Remembering Blackie ...

July 11, 1987 - June 3, 2005
She was a beautiful 17 yr. old girl, black and white long haired cat. She was everything to me, she was so sweet, she was on my lap all the time. She purred so loudly the vet could not hear her heart when he would do an exam. She slept with me every night, and awoke with me every morning. I love her and miss her so much, I want so much to hold her in my arms again, just one more time, and tell her I love her, but I know I can't. I know I will have to wait until I am gone and meet her at the bridge. I do believe that with all my heart.
Thank you Blackie for giving me all your sweet love; you will never be forgotten.
Love and hugs,
Barbara your mom.

For my sweet baby Jake...

August 13, 2002 - June 4, 2005
Jake was my baby, I miss him like crazy already. He was killed by another dog.
Jakers, I'm so sorry I was not there in time to save you, I should have protected you and I will never forgive myself. You were my very best friend; nothing will ever be the same without you. I hope that you found your way to heaven and that you know I love you with all my heart and soul.

In memory of Molly ...

Journeyed to the Bridge June 5, 2005
In loving memory of my beloved Molly, she will never leave my side, my devotion to her will remain strong for the rest of my life. My little shadow, MollyDoodle, will always follow me, lie at my feet and will come looking for people food with that head cocked or whimper for me to give in to give her something. I almost always did. I will have her bed ready, nice, clean and warm, with all her favorite toys, with a full bowl of fresh water and food every day. My God bless her for all eternity for the unconditional love she gave me. My heart is crying, my routine with her broken, the emptiness in my place without her makes me so sad. She is with my dad now, where he will comfort her and make her better again.
I will see you in heaven one day MollyDoodle, just don't go running off again to go for that unexpected swim in excitement to see me. Tears and hugs for you my beautiful girl.
Love, mommy

Molly's Story

My brave boy Dylan ...

Journeyed to the Bridge June 13, 2005
Dylan came to me approx 6 yrs ago in a terrible state, he was very thin, frail and had terrible sores all over his body where his matted fur had been hanging and tugging at his skin. His eyes were shut from infection and he was so hungry and thirsty. Still to this day I don't know where he came from, but I didn't mind that. I wanted to help him so I took him to the vet's and we made him better. From that day he was as much a part of the family as Peanut and Charlie my other two cats. It took a long time to gain Dylan's trust and he would not come inside the house for many weeks. I will never forget the day I came home from work and he was asleep on my sofa. I could have jumped for joy! I felt I had at long last made some progress. He had finally come inside the house and from that day on he made himself at home and learned what being a spoilt loved cat was all about, probably for the 1st time in his life. I have had many battles with Dylan, not only to gain his trust and to reassure him that I wouldn't hurt him, but with health issues too. I do not know the history of his life before he found me so therefore could not foresee the problems we have had with his kidneys and liver which finally ended his life. Over the past two years we have had many tests and scans done on Dylan and prolonged his life as long as we possibly could, but the time came for us to say goodbye as he was beginning to suffer and to deteriorate rapidly. The vet's estimation was that he was around 15 yrs old.
Dylan had 6 lovely years with us and the transformation in his character over that time was remarkable. He learned to trust, love and be loved, I am truly at a loss without him.
Miss you Dylan, Be happy at Rainbow Bridge until we meet again!

For Rosie with love ...

Journeyed to the Bridge June 22, 2005
On the night of Wednesday, June 22, 2005, my cute little Rosie was attacked and eaten by coyotes. I want her to know that she is loved very much and will be missed greatly. I know she was so scared but she doesn't have to be scared anymore. I love you, Rosie.

For Sassy, my shining light ...

Journeyed to the Bridge June 29, 2005
My beautiful Sassy girl, I loved you so much and will miss you more than I can bear. You were a shining light in our life, and you came at a time we needed you so. No words can express how beautiful you were, and how you seemed to just know what we humans needed. I only wish you could have stayed, but I KNOW you had to go, and I will see you again on the Bridge when it is my time. We love you Sassy, my beautiful, beautiful Sassy Girl. Go and love everyone where you are till we meet again.
Your very sad human,
Tucson, AZ

Never to be forgotten ...

September, 11 1998 - May 18, 2005
Percie was the best dog ever. She was always right by my side waiting for me to drop some food while I was eating. Whenever you would see her she would have socks in her mouth. We never knew why she loved socks so much - but she just did. She left paw prints on out hearts and she will never be forgotten ... we love her so much.

Our best friend Zues ...

June 11, 1992 - July 13, 2005
Zues, you were our constant companion and best friend. You took it upon yourself to guard our family and protect the children. You loved everyone and we all loved you so.
When we had a big earthquake in Palm Springs, Zues jumped on our son's bed and lay over his body to protect him. He was a one of a kind wonderful boy. Our hearts ache for him and look forward to the day we will be reunited.
Never to be forgotten - we love you.

For my best friend ...

Journeyed to the Bridge August 7, 2005
Cody, I lost you less than 12 hours ago after 10 years of friendship. Right now I can't see how this pain will ever go away. You were my best friend and I hope you know how much I loved you. I didn't want to let go, but I couldn't watch you suffer any longer. Please watch over me and be waiting when I get there. I love you with my entire soul Buggers, and I'll remember you forever.

In memory of Babe, Stormy and Jack ...

August 24, 1987 - July 8, 2005
You were the one kitty cat in the entire shelter that didn't seem resigned to your fate, standing there, front paws on the bars, yowling your furry little head off saying Pick Me, Pick Me.
I never had cause to regret picking you.
In all our years together, with exception of the time you played the fool and got your tail broken when you slipped off the roof of the garden shed at 9 months old you never had a sick day in your life.
You were a true and faithful companion, sleeping on my pillow with your chin on my hand, purring softly if I so much as said hello, every night of our life together up until you were no longer able to climb up onto the bed. You had your finicky traits as well, always refusing to drink water unless it was fresh and running out of the tap, no bowl water for you.
Always there for me you were, with a soft meow, gentle purr, and a lick of my hand or nose whenever I was ill or feeling blue. Your love for us was without equal, without expectations, and without end, as will be ours for you eternally.
Until we meet again at the bridge dearest Babe, know that you were, and always will be loved, and nothing will ever replace you in my heart, nothing will fill that empty space you left behind except for all the happy memories you have given me to look back on.
Rest now little Babe, and dream well.
Best friend of
Ronald Riekens II
Oregon City, OR
April 1999 - September 28, 2005
An Extra Special Kitty Cat
Born in mid-April of 1999, Stormy was brought to us by a neighbor in June of '99. She was described as the "runt" of the litter, and you could tell it was true. At 2 months old we could still hold her in the palm of one hand.
Stormy, you always remained the sweetest, most loving kitten I have ever known. In your 6 years you never grew up, and we wouldn't have changed a minute of it except to be able to have you longer in our lives. You were a ray of true light in an often dreary world, and you were the best kitty cat I ever had.
I Love You Stormy
Christine Goltz
Oregon City, Oregon
Also loved by
Ron Riekens II
Oregon City, Oregon

Stormy's Story
September ?, 2004 - October 9, 2005
Jack, a black and white shorthair, was brought to the Assisted Living facility in Sept. of 2004 with his sister Jill, a long hair calico, to raise the spirits of the residents when one of the "house" cats had to be put down due to age and health.
With his sister, this kitten, with his green eyes and seemingly endless energy was a delight, and great comfort to the residents, and the staff. At bedtime he would sleep on whoever's bed was nearest, preferring the ones with the softest quilts.
On that last fateful night, when he opened the door to go play, he also triggered the automatic doors to the Rainbow Bridge. He was found the following morning, having been struck down by a car two blocks from home.
On behalf of the residents and staff of Meadows Courtyard, we bid you farewell, our dear Jack, but not goodbye.
Christine Goltz
Ron Riekens II
Oregon City, OR

Jack's Story

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