In memory of Sammy ...

This is our boy Sammy, our friend, playmate and son. Lost this morning June 7, 2004 to bloat. You'll always be with me my beautiful boy! We'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge! I love you!

For Whisky with love ...

1990 - 2003
Omani Breed
In loving memory of our beautiful, beloved and intelligent Omani cat called Whisky who died very suddenly, leaving us deeply saddened. Rest in Peace beloved one.
A very sad Mummy & Daddy xx

For my best friend BJ ...

BJ was 11 years old. He fought a brave fight with liver disease for over a year. On his first day being gone it rained ever so slightly, then a HUGE rainbow came into our back yard. It was only after that I stumbled upon this website - knowing it was fate. He is deeply missed. He was a best friend and a keeper of all secrets. He was also the soft place to land every day!

A tribute to Gypsy ...

"Gypsy Magic"
February 20,2003 - March 27,2004
Gypsy was a dog I rescued from a puppy mill in NC. She was sick and afraid. I sat with her and nursed her through her sickness. At the same time she was giving me comfort because my husband was deployed to Iraq. Gypsy grew and she was so sweet and loved everyone and everything. I will never forget her warm sweet kisses and her silly smile. The way she would race around the living room and bounce off the couch and stop and give you the I am so innocent look. She truly was perfect in my eyes. I am sorry I had such a short time with her and I will never forgive the vet that messed up her spay to the point of her having to be put down. I know she is waiting for us and running around playing with the others.
Gypsy Girl I love you and I miss you. I will be with you again someday. Ceasar and Levi and Lexi miss you, too.

Two sweet Yorkie angels ...

"Sweet Pumpkin Flea"
July 25, 1996 - July 9, 2004
My Dear Sweet Pumpkin, you were my companion, my little girl, and most of all my friend. You left behind 3 of your beautiful babies, Bubba, Osca, and Pitou.
And most of all, Sassy misses you the most.
We love you and miss you so much. Mommy is so sorry I was not there with you when you needed me the most. So sorry.
But now I know you are running and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
Mommy will miss dressing you in your holiday dresses. Mommy will see you someday, but for now have fun at the Rainbow Bridge. Play with balloons like you did here with me. Stay close to Pookie, Boomer and Grandpa. I will see you, and when I do mommy will pick you up and give you the kisses like I did the day before you left.
Love you forever!
"Mercedes Rascalina"
March 18, 1999 - December 17, 2004
My dearest Mercedes, my love, was not just a pet - she was my daughter. Mercedes has left behind her beauty and her spirit in her babies. Mercedes will be missed by many. We will all remember her smile whenever anyone would come through the door. Mercedes was five years old. Her life was shortened by Leukemia. She was 49 days into her pregnancy when we found out. She held onto her babes until they were 58 days along, but then she went into failure. Her tiny body was shutting down. The babies were taken out. Seven little angels, all within days they passed to the Rainbow Bridge with their Mamma. Now they all feel no pain and are playing with all the others at the Rainbow Bridge.
To my Mercedes from your mama, Linda. I will love you always until we meet again.

Rascal and R.J. in our hearts ...

March 18, 1999 - November 13, 2008
Wow, Rascal, Mommy and Daddy miss you so very much. Your brother Toby seems so lost without you. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. For the past 91/2 years, you filled our home with love and happiness, and your spirit will continue to stay alive with us. How we miss your special unique little bark, and the way you would cock your head when asked if you wanted to go outside. Mommy and Daddy know that you are healthy again, and running with your sister Mercedes at Rainbow Bridge. Toby, Bubba, Emma, Shelby, Ollie, Anna and Molly all send there love, and miss you, you were such a good brother to them. Just know that you will always be a main part of our Yorkies "Eight is Enough" motto. We will take you in our hearts wherever we go, until mommy and daddy meet up with you again.
To our Big Guy, and our Doodle Do, Mommy and Daddy will love you forever.
Mary Ann & Jeff
"R.J. Doodle-Do"
December 5, 2009 - August 20, 2012
R.J., Mommy & Daddy miss you so very much. There is not a day that goes by, that we don't think of you. You were taken from us way too early. In the short 3 years that you were with us, you filled our home with so much unconditional love. Daddy and Mommy will never know why that terrible accident had to happen. There will always be unanswered questions. I personally am so very sorry that I wasn't able to prevent it from ever happening.
Just know, how very much we miss your high-fives, your crazy way of sleeping on your back, and most of all, your kisses you gave us everyday. You are now with your brother Rascal, whom you were named after. Mommy and Daddy truly feel in our hearts that you shared Rascal's spirit in your spirit. Your absence has left a huge hole in our hearts, which will never be filled. You were One Very Special Boy. You will forever be in our hearts wherever we are, and your spirit lives within us everyday.
Until Mommy and Daddy meet up with you again, run freely with your brother Rascal. We will Love and Miss You Forever.
Mary Ann & Jeff.

Missing Nico ...

"Nico Austin"
March 1, 2000 - March 3, 2009
Oh Nico how we miss you. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. We got you so young, Mommy bottle fed you and burped you. You grew up to be the best friend I could of asked for. I will miss your howling when it was time to eat or go outside. Scratching your head for hours at a time. I will never forget you. Mommy and the girls feel the same. I know you are in a better place now. No pain just green pastures forever. I love you boy.

In memory of Chief ...

February 13, 1994 - July 21, 2004
It has been only a week since the loss of my Italian greyhound, Chief. The pain of his passing is still sharp, and deep.
The ten years we shared will not fade soon. And I hope we are reunited in that time.
A very sad owner

Remembering Shandy ...

"Shandy Smith"
Shandy Smith, died aged 14 years. He was the darling of his Mum and Dad, Margaret and Ernie. He kept us company over the years and did all he could to cheer us when we both became ill. He loved to go for long walks and to play ball. Although he was tiny, he had the heart of a lion.
See you again, dear Shandy.
Love, Mum and Dad

Gigi flies home ...

Journeyed to the Bridge August 23, 2004
Gigi came into our lives on July 20, 2003. My husband and I were feeding pigeons in the park when my husband spotted a gorgeous blue bird and said "Look! A budgie!" She had obviously escaped from home. She must have been hungry and we had food; so after a short struggle (and a few bites on my hands), we were walking home with her in a bag, going "We have a budgie!!!"
Gigi wasn't a tame bird. Who knows how long she'd survived out on the loose, but she didn't socialize easily. We felt a true sense of triumph when she finally let us pet her on her tummy with one of her own feathers that she had shed. We loved listening to her cute chirping and clicking!
When she started to sit all fluffed up in her cage a week ago, we didn't make much of it at first. She was still eating with a good appetite and playing with her toys. We thought she was just molting. Two days ago, I looked up some websites on the internet and discovered that being fluffed up was a sign of illness. We thought perhaps she had the flu or something. So yesterday evening (August 23, 2004) we decided we would take her to a vet in the morning. Well, she deteriorated real fast. Within half an hour, she was barely able to sit on her perch and was all out of balance and drowsy. We immediately left for the Animal Hospital around 11 pm. When we got there 15 minutes later, it was already too late. I cried there like a little girl, as I am crying now. I can't tell you how sad it makes me to think that this beautiful bird had no one but us to take care of her and we didn't realize how sick she was until it was too late. It's amazing how such a tiny little thing that didn't even care for humans that much, can grow on you.
It'll be a long time before we get over this.
Nora and Adrian

In memory of Poppy, Boy, and Angel ...

Mijn lieve Poppy is overleden op Zondag 5 sept 2004 smorgens voor ik wakker werd. Is ze vredig ingeslapen. Ik mis haar zo, maar heb gelukkig haar broertje nog.
Poppy, je Broertje en ik zullen altijd aan je denken. We missen jou.

(My dear Poppy has passed away, peacefully falling asleep on Sunday 5 Sept. 2004 in the morning before I awoke. I miss her so, but am happy I have her little brother yet.
Poppy, your little brother and I will always think of you. We miss you.)

"Boy" and "Poppy"
Dit zijn man maatjes (broer en zus) maar helaas zijn ze er niet meer.
Boy op de foto links is 14 jr geworden. (geboren 04-06-1994)
Poppy rechts op de foto is 10 jr geworden. (geboren 04-06-1994)
Ze betekende heel veel voor me vandaar ik ze nog mis.
Boy en poppy ik hou nog steeds heel veel van jullie.
en dat zal altijd zo blijven.
Knuffels en kusjes van jullie baasje Hans

These are my buddies (brother and sister), but unfortunately they are gone.
Boy, in the photo on the left, was 14 years old when he passed away. (Born 4-6-1994)
Poppy, on the right, was 10. (Born 4-6-1994)
They meant a lot to me, and I still miss them.
Poppy, Boy, I still love you very much and always will.
Hugs and kisses from your owner Hans

"Onze Knul Angel"
March 3, 2009 - June 16, 2022
Op 16 juni om 16.15 uur hebben we Angel naar de hondenhemel laten gaan. Hij wilde wel maar zijn lichaam was op hij kon niet meer staan door de artroze. Zijn lichaam kon niet meer. We hebben hem een hele lange tijd verwend en verzorgd en hij genoot er nog van. maar sinds twee dagen voor zijn overlijden ging het echt wel achteruit. Angel is fijn op zijn vertrouwde plek ingeslapen met ons en de DA erbij. Angel hebben we 13 jr en 3 mnd bij ons mogen hebben. We hebben al deze jaren kunnen en mogen genieten van onze knul. Nu is hij naar de honden hemel bij zijn moeder. Angel je bijft altijd op een speciaal plekje in ons hart en we zijn trots dat we jou al deze jaren bij ons mocht zijn.

On June 16 at 4.15 pm we let Angel go to dog heaven. He wanted to stay but his body couldn't go on any longer. We spoiled and cared for him for a very long time and he still enjoyed it. but since two days before his death it really went backwards. Angel has fallen asleep in his familiar place with us and the DA. Angel had 13 yrs and 3 months with us. We were able to enjoy our little boy all these years. Now he's at the dog heaven with his mother. Angel you will always find a special place in our hearts and we are proud that we were able to have been with you all these years.
Hugs and kisses from your owner Hans

Our sweet little Dinah ...

Journeyed to the Bridge October 4, 2004
To Dinah, our little taupe guinea pig with the red Christmas-light eyes - may you play and run free at Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again, know that we love and miss you so much.
Jake, Max, Ryan, Daddy, and Mama...

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