ours, this purebred English Springer Spaniel.
She was the mellowest of dogs, everybody's buddy. Every kid in the neighborhood loved her. She was happiest when she was running and playing.
From her I learned that animals are to be loved, to be respected - that they are lives to be cherished. From her I learned what true and complete and unconditional love is, the way only a dog can teach it. She was my friend and my confidante.
Rowdy went to the Bridge when I was 14 and she was probably about the same. There she runs and plays and is probably everybody's buddy.
Run free, my beautiful first dog. I'll see you again.
Boots was another of my dad's rescues who came to live with us after Rowdy went to the Bridge. He came from a horribly abusive past and was never able to completely throw off the effects of that past, which constantly came out in his neurotic behavior. And yet, he could be the most loving of pets ... and we gave him all the love he had never had in his younger life. After about six years with us, he died of a kidney disease.
Now at the Bridge I know he is free of all those terrible memories, and can be the dog he should have been ... loving, playful, happy.
Shine bright, my little Booty. I'll be seeing you one day.

And Carole's fur angels ...

November 10, 1964-December 7, 1978
My little 'Cortie,' the first of my Chihuahuas, a real tough little guy with the biggest heart. After 21 years, honey, I still miss you. But you're in my heart until we meet again.
November 6, 1978-July 4, 1985
My sweet little baby who really WAS quite a 'pepper.' You were only with me for a little over six years, baby, but you made such a special place in my heart. It still breaks to think how quickly you were gone.
"Misty Morning"
August 6, 1985-December 8, 1995
Oh, my darling little Misty, such a trooper! You always looked like you were sad because of your markings. You filled my life with such happiness for ten years. I miss you terribly, baby, and none can ever take your place.
"Gypsy Angel Baby"
November 16, 1995 - April 5, 2005
My beautiful, sweet little Gypsy, how I miss you, baby. My heart is broken and you took part of it with you, but I know I gave you the final act of love in understanding that you were telling me you were ready to go to Rainbow Bridge and in letting you go. Dee and I were with you until Dr. Wilbanks said you were gone, but even then I kissed your little head, and I know you felt the kisses at Rainbow Bridge. I know you're happy and whole and well again and playing with Kaylee and Misty and all the others and I will see you again someday, baby, when I cross over, and we'll be reunited NEVER to part again.
I love you, my darling little Gypsy Angel Baby.
Your mommy, Carole
"Tia Angel Baby"
December 31, 2004 - October 30, 2015
My little Tia died this morning. She had obviously ran by the front door, scared of the thunder, and she must have knocked over the safety bar and it fell and hit her on her little head. I got up to see where she was (she was usually in her puppy bed) and found her lying on the living room floor, dead, the safety bar by her. It must have killed her instantly, which is the only blessing I have, that she didn't suffer. She would have been 11 come December 31 and she was my baby. We brought her to the vet to have a private cremation. I'm in a terrible state of shock and keep breaking down. I know she's at Rainbow Bridge now, in her prime, but it hurts so bad.
Tia Angel Baby, I'll always love you and miss you until we're together again.

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