For my Charlie ...

Summer, 1990 - October 25, 2004
Charlie was not only my best friend, he was my constant companion. We went through some pretty sad times together and he was always there with a shoulder to cry on and love to give.
We were inseparable from day one. He was there with me to see my children off to every first day of school and greet them every day until the last day of school. He was there through the death of one of the 2 children I've lost.
He was always so happy to see me, like I was the greatest thing in the world. He made me laugh. He not only made his way into my home but into my heart and soul. He was such a special little being and spirit.
Charlie, please wait for me like you always have. One day I hope we will be together again because it hurts so much to be without you. I told you Mommy loves you and I will never leave you.
Play nice and be happy. Always in my heart.
Heidi (Mommy to you Charlie)

In memory of Ripper ...

June, 2004 - December 30, 2004
Ripper was a baby raccoon that I saved, along with his sisters, when his mother was hit by a car and left to die. We raised them till they were big enough to care for themselves and released them back into the wild in September of 2004. They would still keep coming back to the "coondo" we had built them near the wood for food, and it was obvious that a real bond had been formed.
On December 30th 2004 we saw Ripper in between the treehouse and the tree about 30 feet from the ground. We got the ladder and went up and he was dead, frozen solid to the tree. All 5 of the girls were inside the treehouse. As I was trying to get him down. Maggie, one of the other coons, kept coming to the door of the treehouse and looking at me. Twice she put her hannie out and touched Ripper's fur. That night all the girls came down and went back to wherever they are denning in the woods. They have been back for food but not to stay.
I had a necropsy done on Ripper and it showed that he had severe diarrhea which caused dehydration and brought on pneumonia. Probably he had eaten something that brought this all on. We believe that he came home to die and the girls came with him and perhaps helped him get here. He went up in the tree and went into a coma and passed on. The girls stayed with him until I took him down and he was no longer there. He was such a gentle and loving furbaby and we are so glad that we had the opportunity to love him. We will never ever forget him.

Ripper and the Fabulous Five

Remembering Polo ...

November 28, 1996 - July 2, 2004
He was a special friend who loved unconditionally, always ready for a hug or cuddle, or just to listen. Protector to Chevy his feline sister, they grew up together and she misses him so much. Unfortunately we had to make the decision to let him go. Couldn't bear to watch him suffer; as bad as we wanted to keep him, it was not fair to Po. Wish we had known about Rainbow Bridge then, I think it would have been easier. Losing Po left a void we are still coming to terms with.
We now have Sam, he is 4 months old, and he is healing our hearts and souls. But Polo is missed daily, hourly.
Maggie Chris Sam & Chevy

For my special friends Bailey and Baxter ...

Bailey is a Skye Terrier, silver and sturdy. He knew the English language and could almost carry a conversation by using his own body language to reply. After I lost my husband and son and was totally alone, my father said I needed to get a companion. I was doing some genealogy research at the time, as my job as an editor, and I found that my father's family had owned a Skye Terrier kennel in Scotland for over a century ... I had never seen one but decided that fate meant for me to find a Skye companion. And almost immediately I heard of a litter which had just been born. I went to see the pups and meet the parents. The breeder brought the puppies, barely able to walk, out onto the grass and I stood very still ... I said, "My companion's name is Baille nan Eilean, and he knows me. If one of these babies comes to me, that is my Bailey." They thought I was nuts but one of the little ones crawled over and clung to my shoe. I knew then that he was Bailey. Bailey and I were together for seven years, never parted. My health failed and he became an assistance dog, teaching himself how to help me. Once I fainted in the street and he ran to the nearest door and barked for help. Then he came back and laid across me in the middle of the street.
When Bailey died it was unexpected. He became ill one week but the vet thought it was a minor ailment and gave him some medication which turned out to be lethal for him. Four days later he became paralyzed. I struggled with the help of friends to carry him to and from the hospital but he grew steadily sicker. At the end he no longer could eat or drink, although he still tried to crawl to my side. I made the desperate decision to let him go in peace, even though there was a remote chance that chemotherapy and surgery might have prolonged his life. The chance of a reversal was very remote and the probability was that he would steadily worsen and his suffering would increase. I had to let him leave me. He was sick just eight or nine days. The last thing he ever did was to kiss my face.
I have taken in a rescue pup ... another Skye, Bailey's nephew. But my heart still belongs to Bailey. I dream of a meadow where he plays and live for the day I can meet him there, beyond the Rainbow.
Carolyn, Bailey's friend
He was not abused so much as totally neglected - locked in a shed and forgotten - thrown some kibble now and then. No training or socializing. Thank God the breeder had a contract and went to check on him. She demanded him back and called me to get him far far away from the previous owner. At first I thought I would foster him only - it was just weeks after I lost my beloved Bailey and I didn't think I could take in a puppy who was so needy. But of course, once he was in my home, my heart melted. It was so difficult training him and helping him be the dog he was meant to be but in time, with effort on both our parts, he became the gorgeous showdog he had been bred to be, although I kept him out of the showring. Like Bailey before him, he was very popular with everyone and not a week went by without people dropping by to "check in with Baxter."
His death was unexpected and a total shock to everyone - a long standing viral condition from his neglected puppyhood, which the vets had never picked up (it takes a very specialized blood study to diagnose it). So unexpected and violent was his collapse that they called it a "trainwreck." I am devastated at his loss. Had expected to spend my old age with him - we would grow old together.
My church is coming out next week and will have a commital service to bury his ashes at the back of the garden where he played - he will rest with Bailey.

In memory of Papa Jake ...

"Papa Jake"
Journeyed to the Bridge February 3, 2005
I have just lost my precious sweet Papa Jake today, Feb. 3, 2005, at 12:50 AM. I held him as he took his last breath. Words can not tell you how much I already miss him. I had him for 16 years and two weeks, but my heart will hold him forever. I just wish I could quit crying. On Monday I will get to bring his ashes home. I have soooo many stories I can't begin to tell all. Thank you for listening.

Remembering my Precious ...

Journeyed to the Bridge March 15, 2001
To my dog Precious, whom I miss very much. She was a Samoyed and was as fluffy as a cloud. In the winter she got lost in the snow sometimes, she was so white, but when we called for her she came. She loved the outdoors and the snow. We had her before I was born, but I loved every minute she was around. She was an outdoor dog and died in 2001 around March 15th. I'm not sure when she was born but I miss her a lot. She is waiting for me and my family at Rainbow Bridge with my Mummu's dog Tina.
Even though I have no picture I can surely say that I miss you, Precious, and the rest of the family does too. Me and Matthew taught you to shake, play dead, fetch and sit when we were very little and you were old, though we didn't realize how old. You didn't deserve to die, because you were the best dog ever, and I will never forget you.
Love, Ryan

For baby Roxie ...

Here is my baby. She wasn't even 2 years old yet. A strange dog dug its way into my yard, and she took out after it, to protect her home. And, someone decided to end her life by shooting her in the stomach. She was afraid of strangers, all they had to do was say boo and she would have come back home. All they had to do was keep their own dog at home, and it wouldn't have dug under my fence and she wouldn't have gotten out. All they had to do was just not pick up a gun.

In memory of Goonie ...

"Goonie Nacio"
September 15, 1995 - August 10, 2001
Goonie era una gatita persa Himalaya, con unos preciosos ojos azules, y un gran manto de pelo, de un acto indescriptible; llego a mi vida en un momento en que yo lo estaba pasando bastante mal, y logro enjugar mis lagrimas cada noche con sus caricias, su ronroneo constante y su compaia, era mi fiel compaera dia y noche a mi lado, siempre junto a mi ... hasta que un fatidico dia en el que yo estaba ausente, cayo por una ventana, y solo Dios sabe las horas de sufrimiento que paso hasta morir ... aquel dia algo murio dentro de mi tambien, la llevo EN MI INTERIOR y se que ahi nunca la perdere, si realmente existe un cielo para gatitos GOONIE estas alli, demostrando tu bondad y la magia que desprendias, como lo hiciste con nosotros ... te sigo esperando cada noche para si donde estes pudieras volver aunque sea tu energia, o tu esencia, sentirte en mi almohada ronronear y acariciarme .... TE QUIERO Y MI CORAZON VA CONTIGO.

(Goonie was a Persian Himalayan kitten, with precious blue eyes, and a great mantle of hair with an indescribable feel. I arrived in a place in my life in which I was passing through bad times, and it helped me to wipe my tears every night with its caresses, purrs, and its company. Goonie was my faithful companion day and night at my side, always next to me... until a fateful day in which I was absent, Goonie lay by a window, and only God knows the hours of suffering until it was over ... that day something died within me, inside me. If there really is a heaven for kittens Goonie, I know you are there, demonstrating your kindness and magic that you showed to us ... I continue waiting for every night wishing you could return, your energy, or your essence, lying by my pillow to caress me.... I WANT YOU AND MY HEART GOES WITH YOU!

My two angels ...

March, 1990 - October, 2004
Journeyed to the Bridge February, 2005
Kimo was born in March, 1990. He says, "My mommy saved me from PetLand in Las Vegas when I was 6 months old. I went to live in a nice house in Las Vegas until Daddy left my mommy and then my mommy drove me all the way to Maine. I got to play outside all the time and in the Lakes. It was great! I got treats all the time form 'the treat lady' (Grammy). I met up with this girl I once knew. Her name was Keesha. We were friends when she was a little baby and I was one, too. You see, my mommy picked Keesha out from a breeder in Las Vegas and they sent Keesha on a plane. She got to fly to Maine, to Grammy's house for a Mommy's Day gift. Grammy was so happy to get Keesha! So when my mommy and I went to live with Grammy and Keesha, we were together once again. We ran around together just like when we were little. I got to go for rides with her and get ice cream, and we took long walks. I loved to play in the leaves in the fall. So we were together until death do we part."
Kimo was put to rest Oct 2004--he had a lump that the vet diagnosed as a fatty tumor until it got the size of a basketball and I took him back to the vet again and it was cancer. Kimo was a very stong and sweet boy who loved to cuddle and was a loverboy. He tried very hard to stand and greet me and wag his tail, even when he was so sick. He finally stopped greating me and no longer wanted his favorite treat. So I had to let him go.
Four months Later Keesha became ill. She had bad hips and had difficulty standing and walking, but then began to lose weight and could not keep anything down. She was the sweetest thing; she would make little noises like Bruce Lee. She loved to prance and show off when she walked, and was always nudging you with her nose. She got very sick, and in February of 2005 we had to let her go.
They were a great part of my life and I still miss them both. I lost Kimo, then 4 months later Keesha, and I am brokenhearted.

Remembering Princess ...

December 26, 1994 - March 1, 2005
You were so perfect in everything you did. You loved us more than anyone in life, as we loved you. We will always keep you in our hearts and remember the memories of your beautiful, joyful face, and how you loved to love us as we loved to love you. We will see you at the lake swimming, and fetching your stick, and remember the memories always, till we meet again.
All our hugs and kisses to you, Baby Girl Princess,
Mommy, Daddy, Nicky, and Danny

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