My sweet little Ozzy ...

? - June 9, 2002
You were the best puppy I've ever had - always a good boy. And even though you weighed 43 lbs. at five months old you always thought you were a lap dog. I will miss you so much - your sweet, big dark eyes, your soft shiny fur, and the way you were always so clumsy because you never got a chance to grow into your big feet. I remember just last week, when we rescued you from the pound. You were the only dog there I wanted, and I had to beg my mom and dad to get you. They finally gave in and let me take you home with us. I was so happy and I loved you so much - but I didn't have you for very long before the parvo set in. I really thought you would get through it and be OK, but I thought wrong - you died within two days. I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of you. You were so sick, and I felt so helpless. Then today, God held me at church so I didn't have to see you die. My parents had you buried before I got home. I've never felt so sad and cried so much, because I've never had anyone or anything close to me die before. I had to watch you suffer so much, and I hated it. I hope you're in a better place now, and I really hope it's true that all dogs go to heaven. I'll miss you, Ozzy.

Four little angels ...

"Four Jack Russell Terrier Puppies"
June 4, 2002 - June 13, 2002
In memory of four Jack Russell puppies, born 6-4-02. Three left on 6-13-02. When we found them, their necks were broken. The other pup's neck was almost broken. I hand fed the male pup for a day, then he left for the Rainbow Bridge.
May you play happily on the Rainbow Bridge. Your mother and I will always remember you.
Lita, Tommy, and Bo

In memory of Sidney ...

April 25, 1987 - June 13, 2002
My sweet Sidney was helped to the Bridge on June 13 2002 after having 15 years and 2 months of wonderful life here on earth. I had him for over 11 of those years. He had the nickname of Smiley as he would do this great big goofy "show every tooth" smile when he was asked or when he was happy ... especially in the vehicles ... he LOVED to go bye bye. He also LOVED to wear clothes. Sid got to the point where he had lost quality of life and I couldn't bear to see him like that ... turning constant circles, bouncing off things, blind, deaf, starting to become incontinent. So even though it tore my heart in two I took him in and was petting him, kissing him, telling him I loved him as he left his old tired body behind.
Take care of Boo, Kitt, Panther and Harrison for Mom till I get there my Smiley boy--I love you!

Remembering Skippy ...

Skippy, a maltese/poodle mix, was rescued by his "Mommie Nicole" from the local shelter and transferred to HER Mom a week later for training and permanent housing. Skippy loved and brought unmeasureable joy to his persons for 14 years.
Dearest Skippy, you were the most intelligent and playful creature I have ever encountered. Our special bond will never be broken. You crossed over the bridge so quickly, but the best way for you -- so peacefully.
I have all of your special toys with your ashes in a Treasure Chest. I will bring them for you when we meet again. I know you are still following me around. You are missed greatly by me and your Dad, and of course your savior, Mommie Nicole.
It's not goodbye forever ... only BRB ... I love you Skip ...

Our beloved Snoopy ...

Snoopy was rescued from the pound in 1997. He was a great and faithful dog. In May of 2002, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. The vet said he only had a few weeks left. Snoopy could hardly breathe and that is when we decided that it would only be right to have him put down. He was in so much pain and it was killing us to see him like that. We will forever love you, Snoopy!

For the love of Scarlett ...

Scarlett was my sister's first baby. I remember the day we went to get her at the North Shore Animal Shelter (Kill Free Shelter). She was a little ball of black fur with ears that stood straight up! She was scared and just loved my sister right away - I think she knew my sister was her new mommy. My father found her in the early morning hours of July and told my sister that her little girl was gone. My sister just assumed that she had gotten out again; she was known for taking off all day and coming back exhausted and dirty. My sister would go around for hours yelling for Scarlett and when she came home Scarlett would be on the porch like, "Where were you all day?" My sister wanted to kill her and love her at the same time. But we know she will run forever until we see her again. I will miss that crazy dog; she was a great dog. She even got my dad to love her, and he is not a big fan of dogs. This is for the love my sister had for Scarlett, her first little girl. We will always love you and never forget you, Scarlett.

Our precious boys ...

"Cody Bear"
Thanksgiving day 1987 - June 9, 2002
There is a rainbow bridge they say
That connects heaven and earth
And we'll cross it someday
With our beloved pets who have left us behind
There they wait in the meadow until it's our time.
They play in the sun with other pets there.
They are young and healthy; and have not one care.
They chase butterflies and play with their friends all day.
And wait for us to meet them someday.
So when you see a rainbow's colors and hues
Just remember God's letting some more of us through.
And that someday we will all be there.
All together forever, in our Father's eternal care.

(c) 2002 Diane Slocum

Written By Diane Slocum: In memory of my darling baby Cody Bear, who gave me 14 years 6 months, three weeks and a few days of unconditional love, happiness, devotion. The light of my life has truly gone out but he will live in my heart forever, until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge never more to be separated. I know he is in heaven with my Mother, Father, and our Father.

July 18, 1987 - August 12, 2002
I lost my ole pal Bert today after a long battle with health problems. He gave me 15 years and 1 month of unconditional love and devotion. His Buddy Cody Bear crossed over on June 9, 2002. They were roomates. So, together once again, they play across the Rainbow Bridge. It was a hard thing to do to have Bert put down, but he could no longer walk, and was blind and deaf. I was heartbroken to see him in this condition. My wife and I carried him outside for three years, never wanting to put him down until he lost that sparkle in his eyes, and today he did. I made the tough decision to help him cross over. My wife lost her father in May, 2002, her dog in June 2002, and now my dog in August 2002. We miss both our boys so much, and are badly grief-stricken!!! May God bless our furry friends that have left us heartbroken.
Terry & Diane Slocum

In memory of Betsy ...

July 4, 1993 - June 28, 2002
I remember when I used to put my head up against Betsy's face. I remember when I used to let Betsy outside and feed her when my Dad wasn't home. I remember being so proud of her because of how well she behaved and how loyal she was to us. I remember when Betsy used to go to the bathroom on the rug and Dad would get mad at her. But I was nice to her anyway, without Dad even knowing! I remember when I was home alone and I would feel scared but then Betsy would walk in the room and I would feel safe. But I'll remember the times she used to love me and everyone else the most. I'll never forget her ... my first dog ... my favorite dog... and the best dog. We love you and we'll miss you Betsy!

Remembering Jeremy ...

August 17, 1986 - July 3, 2002
My Jeremy offered me his unconditional love and devotion for 15 years 11 months. I wanted him to live forever and he will in my heart and memories, but I had to let him go when his kidneys shut down and he lost the sparkle in his eyes.
He was more than my pet ... he was my best friend ... my little man ... my baby ... my companion ... my everything.
My Jeremy is gone physically but still lives in my heart and now in my new puppy ... I know he sent the new puppy to me to ease my grief and loneliness cause the puppy has so many of his habits. He even talks to me in the same special language my Jeremy invented.
Thank you Jeremy for the never ending love you gave me. I will hold you forever in my heart and always in my memories. You will be safe in there forever.
Your Momma

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