From Barb in Australia ...

May 10, 1988-April 27, 1998
The 27th April 1998 was the worst day of my life, my best friend passed away and left me to go on alone, but at least I know she is at RAINBOW BRIDGE. The love a human can share with a LITTLE PERSON, is simply divine and Maf my Pekingese was simply everything to me. She passed away of a massive heart attack after surgery for a stomach illness. She was only 9 years old but she was my life. I collected her from the hospital and I had her cremated and her ashes sit here on the tv with a photo of her on top of the box and I often speak to her, she will always be with me. Maf darling, we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I love you Maf, Mummy.
It has been several years now since a very special Siamese cat left me BUT she sent me another little pussy cat to fill her shoes.
You started with another mommy but were left with me for security, you had to be in one place not moving around all the time. Over the years I loved you and when you got sick it broke my heart. That last night we spent together I will never forget but I knew it was time to say goodbye. You had two mommies there on that last day, we both loved you and I know you loved us both.
You will always be in my heart and thoughts, it was 17 wonderful years that you stayed with me, and you were one of a kind. I know that you are with Maf now and I hope you are taking care of each other.
Until we meet again,
Journeyed to the Bridge April 16, 2014
Nearly 17 wonderful years you gave me my wonderful Zac, through winter you kept me warm the way you cuddled up to me. This has been a terrible shock as it was out of the blue your passing, mama did not even know that you were sick. I hated having to make that terrible decision, but I was not going to let you suffer. Until we meet again my little friend, remember mama will love you always to the moon and back.
February 20, 1998 - August 13, 2014
My best friend for 16 years. He has given me so much joy and we had so many wonderful years together.
I knew the terrible day would come when I had to say goodbye to my little darling boy. Sleep well, darling, and mama will see you again one day. Will love you always. RIP.
Journeyed to the Bridge April 27, 2015
My little rescue Peke Piper, how was I to know that you would only be with me for 13 months, but you tried so hard to give love, I think somewhere down the road someone must have hurt you badly but being here with me I gave it all to you. You were my ROCK when Sooty passed, mama would never have made it without you baby girl. Rest now and know that you were loved for the time I had you. Piper came to me in October 2013 and passed April 27 2015 in my arms at 5.45pm.
February 1, 2010 - January 9, 2022
A very special little girl and sister to Sally, Peggy passed away very unexpectedly and way too young. She is missed so much every day. Until Mama sees you again, my little sweetheart ...
RIP, Peggy

From Judy in Florida ...

This is a picture of my beloved Peanuts who died prematurely at the age of six. He was a unique and beautiful personality who charmed everyone he met. His death left a hole in our lives and we will miss him always. Rest in peace my sweet baby boy, until we meet again. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Andy Tobin
Journeyed to the Bridge September 13, 2011
I found Smokey in a backyard breeder of Chihuahuas. When we took him home he was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. He was nothing but ears. As he grew, his skin felt like velvet and he felt that way until he left for the Rainbow Bridge. Smokey ran the house and everyone who came to visit. When I had my singing lesson, he was right there singing along with me. He was my baby and my protector. We had almost 12 wonderful years together when he became ill and nothing we did helped. We put Smokey to rest in our home and in his bed where everyone who ever loved him stood by to say goodbye. Smokey was a beautiful boy who understood everything I felt without my saying a word. I love and miss him every single day. It's my hope that we will someday be together once more. Rest in peace Smokey - you are so loved! Your mom Judy
Journeyed to the Bridge December 24, 2011
Claire came to me from a rescue group. She was nothing but skin and bones and it appeared that she had been bred over and over again. She was blind and after a few weeks with me I discovered that she was diabetic. We had our Vet neuter her, and take care of all her physical problems. Finally I got her diabetes under control. This little 5 pound ball of sweetness started to blossom and became, in spite of her blindness, a little spitfire, independent and made the decision who would touch her and who would not!! When I would dress to go out, she would come in and out of the dressing room to see if I was finished. Then it was her cue to run around me in circles, tail wagging, begging me to take her along. Most times I would, and she was the perfect angel. I knew the inevitable would come sometime and it did on Christmas Eve, 2011. I gave her one more chance and put her in the hospital overnight for oxygen. In the morning I knew that she wanted to go. We put her to rest at home and in her bed where we all gathered to hold and kiss her goodbye. Even tho' she was exhausted, in the end, she lifted her little head and placed her cheek on mine. Goodbye my darling little girl---no one loved you more than me. Until I see you again, Mom, Judy
"Hunny Bunny"
Journeyed to the Bridge May 11, 2014
I will always remember the day we drove to pick you up from the rescue group. You were in a carrier and reluctant to come out. When you finally came out with some gentle coaxing I saw how beautiful you were, a bit thin, but beautiful. As time passed I watched your beautiful spirit evolve. You were independent, but also soft. I remember how you would make that teeny growl sound when I kissed and hugged you too tight, yet you would come to me when you were not feeling well and needed some TLC. Eventually we found out that you had a heart problem and after a visit with the cardiologist we came home with several medications. Over the years we took care of you in every possible way, but in the end it wasn't enough. Reluctantly we knew it was time and it broke our hearts to have to let you go.
Rest in peace my sweet Hunny Bunny. You will always be remembered and loved. I look forward to seeing you again one day.
Love, Judy

From Nikki and Kat in Alabama ...

"Sheza Sweet Babe"
1974-October 25, 1999

Sheza Sweet Babe passed on to the Rainbow Bridge October 25, 1999. She was born sometime in 1974. ... She owned us for 6 years and was the greatest horse in the world. We will always remember her and will wait to see her again and meet up with her at the Rainbow Bridge. Love always, Nikki & Kat Sweet ... We love you Babe

From Sue in Florida ...

December 13, 1986-August 10, 1996
This is a picture of our Chow, Pooh. She was like a teddy bear, and never can tell me they don't smile too. She was very friendly and loved people. We had Pooh, since she was 3 months old and she brought us alot of smiles. She went to Rainbow Bridge on Aug10, 96, a victim of cancer. We loved her so much, we couldn�t be without a dog, and that was when we got Spookie. We miss you, Pooh ... Sue & family.
May 13, 1995-October 30, 1999
She was always smiling and loved everyone, she needed extra petting all the time. She is much missed by her best friend Mischief, our Siberian, and our family -- my husband Ed, my sons David and Eddie, and me, Sue.

From Dawn in New York ...

August 15, 1996-November 7, 1999
On Nov 7, 1999, my dog Pete's life suddenly came to an end after an accident. Even though he had only 3 short years, he was a very happy dog. Even though he was 65 lbs, he thought he was a lap dog. He always made me laugh when I was down and out. He cuddled up next to me and looked at me with loving eyes, and made me feel better. Even though he is gone, he will be deeply missed. The happy thoughts will never go away but will stay in my heart forever. Love, Dawn Ashley
April 10, 1985-December 3, 1998
To a great dog that will never be forgotten. From the first day I saw you at the pound, I knew there was something special about you. You gave me the best 13 years that any dog could give. Always there for me. We were buddies. You weren't just a pet but a friend. And I will never forget you. Even though you are gone, the memories are still there. You're out of pain now, and you're at the rainbow bridge, running and playing as you did when you were young. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about you. Boy I miss you. Love, Dawn

From Jo ...

May 6, 1998-November 18, 1999
You were the light of our life, the little clown who always made us laugh, never afraid of anything except those darn treat or treaters. You will always be missed. Even though you have gone to the bridge to wait for us you are still here in our hearts and we will hear your little bell every day. We love you, little girl.
1988 - March 24, 2000
"80" baby there are no words to tell you how much you will be missed. We love you little one.

From Pam & Steve in Tennessee ...

"Cheena Marie"
May 1989 - November 24, 1999
Cheena, the love you gave to us will see us thru our life without you, the memories will keep us smiling. You truly are "Mommie's precious little Angel" now! We love you and miss you more than words can say! Love, mamma and papa (Pam and Steve)

From Julie ...

March 31, 1992-November 15, 1999
You were my sweet baby boy. You were my light. You were my shadow. You will be missed for years to come. I'll see you again on the other side.

From Donna...

April 2, 1996-December 8, 1999
You were My Puppy who I loved with all my heart. You were a great joy to me, my shadow and faithful friend. I miss your eyes looking at me, the touch of your fur, your soft ears and your barking and grumbling. You were taken much too soon and I will Miss you Forever. I hope you are at Peace now and playing with Angel on the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again...My sweet friend... Love Mommy .

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