Missing our babies ...

Birthdate unknown
Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge February 1, 2006
Just a short note on our Atta Girl (the best dog you could ever ask for). I rescued her from the pound almost 5 years ago, April 3rd, 2001. She was long haired and just had fleas, ticks and burrs matted in her furry little body. She was such a mess. But as you can see her eyes were to adore, they followed me as I looked around and I just knew I had to take her home with me. I took her to my vet, and she clipped her, bathed her, and gave her shots. We picked her up the next morning and she was OURS!!!! Gosh we were so happy to find such a wonderful pet, my husband and I just loved her. She came home on antibiotics for a bladder infection as Mary (our wonderful vet) had thought. Needless to say she had surgery the next week for a kidney stone the size of a golf ball, it was unbelievable to see. From then on she was just our little shadow, loved car rides, visiting our families and grandchildren. We had thought she was 8 - 10 yrs old when we got her. Boy she must have had a rough life. NOT anymore. She was our queen. We adopted a playmate for her in June 2003. They were best friends!
They had the run of us, anything they wanted they got. Atta was not feeling well on Jan 31, 06, so I took her to Mary the following day. Mary did blood work and said her kidneys had shut down, she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. She had really gone down hill so fast just in the hour I was there with her; she was gasping for breaths in pain. Mary said I had to decide on treatment which wasn't going to give her much time so that was the worst thing I ever hope I have to do, I just held her and we cried together. Then she was put down.
I hope the pain gets better as I am not dealing with the loss very well. So glad you all understand how we can get so attached to our little ones, so I wanted to share this. Until we meet again Atta you will always be in our hearts, we miss you!
Thank you so much for your website,
Candi, Rian, ChloeGirl, & Family!
Journeyed to the Bridge January 23, 2007
Well I am back. Didn't think it would be so soon. As we had just lost our Atta Girl on Feb 1st 2006, how special she was. I was driving down the road one day and I heard this calling Mommy go to the Pound, so I did just that. Low and behold our Atta had taken me to rescue another little doggie, we called him Scruffy. I picked him up one Saturday morning in April if my memory serves me correct. He was almost exactly like Atta in his actions, shy, a little scared, followed me around as if he thought he was gonna be dumped again. We had a hard time to get him to go on car rides but he was so excited to get home. Could have called him timid yet still, he loved being showered and just played like a puppy closer to Chloe's age. They adjusted pretty well after a few weeks. Never had to leash him as Chloe taught him his boundaries and he learned quickly. My husband put them out on Jan 23rd at 10pm for potty so we could go to bed. Scruffy & Chloe shared the pillows between us. Well Scruffy didn't return so I yelled and yelled every 10 minutes. Finally I hopped in my car & went for a drive around the block hoping he had gotten stuck in the woods beside our house, I found him lying in the middle of the road dead. I grabbed a Blanket from my car and wrapped him up in it, just screaming. Drove back home holding him in my arms just screaming, I brought him in and my husband had come running as I laid him down on the counter and just held him. God I wasn't ready to lose another rescue or even his sissy Chloe. We are all saddened once again but we are sure one day the 2 of them will guide me to another. Until then we will LOVE THEM BOTH and meet them at the Bridge. They will always be in our hearts, & we'll see them again together. Thanks Again for your Website,
Candi, Rian, Chloe Girl & Family!
Journeyed to the Bridge July 28, 2010
Here I go again, trying to help some poor lil boys out. I received a phone call about some 6 wk old Yorkies who were in desperate need of a home. The owners have very severe health issues. These puppies were in dire need of medical attention. They had Parasites, flea infested. My friend took hers to the vet on the morning after getting him. He was treated n given shampoo for his skin disorder. Sunday eve, Digger got the Diarrhea so off to the vet Monday morning she went. Her friend that took the other puppy Bailey due to financial reasons couldn't pay the fees to have her Bailey treated.
So my friend & her husband took possession of the Lil boy n we called them twins. Digger & Bailey. were both admitted to Puppy ICU isolation at the doggy hospital. Day 3 poor Lil Bailey failed to show any improvement & crossed over.
My friend Sandy & her husband Tom gave him the only chance he had to survive by taking claims on them both. This caused much friction between the girls but Sandy was backed by myself & the Vets Office. She just couldn't see Bailey not given a chance.
They are being condemned by others as not very nice people, this is way beyond me why some feel they have done wrong by trying to save Bailey's life. But they are strong & will deal with the criticism. Someone who cared enough to give him a chance at. What I am asking is if you could add him to Memorial Gallery page 28 so he can be greeted by my Atta Girl & my Scruffy. He's so tiny I know they will be there to take care of him & show him the way. It has been since 2006 & 2007 that I have entered any others of my own but Lil Bailey was loved by me also. As we know from experience how hard this is, I visit Atta & Scruffy often and would love to see Bailey being Protected by them. But one last thing I would like to thank you again for your Gallery as I enjoy visiting often so until we meet again.
Take Care of Lil Bailey for momma Atta Girl & Scruffy, I miss you daily. I love You Both!
Candi Wengerd, Sandy & Tommy McKelroy
and Family Brent & Brody
"Lil Digger (Diggie Dog)"
Journeyed to the Bridge July 31, 2010
It's me again. My story this time is for Bailey's little twin Digger as we called him. Bailey left us on the 28th as I forgot to add the date to my letter above. We continued to go see Lil Digger and when we went in on Fri. July 30th I thought he was doing so much better but Sandy said on Fri. that it's not good he's looking a lil more peppy. He held his head as Carrie held him for us and he turned his head made body movements and seemed alot stronger to me. I was so sure he was gonna pull thru. Sat morning she was so excited that Tommy was finally going to get to see how I thought he was improving, just to see his boy would make his day.
The phone rang around 8:30 am & it was Mary our Veterinarian, she said to Sandy I'm so so Sorry. Diggie had passed during the night. This just broke their hearts, not only did I predict he would be eating and so much better this am so they could take him home next week .
Wow, now he's with his twin Bailey. Oh it broke their hearts to hear that phone ring. They went to retrieve him so they could bury him at home & did so. Tommy just sat and rocked him for awhile before they could lay him to rest.
Although he is no longer suffering he is so greatly missed. So as before I would appreciate it if you would put him in with Atta Scruffy & Bailey so he's not alone. We loved them all and will meet again at Rainbow Bridge one day. I'm sure they will be waiting with wagging tails.
Again we thank you for your patience & kind heart for your web page.
Candi Wengerd, Sandy & Tommy McKelroy
and Family. Brent & Brody Too!

So greatly missed ...

July 1998 - January 20, 2006
It is so hard to say goodbye to you, you were our baby. How do I let go of you? You were always there to love us unconditionally. I will love you forever!!!
Harley was born in July, 1998, and died January 20 2006. He was a member of our family. He had a mama, a Daddy, and three bubba's. He will be missed greatly!!!

Added on March 20, 2007
Harley, it has been a year now and we miss you as much today as we did the day you left us, We have finally got a little justice for you. The person who took you away from us was found guilty, but I don't think he will pay nearly enough for taking you from us. We will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts!

Loving and missing Betty ...

"Betty Boop"
March 1, 2002 - March 1, 2006
My best friend passed on her birthday. I miss her so bad. My heart is broken. She was such a funny girl.
Betty, you will always make me smile. I love you and miss you. I will never forget you.

Added on February 22, 2007
We all tell you good morning and good night every day. A year has almost gone by. Your puppies are beautiful big kids now. Mo plays with who we think is you all the time. He seems happy in the back yard. The crocus and daffodils we planted on your bed are starting to grow. Now don't eat them like you used to. Happy birthday.
I miss you so much at times it hurts. Still love you Betty Boo! Always will.

Added on March 2, 2008
To Betty
Happy birthday baby girl.
You are in my forever heart. Soon it will be warm and your flowers will bloom. Grandma Dixie thinks it's the prettiest garden. I know 2 of your boys are there with you. They had good homes and love but they need their mommy.
We all love you.

Added on February 24, 2009
Happy birthday Betts
You are still in my whole heart. We all miss you and remember you with love. There will never be another you.
Blessings sweet girl
Love mom

Added on March 1, 2010
Happy Birthday Betty Boo. I know you're happy chasing bugs and playing at the bridge.
I miss you every day. Much love and a big kiss,

Added on March 1, 2011
I miss your bouncing little self every day. I think of you with love and smiles.
You are always with me and in my heart forever.
Happy Birthday my special friend.
Big hugs and kisses,

Added on March 1, 2012
Happy birthday sweet girl. Tears still fill my eyes when I think of you and how much I miss you. I know you are running and playing at the bridge and forever 2 yrs old.
Every spring your flowers bloom and I remember how happy you were digging in the dirt.
In my heart 4 ever....

Added on March 12, 2013
Happy Birthday sweet girl. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks still missing you so very much. I remember all your snuggles and silly antics. Life is good but would be better with you here. Every once and a while I will feel like there's a little warm body sitting with me and I know it's you just checking in from the Rainbow. Well you take care and keep stopping by.
I love you forever!

Added on March 11, 2014
Hi Betty Boo Happy Birthday sweet girl. I think of you all the time. I can say your name and Elmo starts looking for you..You see Betts. We will always love and remember you. Now you get back to jumping and playing and chasing bugs. Here's a big warm heart hug from Me and Elmo
Hugs and snuggles baby girl.

Journeyed to the Bridge November 17, 2014
Elmo was my best friend, companion and travel partner. He came to me at 4 weeks old. I brought him home in a shoe box. from day 1 we were attached at the hip. He and my Betty had 7 beautiful babies together and were inseparable. Elmo passed due to what may have been a spine injury or a stroke or a tumor, but we never found out. He was fine and feisty one day, and the next he started limping, then to wobbling, and he lost vision in one eye from running into a corner. In the end he could only lift his head and use one leg, but he still kissed me good bye. My heart is so broken, but I know Elmo's little twisted body is all better now and he is jumping fences and rough housing like he did not so long ago. So to you my best friend and hero, I wish a happy forever!
I love both my fur kids so much and miss them forever. Kisses and hugs Mo-Mo good boy and sweet Betty Boo.
Journeyed to the Bridge December 17, 2017
" Maiden I loved you the second I saw you. You were my "foster Failure" but I knew the day I got you that I would never let you go. We had 8 years together. I wish we had 100 more. You're in my heart forever. Now go play with your buddy Elmo and meet his best buddy Betty. You will be healthy and happy and playing and running. And kisses sweet girl.
Betty and Elmo I didn't forget you. You both are always in my thoughts and sometimes tears. I love and miss you both so much! Hugs my 3 babies.
Lisa Emswiller

Added on March 6, 2019
Hi my sweet babies,
Years have passed but I still see you every day because I think of you and smile.
I see Betty and Mo playing in the back yard and then I see this sweet smiling face looking up at the sun…It’s Maiden and she is playing too.
Betty, my feisty lil’ snuggler, Mo My best boyfriend in the whole darn world and Maider Tater my sweet pretty girl, I miss you more than I can ever express.
Have a wonderful Time!
Love, Mom

"Pistol Pete"
Journeyed to the Bridge October 19, 2020
My Sweet Pete,
You fought that horrible cancer so hard but it took you from us 10/19/20 after only 9 months.
My permapup suddenly stopped having fun.
You came to me because at 10 weeks old the family you had didn’t want a dog.
When I was asked if I would take you I said “YES”! I’m so thankful for the 13 years we had together.
My heart is broken. No more Pete to snuggle up and then want to go run play ball or drag toys out or just run and jump.
I know you don’t hurt now and you can once again run, jump and chase balls all day long.
Elmo Betty and Maiden will be waiting for you and once again you will all be healthy and happy.
Hugs and kisses to you my sweet Pete.
I will see you all again some day and all of us will run in the fields and play in the water and bounce balls off our noses.
Love you forever,

PS. Hi Betty, Mo and Maiden. I love you all and just know you are having a wonderful time. BIG HUGS to you

"Sophie Marie"
Journeyed to the Bridge May 7, 2021
Dearest Sophie Marie,
For 17 years you were by my side.
You went over the rainbow 05/07/2021. You needed to see your Elmo, Maiden, Pete and Betty.
I miss you so very much. No little warm bed buddy anymore. I guess I'm selfish. I know you needed to leave this old world but I didn't want you to go.
I'm glad you were sitting with me at home when you decided it was time to cross.
I cannot express how much I love you and how much fun you were to me.
I know now you can see again and run and play.
I know your brothers and sisters are loving you.
I bet there's a swimming pool and beach balls for you and a warm fuzzy blanket.
Have fun my Sweet Sophie I will see you all again.
Love Mom

My special one ...

April 30, 2004 - February 18, 2006
Our wonderful Chevy transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. We got him from the Humane Society where he made it quite clear that he was the one we should take home. While I was looking at another kitten, Chevy reached out his paw and laid it on my arm. He was purring so loud. He wasn't the cutest kitten but after he laid that paw on me I knew he was the one. We lost him to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

Missing Dreamer ...

1978 - September, 2005
My lovely old girl - miss you so much. Lots of love, Kay

I will never forget you, Katelan. See you some day at Rainbow Bridge. Lots of love! Love Dreamer

Missing our angel ...

"Casey Jones Mitchell"
November 15, 1990 - March 15, 2006
This is my beloved girl Casey Jones Mitchell who passed away after 15 wonderful years.
She was our angel and is missed by her mommy and daddy, Marie and Mark, and her human sisters, Amanda and Ashley, and her canine sister Bear.

Remembering my little red-head ...

"Tundra Aurora Rose"
Journeyed across the Bridge June 22, 2005
Tundra Aurora Rose (Rosebud) died 22 June, 2005 without suffering from a blockage to her tender little heart. Words cannot express the loss I feel without her in my life. She was a tender-hearted little red-head, my sweet pea, my girlfriend and girlfriend to Jock. There is never a day that goes by that I don't think of her and remember her precious presence. Love you always, Mom

My beloved Rosie ...

Journeyed across the Bridge April 5, 2006
My Rosie crossed the Bridge on April 5, 2006 ... She was my heart and soul and I miss her so much ... She had a sudden illness with her liver, and although the vets did all they could, she could not pull through ... I hurt so much my sweet baby girl ...
I cry every day although I know I should not cry, for your soul is now set free, free from pain, and I know you have lots of new friends, but I can't wait till the day I meet you at the Bridge ... until that day you are always in my thoughts, you were my best friend and so much more, my rock ... Rest in peace my little girl ... I love you ... Love, your mommy, Angie

In memory of Maui ...

2004 - April 23, 2006
I only had you with me for a short time, but I will always cherish those times in my heart. You were very special to me. I knew from the very first time in July of 2004, you jumped into my arms as a kitten that I would be fond of you, and today April 23, 2006, I had to say goodbye, but I will see you again Maui. I love you very much. thank you for being such a wonderful addition to my family for as long as you were, and thanks for making me smile.
Love your earthly mom,
Emily Power

Dearly missed and forever loved ...

"Petey Lynn Pelt"
July, 2004 - May 14, 2006
We are all so used to coming home and being greeted by this beautiful, loving animal, and waking up every morning to such a happy soul, having to all share our food with him, cuz he was always begging for scraps ... lol ... I am thankful that I got to spend the day before, on Saturday, with him ... I bathed him outside in the backyard, spent about an hour brushing him till he shone, spraying flea spray on his coat and brushing it in, clipping his nails ... then I brought him in and brushed his teeth with doggy toothpaste ... he loved to have his teeth brushed, and coaxed him into letting me clean his ears by telling him a "story" of "a doggy named Petey, who had dirty ears, so his mommy told him to be a good boy and sit, and he did, so his mommy used a q-tip, and cleaned his ear, but his right one wasn't that dirty, so his mommy tried his left one, and that one wasn't too bad either, but she cleaned it anyway, and the doggy sat there like a good boy till his mommy was done, and then when she was done, she told him what a good boy he was! That is the exact story I told him to distract him ... guess it works on pets too, cuz that's what my mom used to do with us, distract us by telling us some made up story ... the next day, his daddy got to dance with him, cuz they were playing, and Jeremy's parents were watching music videos on the computer, and Petey jumped up on Jeremy, trying to bite and play with him, so Jeremy grabbed his paws and stepped back and forth, holding his paws, making him dance with him to the music on the computer ... so thankfully, his mommy and daddy each got to spend a few precious, memorable moments with him ... we love him so much and will never EVER forget him ... we will both probably get tattoos of Petey's picture on us ... he will not be forgotten ... he was our first baby ... so gorgeous ... so sweet and loving ... he never understood that he was a big boy, he would always try to climb into our laps like he did when he was a puppy, thinking that he was still the same size, oblivious to the fact that he had grown into a 95 pound dog ... lol ... he was such a sweetheart ... always so eager to please, always wanting to play with anyone who walked through the door ... expert beggar, used his gorgeous green eyes to his advantage to get a treat or some table scraps ... the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, and he was all ours ... we were so proud ... I remember picking him out of all his siblings, because I knew I wanted a boy, and he was the only one in the litter with those green eyes, and the brown patches and spots, all chubby and cute ... I fell in love when I first laid eyes on him ... I knew that he would be my bestfriend, my baby boy ... such a momma's boy, but as soon as daddy came home from work, he turned into a daddy's boy ... daddy was the only one who could keep up with him and play on his level, play rough and take a few playful bites and nibbles ... didn't mind if he got too rough and scratched him a little ... he loved his daddy, and his daddy loved him ... he always will, and so will his mommy ... and everyone else ... not one person who knew him could not love him ... he will be dearly missed and forever loved, til we can be with him again ... We love you so much Petey ... see you soon, Sugarbear ... you will always be our Boo-Boo Bear ...

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