Missing Luke ...

Journeyed to the Bridge January 12, 2006
Our 13 year old dog Luke was struck by a car today in front of our home; I carried him home to our front porch and put him in the swing he loved so well. What joy he brought into our lives with his little wagging tail and unconditional love; this is a picture of him on our porch this past summer. Please post it in his memory for a family that will love and miss him forever!
The Painters

In memory of Mojo...

Mojo was a young, handsome, and oh so charming 100 pound American Pit Bull with a huge heart. He came into our life through our neighbors, or as my husband says, he was a gift from above. Our neighbors found him at the park and put him in our yard knowing we would take care of him. He was a large puppy and covered with cuts and scars from fighting or abuse. We took him to the vet and she said he was beautiful, and about 6 months old and already 60 pounds; she smiled and said we had a big lover on our hands. He took right to our dog Day-Lee and loved our cats so much. He turned out to be the gentlest and most loving dog I have ever known. One of my fondest memories of him is when we brought a tiny kitten, who weighed around an ounce, home. Mojo lay down to look at her, with his head cocked and ears up and looked at me and then licked her, they ended up being the best of friends. He definitely proved to me, and I hope to some of you, not all Pits are bad. Like all dogs, it is how they are trained.
With love and lots of tears,
Melinda and Eric Dalke
Turner, Oregon

Remembering Sunny ...

Sunny, I miss you. You were/are a proud warrior and gentle soul. You went through so much, yet were never anything but gentle and loving. I want you to know I never minded lifting you down off of the steps so you could lay in the sun, even when my back hurt so bad. I would go through that pain every day for the rest of my life just for one more day with you. I can't wait to see you and Bear together again. I love you,

Be happy, Bonnie ...

Journeyed to the Bridge January 20, 2006
My 14 year old Scotty Bonnie died of cancer on Friday. I miss her every day and can't bear the silence in the house, but know she had a good life. It is so hard to not have her at my side and I hope she is happy wherever she is.

For my two friends ...

December 10, 1993 - March 1, 2004
(Pit bull/wolf/shepherd)
March 20, 1990 - July 8, 1996
(house cat)
You both will be missed dearly. I'm glad that you both are now together as you were in life as best friends. We will meet again at the Rainbows Bridge when it's my time to come and meet up with ya's ...
love and all the hugs,
Dad (Gerry)

In Memory of Sheba

Always in my heart ...

January 7, 1994 - January 29, 2006
I lost my beloved Samurai on January 29, 2006 @ 2:36 p.m. He brought great joy to our lives since he was born on January 7, 1994. I know that he will be with all the other animals waiting on the Rainbow Bridge for me to cross. But let me tell you a little about my little Sam. He was a very devoted and loving animal. I didn't think of him as a dog but as my child. I sang him the belly button song many of times about his little belly button, his little paws, nails, ears, knees, ankles, stomach, eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth, head, neck, elbows, and all his little precious parts of his body. He had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure seven years ago and had been on medication since. I am grateful that he waited to see me one last time and wag his tail before his long departure with the Lord. I am also greatful that I got to hold him while he took his last gasp for air. He was my baby Smurf. But my husband Frank and I buried him in a special place in our yard so that I will be able to go out to the porch and visit him daily. We made a special flower garden with St. Francis watching over him. I want Sam to know we will always carry him in our hearts till our ending days. We love you and miss you baby Sam.

Missing Reggie ...

February 2000 - December 2005
Reggie, I will miss you, but you're with other dogs and furry friends alike at the Rainbows Bridge ...
Love, Pats, Hugs,

Always missed ...

May, 1995 - March 3, 2006
... will always be missed ...
Love always,
the Wong family

My Little Red-headed Stepchild ...

June 29, 2004 - March 2, 2006
Although I only knew Heidi for a few short months, she touched my heart, and I fell in love with her! It happened so fast, even I still can't believe it! I knew from the moment I met her, there was something very special about her. I have always been leery, and a bit fearful of Dobermans (even though I own a huge German Shepherd), and then I met Heidi. She was the sweetest, most lovable baby I have ever met!
She was a new neighbor of mine's dog, but from the time I met her, I was with her almost every day. She ran (like the wind - (she loved to run) and played with my dog often. To make it very brief, she kept losing weight, and when we took her to the vet, she had complete kidney failure. I still cry when I think of her; but I know I am a much better person for having known her the short time that I did! Her owner (Marty Wisor) and I miss her terribly (and Hero, too). Just know that we love you, Heidi, and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is our time!! I love you - my Little Red-headed Stepchild.
Bambi F. Dyer (and Hero)

Missing Dolly ...

June 15, 1998 - March 3, 2006
Dolly will be greatly missed in our family. We all loved her very much. She was the sweetest dog with the best personality. Even during her illness she never complained. I will miss her sitting with me while watching TV. I know she is in a better place, where there is no pain. My days will not be as bright as they once were. Rest in peace, Dolly - I will see you again someday.

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