In memory of Max ...

August 5, 1991 - June 12, 1998
I had to make the decision to put Max down to end his suffering from prostate cancer. Before Max came to me he had been abused terribly by his previous owners. I found him during a blizzard with no tags or collar and I took him in. He was my first dog, he won my love instantly. Months later we found his former owners, they tried to take him back, but I called in our local Animal Welfare Agency and local police, after going before a judge it was decided that Max was to stay with me. Unfortunately no charges were ever enforced against his abusive former owners, I only hope that what goes around comes around, fate will ultimately punish them. After X-rays we even found that they had shot this dog, leaving three bullets, one at the base of his tail, one above the bladder and one below the bladder. My Max never ever deserved that!!! I gave him the best home I could and he was my best friend. He was loyal to the end. I know for a fact that he knew what I was thinking, he knew when I was upset and he comforted me. He protected me and my family. He loved everyone he met, he had an amazing spirit and a remarkable personality. He was so intelligent and so beautiful. He brought so much to my life. I adore my Max and I miss him so very much. Losing him hurts as much today as it did the day he left this world. I remember his soulful eyes and I know I will meet him again. ~My Maxi Boy, I love you, I always will and I miss you.
Kera Ann Sollemi

My sweet Droopy ...

August 19, 1993 - April 25, 2002
Last night I lost my beloved Droopy.

Let the sun shine bright today at the Bridge
And the angels sweetly sing,
Let the water run sweet and the breeze be warm,
As the Bridge flock takes brilliant wing.
For a soul is arriving this morning.
He's special; that's all I can say ...
Please love him the way we loved him on Earth --
Our Droopy crossed over today.

--poem copyright 2000 by Dee

Our hearts are breaking for the loss of our sweet boy Droopy -- love, mommy and daddy

Remembering Rolo ...

Rolo was a rescue piggy who came to us with her sister Angel to be company to my one lone piggy Bella. I like to think that Rolo had a great life with us and that she is at Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to join her.
We buried her in our garden, where she now has a little place for us to sit and remember her cheeky little face and those squeaks she made every time we walked by her cage.
She was a special little piggy and is greatly missed by us all including her sister piggy Angel and friend piggy Bella, who never made any squeaks for nearly 2 weeks after Rolo passed.
Rest in peace, Rolo. Miss you. Love, Mummy

My sweet Ginger ...

"Ginger Bell Brodeur"
October 31, 1992 - May 13, 2002
Ginger, I feel so badly that you are gone. I thought we'd be together forever. I took very good care of you, but feel I could have done more somehow. Please forgive me for what I did not realize, that you were old and tired. I love you with all my heart and wait until we can be together again. Please help me be the best mommy possible to Daisy and Barney, who miss you too. I think of you every time I look at them. I'll never forget you.

Remembering Frosty ...

Journeyed to the Bridge May 17, 2002
My sweet Norwegian Elkhound passed away today, May 17, 2002, after 14 wonderful years with her. The dear Lord let me sleep late (something I don't do) so I wouldn't have to watch her die. Frosty passed away in her sleep, and she actually looked rather comfortable, the way Elkhounds always do. My baby died in her sleep and at home, so it was a good death - but even so, my heart is grieving beyond measure. I haven't cried so much or as deeply since my mother died.
You can be 14 and still be a puppy, and Frosty was - my fat, furry 60 lb. baby. I know pets go to heaven, because God loves us so much that He lends them to us on earth. Frosty was my sweet companion when my mother died, and now, she's a real puppy again, running and jumping and kissing my mother.
When I thought she was going to die a few times in this past year, I petted her and kissed her and whispered, "If you get there before me, kiss mommy for me." Now I know my sweet puppy is doing just that.
Bye, Frosty baby. Even if years pass, it won't be too much time before we're together again.
Debby - "Owned by Elkhound"

Missing Pepper ...

December 8, 1991 - May 25, 2002
I loved you the minute I saw you in the pet store in Florida. You took my heart as only a 3-pound can do. You weighed 4 pounds at the vets and as a 10-1/2 year old you stole their hearts but cancer took you from me. I know you fought so hard to live ... now no pain!!
Tell Cezar I love him and I miss him too! Have fun in the sun -- no one can ever take your place in my heart!
You loved to go bye bye and now your last trip is done. I will miss you forever; I will see you soon.
Love Ya Pepper,
Your Mom Judy

In memory of Lady ...

May 12, 1988 - May 23, 2002
Lady was a wonderful little girl. She was shy and quiet and pretty much a loner. She loved to eat, she could tell when the man at the door was delivering food, and she would dance around until the bell rang. She loved to watch me set the table, which meant food was coming. She would actually sit by her bowls much of the day as she got old, in case she missed something.
She was bought by my son and me, 14 yrs ago. She got lost as a puppy but returned home to us, all dirty and hungry ... how happy we were to see her at our doorstep! Then my son left for college later, and she was all I had. She was my life, but she was tired and weary, so I let her rest.
Lady, I hope you're at the Bridge, restored to health ... I miss you and love you so much. Until we meet again someday ... please wait for me. Love, Mommy.

My Freeway ...

October 1988 - May 30, 2002
Freeway crossed over today in his sleep; he had cancer. He is our beloved friend of 13 years and we will miss him!! Dad, Mom, Tom, Billy, Christina and Beau Beau will always remember you and love you. Thanks bud!!

In memory of Tina 2 ...

"Tina 2"
Tina, you were my life and my best friend. I miss you much! You were gone in such a flash; you had severe illnesses that cost you your wonderful life. We did what we could but it was not enough, and I feel that I have let you down. Every day for a year you had 2 shots a day, sometimes more for your cruel illnesses. Tina, you will never be forgotten by me or anyone. It was much too soon for you to leave us. I feel that it is all my fault, although I know it was not. Tina you were so cute to see you play tug-o-war with the hose and watch you chase my chickens all around. How I miss you. Everyday when I come home from school you always put a smile on my face. Tina, some day when it is my time to leave this wonderful world, we will meet again along with all your buddies and my buddies that have passed on.

For my Palomino angel ...

"Winners New Dawn"
May 29, 1983 - October 19, 2001
My friend and companion for the best 18 years of my life. I will never have another like her. I will always love my angel.

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