Genny and family missing their best friends ...

1995 - 2005
This was Monzaya. My best friend in the world. I got Monzaya for my 7th birthday because I had always wanted a collie like Lassie and she was by my side for 10 wonderful years. I used to carry her over to my grandparents and we would stay all day. I would just talk to her and she would just listen to me the whole time. All she wanted was to be with me, we just adored each other. She had a special way of looking into my eyes and just gazing up at me. She had the sweetest eyes. Her name "Monzaya" was so unique, but, she was also very unique herself so the name fit her perfectly. Words can't explain how much we meant to each other. I know though that she wouldn't want me to sit around and cry because she is gone, even though that's what I feel like doing sometimes, I know she doesn't want that for me. She wants me to be happy and take care of my puppy "Angel." But, I'll always love Monzaya. She was my best friend.
This was our Great Pyrenees named Mufassa. He was also our 'Great Protector.' Mufassa always watched out for us and guarded the yard. He loved attention but would wait his turn until we got through petting the other dogs. Then he would walk on up real slow and let you pet him. He loved sweet food. His favorite sweet food was probably 'Little Debbie Cakes.' He also loved ice cream and milk with cereal. Mufassa was the easiest going dog in the world. We miss him terribly. His best friend was our collie named 'Monzaya.' They grew up together. We lost Mufassa in 2004 because of cancer. Mufassa is in heaven with Monzaya and he feels much better. Mufassa will always be remembered and missed because he gave so much love to us while he was 'here on earth.
This was Monique, our black chow. She was very sweet. We miss her very much. She used to try to sit in your lap, she didn't know she weighed 60 lbs. Monique loved to stay in the house; when she was younger she slept in the house at night. As she got older she wanted to go out in the back yard with our other dogs. They all had such a special bond. Monique's favorite person was probably my mom. But, we all miss Monique and love her. She was so special and unique!
This is Shiloh. This was my uncle's dog and it was also his favorite. Shiloh and my uncle did everything together. Steve (my uncle) would take Shiloh to get a hamburger sometimes and they would go to the mountains and walk around. Shiloh loved Steve so very much! He would always stare straight at Steve and he wouldn't even look at you if you even if you were talking to him. He would just keep his eyes on Steve. Shiloh lived a very long life and he died in my uncle's arms. Steve really misses him even though it has been many years now. He left an empty place in my uncle's heart that I don't think any dog can ever fill. Shiloh was also the daddy to my Mom's Irish Setter, named Bandit. Shiloh made many wonderful, pretty pictures out by the water. Shiloh was a very beautiful Irish Setter and I know that Steve misses him dearly.
This was Munchkin, our little hamster. Most hamsters will bite you if you wake them up, but not Munch. He was a sweet little hamster and we miss him a lot. I never knew you could love a little hamster so much but you can. He never bit anyone in his whole life. We got him when he was about 4 weeks old. He was as tiny as a white mouse! He loved raisins, chocolate, chips, granola bars and a lot of other sweets. We miss him, but he had a long life for a hamster and he was loved very much.
This was Mandy. She was a poodle/Pekingese mix. She loved my mom so much! She would bite my dad if he got too close to my mom. As she got older she would snap at you if you touched her food or her bones. But, I guess as you get older you get more cranky, so I don't blame her. She just didn't want anyone touching her food is all! I miss Mandy; she was so sweet. She was really my mom's dog though and she lived about 15 or 16 years. I wasn't even born when my mom got her and so she was a very special part of the family. She used to sit right beside my grandpa in his chair while he was eating hoping she would get a bite. We miss her but I know she is happy in heaven. One day we'll see her again.
This was Bandit, my mom's Irish Setter. He was very pretty and he loved my mom very much. My Uncle owned his father named Shiloh. Bandit was a really great dog and we miss him now that he is gone. He lived a very long life and was loved so much.
This was Gretta our pet rabbit. She enjoyed being outside on a pretty day relaxing in the sun. She also loved to play with my Maltese named Maggie. We miss her a lot. But, we'll always remember her.
This was little 'Jackie.' She was a special little goat. I miss her so much. The other goats she lived with kinda pushed her around because she was the smallest. She was also the nicest and most fun to be around. She got killed by coyotes. It was a terrible day when we found out. I'll never forget her little face or how she always came when I called her. She was so special!
This was our beautiful Himalayan cat named Max. He was so sweet. He was also very picky. He use to only like certain kinds of cat food. We had to buy him the most expensive!!! He used to sleep on my bed with me sometimes at night. He loved to run with my dog Maggie. They loved to play with each other! We don't know what actually happened to Max. He disappeared one day and never came back. We looked & looked for him and never found him. That was about 9 or 10 years ago though. But, I still miss him and wonder what happened to Max.
This was our little squirrel. My brother brought her home, he found her in a tree. She was cute. She loved cheeseballs and cheese curls! She would eat the cheese off and leave the rest. She would go and hide them behind pillows too. We named her 'Little Meca 2' after our ferret we had before her. But, we called her Meca. She went to Heaven one day and we don't know what caused this to happen. I just know we really miss her. She was such a little sweetheart.
1992 - 2005
This was Montiego, my Alaskan malamute. Montiego reminded me of a wolf. She looked just like one. She was so beautiful. We had 4 other dogs and Montiego was the boss. She kept them all in line. She used to take their food sometimes. When I was born my family already had Montiego. She was about a year old. Montiego and I became best friends right from the start and she looked out for me. Once, I was about a year old and I was in my baby walker on the porch. My family was out in the yard and I started to fall down the steps; luckily Montiego was lying on the ground, she saw me falling and jumped up and as I fell, she caught me. I fell onto her back and she held me up until my mom got there. She was always looking out for me like that. She didn't like strange dogs to get near me. She would growl at my uncle's dogs and just dare them to come near me. They knew better; they knew she was tough. I grew up with Montiego. I was 11 when she left to be with God and Jesus, and our other dogs that had gone on to Heaven before her. Montiego was the greatest dog I've ever known. I miss her every day. I don't think there was any dog on earth that liked a good ride in the truck as much as she did. She loved to ride in the truck, it didn't matter where we were going. Montiego and I were best friends and I miss her every day. I know that she is in heaven, still watching over me and waiting on me to come see her again so we can play all day long.
This was Ginger. She was an Irish Setter. She was so precious. My mom bought her for my Uncle on Easter. She was with us for about 12 years. She was always sweet and she never bit at anyone or growled. She was really pretty. She had a tumor next to her eye and we had to end up putting her to sleep. Even though it was extremely hard on us � we knew it would be the best thing to do for her. Now she is in Heaven. We will always love her.
This was Goldielocks. She looked like she was part Golden Retriever and maybe had some Cocker Spaniel in her. The way she came to be with us was my brother found her on the side of the road. I was only about 7 at the time and enjoyed having her around. I played with her a lot and she was a sweet puppy. We already had several dogs though and we couldn't keep her so my mom gave her to my cousin. I was very sad to see her go but I knew she would be happy and taken care of. After she had been gone for several months we found out that she had got hit by a car. I was very upset because I had wanted to keep her. I wish she was still here, she was sweet. It's been about 10 years since all that happened but I'll always remember her. She was a sweet puppy with an adorable face!
This was Gizmo, my hedgehog. My mom bought him for me and my brothers. I know that isn't a very good picture of him but it's the best one I have. Even though you can't see his little face, it was adorable! I remember I used to have to wear gloves (thick ones) to hold him with because of his quills. He got afraid easily and he would roll up into a little ball when he got frightened and you had to watch out, or he would stick you!! We named him after the sweet little gremlin on the movie "Gremlins." We all loved him. He died many many years ago. But I really thought he was a sweet and very interesting little animal.
This was Godzilla. He was my brother's lizard. He named him after 'Godzilla.' We bought Godzilla at a fish store and we had him for about one year, but while we had him, he was fun! He loved crickets and we enjoyed watching him catch the crickets and eat them. What my brother liked most about him was that he could sit him anywhere, on the back of a chair, on the bed, or on a pillow and he would sit there until you came back. If you look close, you can tell on his neck he looks like he has a black collar on, and so that's why they are called 'collared lizards.' We miss little Godzilla. He was a sweet lizard!
"King" and "Kong"
King and Kong were my two newts. King was the one on the left and the other was Kong. As you can see, they would let me do anything to them. They brought me so many hours of joy - I loved playing with them! King was the tame one. He would eat out of my hand, lie on my hand while he was on his back, and sit very still when I wanted to make a picture of him. I used to put him on little 'Barbie' sized couches and chairs and he would sit very very still while I made the picture. Kong on the other hand, he was very hyper! He wouldn't let me hold him. He would try to wiggle out of my hands and get away. It was hard to get him to be still. He also wouldn't eat out of my hand. King was probably my favorite but I really loved them both! They were both really fun and I really liked them. I still miss playing with them whenever I think about them.
"Geno" and "Mario"
This was Mario and Geno. Geno was the one on the left and Mario was on the right. Mario was mine and Geno belonged to my brother. They were iguanas. They were neat and fun to watch. I miss them. They were sweet little guys!
This was Gabrielle our chow. She was adorable! We got her from a friend of my mom's. We had her for a couple of years. She didn't like our other dogs too much though and always started fights! She wanted to be the boss I guess. I miss her. She was several years old when she left us. We'll always love her!
This was Kitty. I'm not sure what kind of cat she was. She was very pretty and had long hair. We found her. She had several litters of kittens while we had her and we loved and enjoyed every one of them! She got along good with our cat that we already had named Max. They kind of ignored each other. Kitty was a very sweet cat and you couldn't have found a more loving one. We'll never forget her!
2003 - 2006
This was Topaz (the best Muscovy duck in the world). Topaz had a sister named Jake and she had 11 babies. Topaz was our very first duck we ever got. She used to love to hunt bugs. Topaz never liked to take a bath. She loved to play in the mud. She always made us smile. She was the most sweet and most precious duck anybody could have ever had. Little Topaz will always be remembered. We love you Topaz!
This was Muffy. She was a sweet little hamster. We will always remember her!
This was Browny. He was my neighbor's goat, but I think my brother and I were his favorite people. We use to go feed him everyday. He was always there waiting on us. Browny was a very special goat, too. He was the biggest goat I've ever seen and I've been around a lot of goats. One night Browny wouldn't eat and he was acting sick. So, we went home. The next day we found out that Browny had been killed by coyotes. That was a very sad day. He was always nice to the donkeys and to the other goats. We miss him very much. He was a very special goat.
This was my little baby duck named Reese. He was the yellow one on the far right. He had an infection in his throat. He looked weak when we got him, but he was so cute. The other ducks in the picture were his best friends. We miss little Reese very much.
This is Jake. Jake was my muscovy duck, and Topaz belonged to my brother. Topaz was also Jake's sister. Jake and Topaz grew up together and were always by each other's side. Jake used to be the shy one, and wouldn't let us pet her, but Topaz taught her that we were nice people and then Jake started coming around and learned how much we loved her. Jake and Topaz grew up and had the whole front yard to themselves. Then we got some more ducks and Jake had a beautiful son named JRose, and Topaz had 12 beautiful baby boys and girls. We went through so much with Jake and Topaz. One time Jake was sitting on her eggs, and a 4 foot long rat snake was in her nest! She wasn't going to leave the nest (she was protecting her eggs) and I was so afraid that the snake was going to bite Jake and make her sick or something, so I grabbed the snake out by its tail and threw it across the yard! Jake looked up at me afterwards as if to say 'thank you Genny, you saved my eggs.' A few months back Topaz got killed and Jake got so depressed. She missed her sister more than anything, and I guess she just couldn't go on without her. September 18, 2006, Jake left us to go be with Topaz. I know we will see her again one day. But, until then I'll think about her everyday. We miss you Jake!
This was Apple, my Pekin duck. She was only a year old when she left to be with Jake and Topaz. That doesn't seem like it was long enough. She had an infection that medicine couldn't help. We carried her food to her, and gave her fresh water everyday, but she was so sick. Now, she is in Heaven, and she doesn't hurt anymore. I know we'll see her again, but until then we will always miss her.

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