In memory of Annie ...

? - January 24, 2003
Thirteen years ago I went to the animal shelter to look for a collie. I went to one pen and there looking up at me was my beloved Annie. She was one year old. I put my hand in the cage and she raised her paw and put her paw in my hand. It was love at first sight and I said, I want her. I brought her home and she has been a baby doll, so sweet, loving and kind.
This past winter was tough on her - she was 14, and had outlived most collies. She came bounding into the house after going out to the bathroom, and the next morning she was down. Today I had to make the decision to have to help her close her eyes and go to sleep. I took her to the vets and they gave her a shot and she kept right on fighting. We were all in tears, even the technician, as Annie didn't want to give up and leave me.
She had a wonderful life here and I will miss her so much. I know she has crossed that Rainbow Bridge, and I will hold her in my heart forever.
Annie, I love you and I will love you forever - you have touched my life and made it a happier place to live and dwell.
Rest in Peace.

For Lucky ...

Lucky was a sweet cat, even when he would run from all the kids. When Lucky came into our family we were very happy. Lucky was a stray kitten when we got him. Now that Lucky's gone we miss the long car rides with Lucky scratching and hissing all the way to Tahoe from Woodland, Ca. So in dedication to my grandma and Lucky, I'm honoring my grandma for giving Lucky a new start, and Lucky for teaching us not to chase the cats.
love, paiz

For my pal, my best friend ...

What can you say about Rusty...the charmer of the family. When visitors would come to the house, he was the first one they saw, waiting right at the door to let them know that this was his house. Always faithful, forever waiting at the door for mom and dad to come home work with his tail wagging and barking as if to say "Hi, welcome home, I missed you, and please don't leave me at home again" With a gleam in his eyes and panting up a storm, he'd give you that perfect smile that only the "Bubba Dog" could give. When we first saw him, we knew that he was the one for us, so small and full of life when we brought him home to be part of our family. He loved to say hi, play ball, get special treats and have his belly rubbed. When he was a puppy, he loved to go diving for his food and blow bubbles in the water. When it was time to move he very sneakily placed his ball in the side of the couch so the movers wouldn't forget to pack it. He traveled the country and back again twice, leaving his "mark" in places that the average dog could only dream of. But the years went on and the Bubba Dog grew older, growing more and more tired, until one day his little legs could take no more. We knew in our hearts that the time had come to help him move on to a better place where there'd be no more pain. We kept a part of him that's more precious than gold and when the time is right we'll lay him down, but for now we need to hold on and light a candle each night to help him find the way to see that we're ok. I only wish I could have just one more day to be by his side ... but a day would be too short. I know he's up at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us, to welcome us in when we to come to pass. But for now, dear friend, run, be free, have fun and play with your pal Tom Dog, have lots of treats, and rest comfortably. It's ok -- mom, dad and Princess will be fine until we meet again.
I love you pal ... rest easy

Remembering Suzy ...

"Suzy Poozon"
Born January 1, 1990
Traveled to the Rainbow Bridge January 21, 2003
She was my most faithful companion, she gave me the greatest, deepest love I will ever know. I will keep her safe within my heart until we are together once more.
Mommy loves you Poo and misses you even more.
Dominique Wolfe

Two little angels ...

"Chloe" and "Agatha"
The brown dog in the picture is Agatha, and the small one is Chloe. Chloe died in June of 2000 in an act of cruelty by a man who was staying with us. She was nine years old. She was so sweet; she always greeted us at the door and always protected us. We lost Agatha almost a year later; she was killed by a car on the highway. I miss them both so much.

In memory of Frisky ...

Frisky was my friend and my companion for 14 years. He was a minipinscher, full of energy and love. He had Cushing's disease and liver problems and his last seven or eight months of life were very hard on him. It's been a year since he left me, and I still cry when I remember him. I miss my little old man so much. He was a clown who liked to perform in front of people. He used to go with me to visit sick people and gave all who knew him a lot of joy and happiness. I know he doesn't suffer anymore,and I hope he is waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge ... my little soldier, so brave and loving ...I will never forget him.

Missing Gracie ...

"I Still See You Still"
Grace, sweet Gracie ... Sweet dreams pass you by
I still see you still.
Memories never change, not sweet memories of you.
I still see you still.
The way you look at me with those beautiful brown eyes; walking by my side off leash.
I still see you still.
A buddy you always were.
I still see you still.
I could do no wrong in your eyes. You most wanted to be with me.
I still see you still.
You were my pal and guard, never asking for nothing more than a pat on the head or a biscuit.
I still see you still.
Gracie, sweet Gracie, ah sweet memories of you.
Even though you are gone,
I still
see you
Sweet dreams.
Lost my sweet Gracie 24 July 1955, she'll always be in my heart. She could do no wrong. Luv you girl,

In memory of Max ...

"Maxwell 'Max' Layman"
October 6, 1993 - February 21, 2003
Max was more then just a pet. He was a family member and my best friend. I got him for Christmas at the age of 10 and instantly fell in love. He picked his own name - we said names out loud to see what everyone in the family thought and when we said "Max" he barked. He wasn't just my family's dog; he was everyone's dog. The neighbor next to us bought him dog cookies. The people diagonal to us brought him steak bones tied to the mailbox. We have a home daycare in my house that is my mother's. All the kids and their parents loved him. He used to steal phonebooks off the mailboxes and we'd have to walk them back. He brought in the newspaper and even helped carry groceries inside the house from the car. He was the best dog I've ever seen. He was my best friend and was always there for me, sick or hurt or whatever. He listened to everything. He was well behaved and very very smart. Max was with me through the hardest years of my life, ages 10 - 19. As he got older his hips got worse. On February 21st we took him to the vet and they said he had 5 days before something had to be done. He was hurting and he didn't show it because he wanted to be with us ... his people. His family. He had always been loyal to us, and a good friend. I decided that it was my turn to help him and on the 21st, later in the afternoon after everyone said goodbye, we took him to the vet. They gave him the shot and my mother and I held his head and told him to go sleep with God. He closed his eyes ... and we stayed because they said he could hear us as long as the tiny side of his nose twitched. I told him thank you, and said it was ok to go to sleep now. He did his job. We said our I love you's and he went to Rainbow Bridge. I know in my heart I did the right thing, but we all miss him. He was our Max - our baby. We don't plan to have another dog, because as far as we're concerned his spirit is still in our house. He watches over us and takes care of us. God bless him, and may he rest in heaven peacefully. We love you, Maxy.
Mommy, Daddy, Jerry and Tracy

Remembering Dudley ...

"Dudley Burean"
September 5, 1989 - January 18, 2003
Dudley wasn't your typical dog. From the day our family got him we knew he was special, as all our pets were. Even though Dudley was very much a dog, we always felt he thought he was a cat. I don't even know how to explain his personality other than it was unique. Anyone who met Dudley instantly fell in love with him. He would make us laugh and was always there for us no matter what we were going through. He would wait up for me when I would come home from college to visit and was always disappointed when one of us would leave.
Dudley was a healthy dog throughout his life. In December of 2002, he started to have some problems getting up the stairs. We took him to the vet and they told us that he had an inner ear infection. One thing led to another, and by mid-January, my parents had to make the difficult decision to end his suffering. I was away at school at the time, and my parents called me to tell me that Dudley was gone. It came as a shock to me, and to this day when I come home, I keep looking for him. It's been very rough for me so far, I keep thinking he's somewhere here. I know he's up there running around chasing my 2 cats that went to the Bridge a few years ago - and I know they're all one big happy family looking over my parents and me. Dudley, your people love and miss you very much. We know you're in a better place now. May you run like you've never run before, and may you enjoy all the McDonald's french fries and other favorite foods that you want. Give Tigge and Fuzzy kisses for me and look out for them and Tracy's Max. He's a good doggy, just like you.
Momma, Daddy, and Jaime

Basil's at the Bridge ...

? - March 7, 2003
Basil was a funny little boy, full of character and fun. But it hadn't always been like that for him He came to live with us not long after one of my other piggies, Rolo, had passed over. Almost fate, really -- he came from our local rescue centre and had had a rough life beforehand. I was asked to home him with our other 2 pigs Bella and Angel, and I didn�t hesitate to take him on once I saw that lovely little face peering out at me from his cage. He was being overlooked because of his odd appearance (he was blind in one eye and had a large cyst from birth under his tummy), but I could see past his disabilities. He didn't mind them so why should I?
We know he was quite an old boy when he came to us but I would like to think he had a lovely life at the end, if not at the beginning. I like to think he will rest in peace and be with our other piggy Rolo up there. We buried him in our garden alongside her. Rest in peace, little squeaker, miss you.
Love Mummy

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