My three angels ...

May 1995 - August 11, 2005
Rascal was the light of my life. I had him since he was 10 weeks old. He was always ready for a walk or to play ball, no matter what. He had a great life but he was ready to go to Rainbow Bridge and that he did. Now he will wait for me there and be happy and healthy, playing with my cat Buster who I lost in January of 2003. Baby Boy, I will miss you. Not a day will go by that I won't think of the times we spent together. I love you, Baby Boy.
April 1, 2005 - September 25, 2005
Although her life was short, she was the best dog that anyone could have asked for - so full of life and was always ready to play. Then all of a sudden while sleeping she left this world for Rainbow Bridge, to join all the animals who have gone before her. Baby Girl, I will miss you, not a day will go by that I won't think of you and wish you were here with me again. I love you, precious Baby Girl.
April 1, 2005 - September 25, 2005
Cujo was such a good dog. He was so playful up until his journey to Rainbow Bridge. He loved to play with his sister and the other dogs that we had, was always wanting attention, always put a smile on his daddy's face. Cujo, you will be missed and loved so much. Now you will no longer have to worry about getting sick or hurt. You have crossed Rainbow Bridge and you have plenty of room to run and play and will always have fresh water and food. We will one day meet again, then we can play with toys and be a happy family again. Daddy and Mommy love you, Little Boy.

In memory of Bandit...

September 10, 1992 - September 24, 2005
Our "Bito" - we just lost you after a short battle with lymphoma. For thirteen years we loved you, laughed with you and cried with you. Now we're crying without you and it hurts so badly, but we know you journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge. This morning there was a rainbow above the house. It was only there for a short time - just long enough for you to let us know that you made it there. We love you so much and miss you like crazy.
Love Always,
Daddy, Mommy, Tori and Jordan

In memory of Beamer ...

March 10, 1992 - October 3, 2005
My sweet angel, you will always be in my heart ... I love you and I miss you.

For the love of my life ...

"Bridgette Nicole"
Journeyed to the Bridge October 5, 2004
I, too, have lost a VERY special dog in my life, that was with me for 16 wonderful years, and passed away one year ago today. Her name was Bridgette Nicole, but we called her "Bridgette" or "Bridge." Attached is a photo of this blessed animal, who we considered a daughter and family member. She was the love of my life. She will be missed. Please post the picture on the Rainbow Bridge, in her memory. Thank you ever so much.
Kent Wilbanks

For my beautiful Meepie ...

"Meepie the Flower Cat"
Medium Hair Black and White Tuxedo
February 25, 2001 to October 8, 2005
Hit by a car
You came into my life terrified and went out of it as a loving companion. I will miss all the silly things about you - your little butt up in the air when you wanted to be brushed, your determinedly licking the gravy off every last chunk of wet food, your little high pitched voice, your soft fur, your hatred of Frontline, the primal scream you gave the first time we went to the vet and you thought I was abandoning you, the pounce on the feather under the rug game, your destruction of the Indian pillow cover, your silly catnip rolls, your heavy feet and the way you galloped like a little tiny horse and the little looks of trust you gave me when you were happy.
Taking care of you was a privilege and an honor and I will miss you terribly.
Your loving human, Tracy and your companion, Callie the Cat.

My dearest Lucy ...

Date Rescued, January 1992
Date Of Her Journey To The Bridge, September 2004

The joy in life you brought me words cannot describe.
I miss you more and more each day; I need you by my side.

Your eyes once shone so brightly, but dulled and dimmed with age.
Still, in the scrapbook of my heart they shine on every page.

The day you left me behind, my heart broke near in two.
I could not bear to think of life continuing without you.

You were my very "bestest" girl; my extra special friend.
And I know that you did love me up to the very end.

I hope you know I loved you too, much more than words can say.
And in my heart you're with me every minute of every day.

You were the last of the "original three"; Whitney and Holly were watching o'er you
I begged and pleaded for you to stay, but you heard them calling for you.

I'm looking forward to the day our family will be together.
We'll all be happy once again, because this time, it's forever.

For the greatest, sweetest dog ...

BooBoo was 14 years old. He was the greatest, sweetest dog. We loved him so much. We took him on all our vacations. In fact, we had one already planned 4 weeks before he had to go. He's been everywhere with us. Maine to Florida. Michigan to New Orleans. As the saying goes, "If loved could have saved him, he would have lived forever!" His kidneys failed and suddenly he was gone. I want him back, but I know it's not possible. I just wish we knew for sure that God takes them to heaven. I can't imagine that God would give us our little animals to love and then cruelly take them away without letting us be together again. I've really been struggling with depression, but I know God will help me.

Missing our friends ...

"Jake Wright"
July 1996 - October 20, 2005
Jake came to us out of a wooded area near our home on a Saturday, on the driveway, a scrawny puppy only 30 pounds. Feet and legs too big. He took our hearts. We are grateful, for Jake coming to us. Jake was one of our dogs. We also have two others, Timber and Sammie.
Well, on 10/20/05 I left for work at 2pm. All was well. Cheri came home at 3:30 pm. She noticed Jake was in distress and weak. After calling me, Jake was taken to the vet. Jake had nodules on his spleen. One ruptured his spleen, immediate surgery was the only option. Jake pulled through the surgery; we were relieved and greater hope than ever grew in our hearts. Cheri transferred Jake to an all night vet facility. I was going to pick him up in the morning. As I was pulling into the neighborhood Cheri called me crying "Jake is crashing at the hospital." Needless to say, we were there in minutes. Jake was getting CPR. A great team of people were working for him. Jake and I were real real close. I protected him from Timber. I said a few silent prayers while rubbing his neck and ear, like I always did. That made things better. Well Jake began to breathe on his own. A few minutes later he began to go into distress again. The vets worked hard again. I continued to pray. Jake began to breathe again on his own, but not as strong this time. I then said "Jake if God wants you, then go. It is O.K. Go to God. It is OK." 4 breaths later Jake walked on to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him. A great dog that was happy with a bowl of water, and a pat on the head. That was all he wanted and our love. We miss you Jake!!!!!
Kevin and Cheri
"Sammie Wright"
January 1994 - September 7, 2007
Sammie and I met one day in September of 94. I was choosing a canine partner for our police department. Well I was chosen by Sammie. We met and played and really hit it off. We went through training and Sammie became a dual purpose dog, patrol and narcotics work. Sammie became a stellar police dog, catching many suspects and recovering a lot of narcotics.
The real story of Sammie is how she could be a police dog and come home and just be a "FAMILY dog" rolling around with children, never once showing any aggression to anyone in the family. Sammie provided many hours of companionship to us.
Sammie retired and then just became a pet. She loved rolling in the snow and fighting the snow as it was shot out of the snow blower. In the warm months she enjoyed rolling in the grass under a hot sun. After that she would nestle in the house with the family, whether playing with the kids or with Jake and Timber. Many times I recall "breaking up" the dogs as they got a little too rowdy. Sammie was remarkable, when we obtained Jake (see his memorial). Sammie seemed to know that he did not even know how to play. Sammie taught him and played tug -o- war many days in the yard with Jake. Jake and Sammie had a wonderful trusting bond. Jake trusted Sammie with everything. Sammie helped protect Jake from Timber. They got along, but Timber was always ready to take advantage.
Sammie got older and a couple of years ago she developed a tumor. The tumor was not a cancer, but the location was a risky operation for Sammie. Sammie continued with us without surgery. Eventually Sammie began to enjoy life less and less. Old age was catching up to my partner. Her determination and spirit were there it just got lost from the mind to the body. This summer the tumor grew very quickly and Sammie was getting to the point she could no longer walk or eat. She would walk and eat for me, but no one else.
In early September Sammie began to collapse under her own weight and was barely walking and eating. She collapsed in the hall and those brown eyes looked at me as to say "Why are you making me do this, I will do it for you, I hurt and I am tired." I knew I would have to let my friend go. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do. Sammie ran to the Rainbow Bridge being meet by Jake and Stormie (our cat). No longer in pain or in suffering she became the dog we want to remember. She passed from my (our) loving arms, to the arms of God.
Sammie, Jake, Stormie till we all meet again. We love and miss you.
Kevin and Cheri
"Timber Wright"
1998 - March 11, 2008
Timber came to us in May of 2000. He was currently living in a shelter and his time was coming to an end. The shelter visits my wife"s school from time to time in an attempt to help place dogs and cats. Timber was a Malmute/Wolf with the amber eyes and all. A thick white black grey coat that was stunning. Everyone at school was taken by his beauty and friendly disposition. Well, I agreed to meet Timber at the vet/shelter.
Timber and I met and he just rolled on his back and played. No one could resist his personality. As I was against getting another dog (we already had 2 Jake and Sammie). My wife returned and asked "where is the dog?" I replied "in the car." and Timber began his new life with us.
However, we realized just why no one wanted this dog. Well, he suffered from separation anxiety. In months he destroyed and caused major damage to the home and furnishings. Timber even dove through our kitchen window. Timber really tried to run the show and be the pack leader (which never happened). Timber would pick on Jake and he would run to me for help. Timber would try me every day. But those became less frequent as he began to trust us completely. IT WAS A LONG LONG ROAD. Many times I said "HE IS GONE, NO MORE MESSES AND DESTROYING THE HOME." He never went anywhere. We loved him too much and he always had sad eyes begging for forgiveness, which he got.
So our merry pack lived together for many years. In recent years our 3 buddies began to fail in health Jake passing in 05 and Sammie in 07. Shortly, there after Timber began to shed terribly in the middle of winter. Concerned we got Timber into the vet. The prognosis was not promising actually pretty bleak. Timber had Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which has no cure. Timber was diagnosed in early February of 08 and passed away 3/11/08. The pain he was in was evident and he was suffering greatly and stopped eating. We took him to RAINBOW BRIDGE to meet Jake Sammie, Stormie Cat. HE is deeply missed and we are lost without him and all of our dogs. Timber, until we meet again ...
Kevin and Cheri

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