For my friend Major ...

May 7, 1996 - February 28, 2005
This is my dog Major who went to the rainbow bridge on February 28, 2005. He was born on May 7, 1996.

Remembering Corgi...

May 2, 1994 - August 3, 2003
Corgi we miss you so much. We think about you every day. We always talk about the funny things you used to do. I bet you're up there bossing everyone around. That was your favorite thing to do. Austin says to tell you hi and he loves you very much. We have two more Pembroke Welsh Corgis named Shelby and Bailey and we love them just as much, but they are nothing like you. You were one of a kind. Until we meet again. We love you Corgi, Love Mommy, Daddy, and Austin

Remembering Lucky ...

May 17, 1996 - April 16, 2005
My beloved Lucky was diagnosed with bone cancer in January 2005. After diagnosis, she quickly went downhill. She was a hefty 160 pounds and dropped to 85 pounds. Letting her go was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I lost my companion, my best friend, my confidante. Words can't express how much I miss her. Each day is so hard to get through without her here. She was so full of life for her short 9 years. She was a lap dog, loved to go bye-bye, couldn't get through a day without her doggie treats and she always slept at my feet, my protector. She was the best pet anyone could have asked for, always there to greet you at the door. I brought her ashes home, where she would want to be. She was a mamma's girl.
You will never be forgotten my precious Lucky, in my heart now and forever until we meet again. I love you and miss you so much.

Never to be forgotten ...

Telly was the best mixed breed. He was part terrier part Pekingese. He was 14 when he passed away. He was very beloved and remembered by all who met him. He followed me everywhere and will never be forgotten. Never.

Our beloved Chochiese ...

May 4, 1993 - April 14, 2005
We love you very much.
Love Always, Chris, Denice, Christen and Christopher Jr.

Our boy Fred ...

This is a pic of our dog Fred who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2002. We love and miss you very much Fred boy. Love Dad and Mom

In loving memory of Fleur ...

My special girl Fleur, you were so special. You died for a reason I will never understand. I might have only had you less than two years. I knew nothing of your past as you were a rescue dog, but you were a perfect example of your breed. God bless, darling, till we meet at Rainbow Bridge.
Love you always XXXXXXX

Five Bridge angels ...

When I was born, so was another baby, named Butterball. She was half Pit Bull, half Cocker Spaniel. A beautiful mix ... we grew up together and did some stupid stuff. I used to take a plastic baseball bat and hit her with it as many babies will, and pull her little stubby tail. She never once bit me or growled, just kept wagging that sweet little tail and coming back for more. Now that I know about the Rainbow Bridge, I will continue looking to the sky for comfort knowing that my Butterball is up there. I love you, Butterball, you keep searching for me. I'll be there one day!

Herein lies the story of a truly special and unique dog, no matter how unique most dogs are. I found Rascal Thanksgiving Day when I was 15, and my step-dad agreed to let me keep him if my mom let me. He was this cute dog who had been abandoned like so many out on a road known as Selkirk Road. He was dachshund, but you could only tell because his body was longer than it should have been. He was God only knew what else, an All-American Mutt. He grew to love me despite being left to starve on a deserted road, and every day when I came off the school bus he was waiting, sometimes so impatiently that he would actually climb onto the school bus to greet me with sloppy kisses and a wag of his tail. I went through a tough stage being pregnant at the young age of 16 and Rascal helped me through it all. When the baby came, he was overprotective, never once becoming jealous like many dogs. Then one day the inevitable came as it does for all dogs. I found Rascal caring for some baby coyote puppies. He was protecting them but the mama didn't think much of him and killed my Rascal. I cried so many times wishing I had stopped Rascal from going over there. But he is there waiting for me now, and I cannot wait to see him. Rascal, Mommy loves you and Alicia can't wait to see her big brother again. Take care of yourself on that Bridge you hear?

Killer was a half rot, half chow, and he was taken by the pound. At the time I couldn't afford to get him out. As with all dogs, it hurts to lose them, and I still never found out if he ever found a happy home. Though the pound said they would have euthanized any rots, I still had hope. Love you Killer ... be good for me ok?

Everyone's done it ... searched the paper and found a free dog and automatically jumped to get it. Even though the people said this dog was going to be big I was determined to go get him and bring him home and save him from being euthanized. Coming from an abusive home I found solace in having a dog there to cry my tears into its fur. Lucky was that dog. Only one day my step-dad went to hit me and Lucky tried to protect me. My dad wanted to shoot him but I managed to find a home for him. At this new home, the girl had neighbors who poisoned him, shot him, and left him to die more than once. Carol came to my new apartment one day bearing the sad news. Lucky was killed by those same people with a car. Such a beautiful and good dog wasted. Lucky was there for me when I needed him the most and one day I hope to see him again. Wait for me, precious Lucky, I love you!

Two weeks ago I was sitting on my front porch when a couple of guys deserted a beautiful cockapoo puppy on my street. One week ago he was killed. My mom says he was destined to die as so many dogs are but I feel responsible for not watching him better. Booger, remember Lexus carries your Legacies. She will have your puppies and your memory will last forever. I love you Booger, and I am sooo sorry. Wait for me please.
Katie Bordelon

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