In memory of Black Jack, Austin, Delilah, and Black Diamond ...

"Black Jack"
Journeyed to the Bridge in October, 2004
My Black Jack, I was there the day you were born. The day your little eyes opened and we looked into each other's souls was the day I knew you would be my "baby puppy."
You were 3 when you were taken from me by cancer, and I will miss you till we meet again. Diamond misses you too, and will be there with you before me so take good care of him. I love you, my "Gentle Giant."
Journeyed to the Bridge in June, 2005
After Death:
Farewell mistress, yet not farewell,
Where I go, ye too shall dwell.
I am not gone before your face,
A moment's time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped,
Ye will wonder why ye wept.
Journeyed to the Bridge in June, 2006
Delilah you came into my life in April of '99. I had 8 years of love and laughter that you and the rest gave to me. I know you were sad when you lost your human daddy, but you still did your best to make me happy. You were my first baby and clown. My mighty warrior queen and protector. I love you still, Lily, and will see you when I cross the bridge.
Love mommy.
"Black Diamond"
Journeyed to the Bridge October 2, 2009
You never were anyone's dog until you met your "daddy" in 2003. Then you bonded with him and over the years as he grew further apart from you and I we became friends and companions. To lose you is very hard for me as you have been my sole companion for 3 years now and my friend for a lot longer. May the Lady take care of you on the other side of the bridge until I get there, then we will be together with the rest of your family . I loved you so much my little "Bubba doggy."

In Memoriam ...

"Shadow 'Sister' Bugbane-Wisepaws"
March 21, 1997 - October 22, 2004
Our dear little "Sister" left us quite suddenly and unexpectedly today. Only this morning she trundled sedately ahead of us into the kitchen for a munch. Only last night she trundled sedately ahead of us into the bedroom for night-night pets. Now her sweet little angel kitty body has trundled sedately ahead of us across the Rainbow Bridge. We were so fortunate to know her sweet, gentle and loving soul, and she has truly graced our life with her presence these past seven years. Though we will miss her terribly, we know that she will guide another sweet kitty soul to us to be welcomed in with open arms, even as she was; to be loved as she is loved. This we know, Miss Sister, as surely as we know that one day we too will cross over and find you waiting there for us. Au revoir.
jc, gg, sjg :o((

My sweet little bunnyboys ...

Journeyed to the Bridge August 31, 2004
My dad found Shadow wandering the streets of our old neighborhood, skinny and cold. We had Shadow for only 9 short months when he died an hour after being neutered. He left behind his two other rabbit friends Toby and Scout, and his doggy friend Midnite. They say all things happen for a reason, and for a while I couldn't figure out what the reason was for Shadow's death until a few weeks ago when we adopted a lop eared rabbit from a shelter in Connecticut, whom we've named Guineverre.
Wait for us at the bridge, our sweet bunnyboy ...
Dad says "Hi you lil scrub!" :)
Journeyed to the bridge November 10, 2004
My little bunnyboy Scout left me today to join his friend Shadow at the bridge. I'm going to miss you, my sweet angel. I'm going to miss my morning bunny kisses that you gave to me almost every morning. Toby went looking for you today, she looked in all your favorite spots. Guineverre misses you too. I wish you didn't have to go but your pain I know was too great. Rest now my sweet boy.

In memory of Benzo ...

March, 1992 - October 18, 2004
My best friend and the light of my life. I lost my baby due to heart disease. I miss you so very much. I'm sorry I wasn't with you when you needed me most. Not a day has gone by when i don't think of you. I love you always. I know someday we will be together again.

In memory of our beloved Brittany ...

April 25, 1997 - November 13, 2004
Buzz, you were our first dog and we will always remember your energy, spirit and love for us. We will cherish your short time with us and will miss you forever!
Don, Roberta, Cliff, Dan and Randy

For my Maxwell ...

Journeyed to the Bridge November 15, 2004
Maxwell was a Shepherd/Lab, my big black baby, my constant companion, my joy for 12 plus years. He was my everything and still is. I've found each day hard, knowing I won't see him again. I picture him in spots around the house and his truck that he loved to go places in. It's a pain that in all my years I've never felt. Max grounded me, smoothed over my tears, and enjoyed many good times. The guilt is unbelievable. I wish there were more I could have done than to sit by while he fought so hard against a liver ailment. Max passed 11/15/04 in my arms at 5:43 am, the worst day in my life. I wear a handmade cross that my daughter made for him a few months ago for courage and strength. I first heard of the Rainbow Bridge in a card my veterinarian sent me. I was moved by the words of the poem. I then found this link on someone's post. I'm glad I did. I feel connected to Max now since his passing. I shall spread the word to my family and friends who loved Maxwell as well.

In memory of Taz ...

January 1, 1995 - December 17, 2004
Taz was a feral cat when we first got her. Slowly over the years we taught her to enjoy being petted and picked up, even to allow her belly to be rubbed! Whenever Taz was lonely, she would carry this toy to us, mewing the whole time. Taz was such a crazy character and loving in her own way, we will sorely miss her.

For Chance and Nikita ...

November, 1994 - October, 2003
You wrapped your little paws around my heart from the moment I saw you at the shelter. Together, we travelled around the country until I hung up the keys from my truck driving career. Even then, we still went everywhere together. When I moved to Texas, some asked me what I was going to do with you. Knowing what they were hinting at, I would not hear of it. You remained by my side through my move south, and through four more moves around the area since. Your bright happy expression and unconditional devotion always brought me great joy. After 9 years of companionship, I could not fathom the idea of not having you at my feet. You will always be missed, old friend.
January 5, 1999 - September 12, 2004
You were always a scoundrel from day one. Hardly a day went by, when you would not try to see what you could possibly get away with. Despite your stubborn will, I could always see the love and dedication in your eyes. I'm sure the neighbors just loved our morning routine - howling at each other just to greet the morning, and howling again when I'd come home from work. Even though everyone was afraid of you, you'd never hurt a fly - you were always too afraid that they were gonna get you. You filled your own special place in my heart. At only 5 years old, you were taken way too soon. I still find myself listening for your voice when I come home at night, and get up in the morning. The days are hollow without you. I will miss you always, my wonderful wolfdog.

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