For my angel Maggie May ...

Maggie May crossed over about 10:30 am today, 2/3/04. She had advanced kidney disease. She was 13 years old. We adopted her when she was a few months old from the Humane Society. She was a bundle of curiousity and love. In her later years, she decided that she was the official greeter for my business. She would meet people as they came for their appointments, and escort them to the office. If they were anxious, or unhappy, she would stay with them until they felt better. I never saw a kitty with so much love to give.
Every now and then a very special cat comes along in your life, and Maggie May was mine.
I miss her so.
Aynne McAvoy

In memory of Silky Louise ...

"Silky Louise"
September 30, 1994 - November 27, 2003
Her name was chosen for her before she was born, Silky Louise AKA "Butterfly." She was loved before her arrival and she is greatly loved and missed now that she is gone. She brought so much joy and happiness to many lives, particular mine. She gave unconditional love, always happy to see me and I gave it back.
She is deeply missed by her mother, Dominique and siblings, Alexis and Rambo. Her brother Rambo still mourns for her. They were playmates. He has not been the same since her passing.
Silky had a wonderful life, my only regret is that life for her was too short. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her or stop and think about her. My loss is still raw, I often find myself deep in thought missing her and wondering what she is doing. Is she lonely, scared? But then I stop and take a deep breath and know that she knew she was loved! I know that she knew she was my baby.
Until we meet again, my cherished memories will have to get me though. I miss and love you always.

Remembering Dozer Lee ...

"Dozer Lee Robertson"
Journeyed to the Bridge February 6, 2004
We recently lost our American Pit Bull Terrier Dozer Lee Robertson. He was our love, our light, our smiles and our comfort for 13 short years. During those years, he became my "little boy in a dog suit." My mother's smiles and my poppa's love. So much he taught us, without us really knowing that we were being taught. He was a remarkable little boy. Eating anything we ate down to green onions and pancakes off a fork. Riding the sleigh with me, and lying out in the sun on his back all four feet in the air. Too much to print. He passed from us on Feb. 6th this year at 1:36pm. I held his head and sang "You Are My Sunshine" to him as he went to sleep. I never dreamed that I would be strong enough to do that. But I saw it as unfair to let him go with another's face being the last one he saw. That way he knew Sissy was ok. He is and will be forever mourned. We miss him beyond words, but knowing he is once again young and able to run, waiting on us to come. We love you fur face.

My little angel ...

How I Loved You So
I was searching for a puppy to fill our home with love.
When I found you you were but a week, but in my heart I knew,
We would love you and protect you for your whole life through.
We waited, and we watched you grow, until the day had come,
to bring you to our home, and welcome you with love.
It didn't take you long to know how much you loved us too.
Your eyes were full of life, and anyone could see,
what a special little boy you were, and the man you were to be.
You filled our hearts with so much love, and our days with so much laughter,
until the tragic time had come, there would be no ever after.
For three long days you fought so hard, just to stay alive.
You were just a baby! I told myself this just couldn't be.
This is really so unfair you see, you're supposed to grow old with me.
The day had come, when in my heart I knew,
you didn't want to live this way, and I knew what I must do.
I held you when you passed away, it was the hardest thing to do.
I heard about a Rainbow Bridge, and Lord I pray it's true.
My heart is very heavy now, and the tears they still fall,
but I'll never forget the time we had, and the love you showed us all.

Dedicated to my precious Bailey
by Shelley Beaty

In memory of Tattoo and Shadow ...

May, 1998 - March 5, 2004
Tattoo, my loyal and dedicated companion! You were truly a cherished gift. Every day with you was a joy, and I will always be thankful for the time I had with you. Though I know you are now pain free and meeting all kinds of new friends, I wish I could hug you ... just one more time!
January 1996 - December 2006
Shadow was my "Moose Yorkie" ... 10 pounds of pure love and joy! She got along with every dog and person she ever met. She made her journey to the bridge today, after suffering with cancer. When she quit smiling, I knew she was going to be leaving me. I will never forget her ear to ear grin ... she was the best of the best!
I am devastated by her loss! I love you, Shadow!

Remembering Maryann ...

She would have been two in July. Our time was very short, but this Christmas present was a much more blessing that I ever could have expected. I will forever miss her, her personality was one of a kind. And I thank God for the time we had. I will never forget how she would look up in my face as in this picture here, taking in every word.

Maryann's Story

Snuffie ...

7 years ago, Mike and I rescued a puppy from animal services. We named him Snuffie. Snuffie was loved very much and still is. He will always be in our hearts and will not be forgotten.
When we are reunited that will be a day of great joy. I know you are in heaven and not feeling any pain and playing with Maryann. Thank you for the joy and comfort you brought to us.

Snuffie's Story

Sweet angel Rosie ...

10-1/2 Years
Rosie, you were my best friend, the light of my life. I miss you so much. You forced me for 10 years to get out and do our two daily walks. How I miss having you at my side. You were there in times of happiness or sorrow providing a lick or your fur to cry in. You protected and watched over me. It almost killed me with sadness when you became sick. I did all I could, but still wonder if I couldn't have done more. I stayed with you until the end because you were always there for me. I wish I could have had you with me forever, but I did not want you to ever suffer because I could not let you go. My world is dark now and I hope with time it grows brighter. I will never forget you and I hope that someday we will meet again never to part.
Your best friend, Karen

My hero Rusty ...

This is Sir Rusty Allen Greer. He passed away while pulling me out of a burning house. I lost everything. He rushed to save me. Even though I got burned really bad, he chose to give his life to save me - that's why he's my hero! Without Rusty I wouldn't be here today!

My angels Keena and Kobe ...

Journeyed to the Bridge May 31, 2004
Today, May 31, 2004, I have lost a friend I had for 11 years, although it seemed as though we knew each other forever. She was the shoulder I cried on, the ear that would listen, the kisses that comforted me in my times of need. Keena was a wonderful, beautiful, sweet, caring soul. She came into my life and brought me nothing but joy. I am thankful for the time we had. I am also guilty for the neglecting of our relationship since the birth of my son 3 years ago. Of course, she would simply kiss me at hearing this and tell me it was o.k.
Keena was a husky-wolf. Please do not diminish her memory by thinking she was "but a dog." She was an angel on earth put here by God. Keena gave me the courage to go on so many times. She kept me from giving up on myself and life. When I had nothing else, I had her. Thank You, God for this wonderful friend of mine. I pray I will see her again someday.
Keena is on the right in the picture. Her son, Kobe, is with her. He is also still with me.
December 6, 1994 - July 30, 2008
Kobe was born December 6, 1994. Today, at 13 and 1/2 years old, he went over the Bridge. Kobe was with me exactly 1/3 of my life, but it seems like forever. He survived heart worms, an amputated toe, cancer, and bloat, all over the past 5 years. His will to survive was very strong. Even today, as the vet ended Kobe's misery, he required an extra "shot" to help him along.
Kobe's mother, Keena, preceded him over the Bridge, and can be found in Gallery 18. I love the picture of the two of them there, but, I am most moved by the picture of Kobe and my, then 4 yo son, Gabriel. They loved each other so much. Gabriel, now 7, made the 4 hour drive with me to lay Kobe to rest in my sister's yard. Having many acres, we have portioned off a place for a pet cemetery. There, Kobe was placed beside his mother, near his son, and among several of our forever loved friends. As it was quite hot out, my sister recommended that my son and his cousin stop shoveling and go inside to cool down. Gabriel replied, "Kobe was my dog; my very best friend, and I am not stopping until he is buried." He also offered to help pay for the euthanasia shot. While I loved Kobe for a long time, I have to remember that my son knew him his whole life. Gabriel is grieving the loss of his friend. I thank God they knew each other. One day they will be reunited.
Say hi to Keena for me, Boy.

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