In memory of Kyra ...

July 2002 - March 19, 2003
Kyra was hit by a car in front of her home. She suffered severe brain damage and a broken upper and lower jaw. As the car kept going I was left with no one to help me take care of my best friend. (I beg people to stop and offer assistance to those who need it!) Kyra was still alive when I arrived at the vet and she was given pain medicine until she passed away 5 hours later. She was a great dog who loved everybody.

My friend Tuffy ...

This is for a very special kitty who lived with me for over 20 years. His name was Tuff-Stuff but I also called him Tuffy. He was a black, long hair domestic cat. He was my friend, he was my life. There will never be another cat like him. He and I went through a lot and I thank God that I had Tuffy to get through it all for as long as I did. I love you Tuffy and I always will.

For sweet Jasmine ...

"Jasmine Domonique"
March 12, 1996 - April 6, 2003
Dear Sweet Jasmine,
Words can't express the size of the hole put into our hearts when we lost you. You were mine and daddy's first chi baby and you will never be forgotten. We love you with all our hearts and souls. We know that you are in a very healthy and better body now and no more pain. We will see you again one day and what a reunion that will be to see our little baby girl again. We don't know a single person that could find a single flaw in you. You were our perfect little girl. We know you have made a BEAUTIFUL angel and will be watching over us till we reunite again.
With all our Love Forever and Always,
Daddy, Mommy, Ginger, Tequila, Spanky & Chelsea.

In memory of Titan ...

May, 1995 - April 13, 2003
You are always loved and you always were. We will never forget you. Big Boy, we all pray and hope that you are happy and strong playing on Rainbow Bridge, patiently waiting for our day to come, and then we will never have to part again.
We love you with all of our hearts.
Love Always and Forever,
Mom (Danielle), Dad (Chris) and Grandma (Carol)

My sweet Cricket ...

Born June 5, 1992 ... Went to the Bridge April 22, 2003

My two angels, Nicolas and Katie Marie ...

October 8, 1993 - April 2, 2003
Blessings come in many forms but none as great as Our Nicolas. Nicolas was my most precious gift from God. He was the heart and soul of our family. He comforted me when I was down and was always at my side when I was ill. He made the sunny days brighter. He made laughing a pleasure. He made loving a joy!
And more than anything Nicolas was my child, my most loyal friend, and my animal soul mate. He was my special buddy for over nine years. Always my tireless sentry, my protector, he never left my side. He followed closely in my footsteps, never wanting to lose sight of me nor I lose sight of him. His power to communicate was almost humanlike.
It saddened us all to learn that Nicolas was dying of bone marrow cancer and hemolytic anemia. His life was cut so short. I never imagined being without him this early in his life. He progressed to feeling and showing some pain. We didn't want him to suffer needlessly. Nicolas was a proud and noble dog. He was majestic and a real trooper. His beautiful eyes showed he was definitely getting tired. Yet his coat of fur was still so soft and huggable.
Food did not taste good to him anymore. His blood platelets were far too low, and his white blood cells had crashed. We needed to let Nicolas go with His Dignity. We stayed with him until the very end. He was so peaceful. His spirit is alive always and forever in our hearts. We will meet you at Rainbow Bridge Nicolas.
We Love and Miss you Nicolas!
Love, Mommie (Marcia), Daddy (Rich),
& Katie Marie (sis).
"Katie Marie"
October 22, 1992 - August 20, 2003
We have been blessed with many gifts from God, and Katie Marie was a precious gift to us! She was just the cutest thing you ever laid eyes on! Katie became our 'adopted' little doggie when our daughter left for college. Into our hearts she came and stayed. She added another dimension to our lives and even made them fuller. We began to build and create new memories. She became Nicolas' older sister. Katie loved to follow Nicolas everywhere! All she wanted was love, attention, her special treats and to be fed her 'lunch'! She was such a good girl too! She was our little watch doggie. Whenever we came home from the store she was there waiting for us, always! We love her so much. She was an easy dog to care for. She made our lives easy. She would lick away my tears, when I cried. And she was such a sweetheart. She just loved to give kisses to anyone who wanted them! She had one silly thing about her, and that was that she liked to lay in her dog bed with her body inside the bed and her head lying outside on the floor. So we called her the inside-out dog! Katie had very bad arthritis, and chronic ear problems that swelled her ears shut. Only radical surgery could have helped at this point. We decided against that. Her feet were really sore. It hurt her to walk. With her aging, and her debilitating arthritis the pain was becoming more intense. Then she became confused. It was sad to watch her. We did not want to add more medications to her lifestyle. So we decided it was time for Katie Marie to join her brother Nicolas at the Bridge. We stayed with Katie until the very end. We held her, hugging and holding her and read her a poem as she went to Rainbow Bridge. All the same things we did with her brother Nicolas! Katie was well loved, and she gave all that love back to us tenfold. She is very much missed by all of us! We are just happy that she is now with her brother again. They are free, healthy and happy running together at Rainbow Bridge!
Katie, Mommie and Daddy miss and love you so much! Say 'Hi' to Nicolas up there, OK? Little Zachary, misses you too. He was there with you until the very end also. He kissed you when your spirit went up to Heaven! May God be with You, Little Miss Katie Marie!!! Love you bunches, Sweetheart!
Mommie, (Marcia), & Daddy, (Rich), and Zachary, your little brother!

My beloved Skyy ...

July 29, 2002 - May 10, 2003
This is my beloved Skyy. I adopted her from Dewey animal care in February of 2003. She only lived with us for 3 short months. She was very sick the whole time. We thought it was kennel cough and took her to the vet to be treated. She seemed to get better; for a few short days she was out of pain. But then she got worse, and when we took her back to the vet she was diagnosed with severe distemper that she got at Dewey. I believe God sent me to her for I went to Dewey that day for my sister to adopt a dog, and we found each other. In the short time she was here on earth with us I fell in love with her. That day when we had to end her suffering she was so scared. I told her it was ok and I loved her very much. She seemed to be at peace with it. I know now she is no longer suffering and her spirit can run free looking down on us.
One day we will be together again, Skyy, but every day from now until then I will shed tears for all the pain you endured your short life. All I can hope for is that your last 3 months on this earth were filled with love and joy. I will always remember you, and love you always, my precious Skyy. You were only 10 months old when you went to God and that was just not long enough. I will miss you always. In loving memory of my precious Skyy 7/29/02 to 5/10/03 ... We love you. May you be free now and RIP.
Love, your mommy, Kalynn

In memory of Oscar ...

June 1986 - June 2003
You were my constant companion and my friend. We grew old together and now you have left for a better place where you will be a young puppy again, no longer stiff when you move or blind or deaf. When my time is up I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, my beautiful Oscar.
I miss you so much and have lost my best friend.

Remembering Genie ...

Genie, you may be gone from this earth but you will never be forgotten! I learned so much from you, my loyal and loving Greyhound. I thank God every day for allowing me to be your friend for these past 4 years. If only that lump had not shown up and tested out positive, I might have had you longer. You taught me a lot while we were together! You were always there for me when I was sad, and you lapped away my tears, or when I was just "down" and you would put your head on my shoulder as if trying to comfort me. You would just stand there and let me give you "tons" of hugs and kisses, never moving away. I know you are with God now and are running free with Pilar, Baby, Molly, Misty, Mona, Solly, and a lot of other Greys already there. I look forward to the day when you and I will be together again FOREVER!

My beloved Murphy ...

August 1991 - July 12 2003
Always in my heart ...

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