For my sweet friend JoJo ...

August 12, 1991 - September 30, 2003
Joey-Bear, I'll love you & miss you always!
"My sweet friend crossed over today."
-Kera Ann Sollami

In memory of Coco ...

1994 - 2003
I love you, my baby.

For our Kenya ...

October 27, 2001 to October 14, 2003
Earth lie lightly on dear Kenya
for he always trod gently on you.
Kenya, it is an unspeakable tragedy that you have been taken from us so soon and so unexpectedly. Your unbounded joy of life, your warmth, your sensitivity, your constant and unconditional love have been at the core of this, your family, since you became a part of us such a short time ago. Your outer beauty is exceeded only by the inner beauty of your soul which shall always and forever remain a part of each of us until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
We will always love you and we miss you desperately.
Your family forever,
Dad, Mom, Jen, John, Jess and Rudy

In memory of Braize ...

November 18, 1992 - August 12, 2002
Braize was a beautiful fawn Boxer. Our whole family loved him. He was so mellow. He didn't have a care in the world. He loved everyone, good or bad. I took his presence for granted. He had been there since I was two, so I didn't even think about him leaving. He was always there for me. He may not have been able to hear what I was saying, but he understood. He started getting really skinny, but he was still eating. Mom took him to the vets and told me that he had cancer. He kept getting skinnier and skinnier. It got to the point where I couldn't even look at him. I couldn't touch him. I knew he was suffering. I couldn't even bring myself to say goodbye when it came time to let him go, and now I regret it. No dog will ever measure up to him. And no dog will ever love me as much as he did.

Remembering Pelli ...

Spring, 2002 - September 23, 2003
I knew you only a short time Pelli, but you will remain forever in my heart.
I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight, girl, it's only you and me
-- "Here without you" (3 Doors Down)

Our sweet rescue angels ...

June 9, 1993 - November 7, 2003
Play in the sunlit meadows at Rainbow Bridge, baby - your pain and illness are gone forever. You will be much missed by those who love you.
May 24, 1997 - August 5, 2006
Our precious boy, you were with us for 9 beautiful, happy years and it broke our hearts when you passed over to Rainbow Bridge only two days ago as I write this. You'll always be in our hearts, though you took part of our hearts with you. But we'll see you again someday, baby, and then we'll all be together eternally. We know you're happy and in the peak of health again and romping with Chelsea and the others. Thank you for the beautiful years you were here with us.
JoAnn and Gary
1995 - 2005
1997 - 2005
1985 - 2000
Journeyed to the Bridge February 4, 2013
Dear, Dear Roosevelt. We miss you so very much. Goodbye for now, dear friend and companion. You came to us in 1999 at the age of two and spent a wonderful 14 years with us. Although I wish we could have had you when you were a pup, we realize some of your unique traits were formed before you became part of our family. The way you pranced and held your head high like royalty, crossed your legs in front and barked at anything in the sky, the sound of your many different barks and the curls in your hair, your gentle nature. These are all endearments and cherished memories. If we could have had you in good health for several more years, we would choose that path. However, we saw that your body was tired and frail at the end, so we made the decision to let you go to be with your friend Sidney to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge with him and the many others before you.
Love, Hugs & Kisses.
Mom & Dad
April 2001 - Dec. 6, 2013
We drove to Baton Rouge after work to pick you up from your foster parent. When she opened the truck door and we saw you for the first time, you took our breath away and stole our hearts with your beauty. We don't know what happened to you in the six years before you came to us, but it must have been traumatic because of how scared you were about noises and how cautious you approached to be petted. We did our best to make you feel loved and confident. It was slow to earn your trust, but you mostly came around and we were still making progress. You were taken from us before we were ready and we will always cherish you and your memory. We have placed your ashes alongside your brother Roosevelt, and with Chelsea & Sidney who you never knew but who I'm sure are looking over you at the Rainbow Bridge until we come for all of you. We miss you so much baby.
Mom, Dad, Terry & Alley

In memory of Shona ...

July 10, 1993 - October 14, 2003
Shona, you left us too early. Mom and I will always have you in our hearts; we know your spirit will always be with us. You gave us happiness every minute since the day we brought you home at 10 weeks old. It doesn't seem fair that a loving and caring life should be taken from this world. I know you are here in spirit and know that we love you. Please never forget us, as we will always cherish you.
Kim and Tracy
(Mom & Dad)

Our beloved Lacey ...

April 1, 1990 - November 26, 2003
Lacey was 13 years old when we put her to sleep due to arthritis and losing control of her organs. She was my best friend and such a wonderful dog. She is the white dog looking at the green bird. She was a rare white collie. Lacey's favorite thing to do during the day and night, was sleeping - but every now and then she would get up and play. Lacey lived a long and happy life and she will be missed very much by me and my family. She is the best dog I ever had and even if I do get another dog, no other dog will even come close to replacing her. I love you Lacey.

My angel Wolfgang ...

This is my beautiful Wolfgang. He left me to go to the Bridge on November 13, 2003. To me, he was my first child, my ever-faithful companion, and he never let me down. I had to help him cross over because he was very ill with intestinal cancer and I knew the pain was becoming unbearable for him. I knew him well - after all I had him since he was 8 weeks old. I adopted him from the Humane Society, and never regretted for even one single second doing that. My life has a hole in it now and I miss my beautiful boy more than anyone could ever know. But I can only hope, pray, and have faith that he is happy and healthy and strong now. Mommy loves you, my Angel. Be free forever. I will never forget.

Murphy and Madison...

June 30, 1990 - January 9, 2004
To my best girl, we all miss you very much. You will always be my best little girl.
July 15, 1991 - February 29, 2004
To my sweet old man, we all miss you very much.
Life without you is very strange and sad.
You will always be my special soulmate.

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