From Nancy in Nevada ...

"Ditto Donnell"
April, 1982-November 27, 1998
He lived almost 17 years. It wasn't enough. I thought he would live forever -- he didn't. Although his given name was Ditto because he was only one of two surviving kittens he believed his whole life his name was "Love, love, love you." And you know what? It was.
--Nancy Donnell
August 19, 1998-August 6, 2012
Taken too soon leaving 3 broken hearts behind.
"Joyous Boots"
June, 2000-August 26, 2013
Loved and lost too soon.
Charlie "My Boy" and Joy, who never walked if she could run were companions for 12 years. He was struck down by a sudden illness and within a few short months she died from being poisoned. To say our family was devastated by this loss is a major understatement.
United on the Rainbow Bridge my precious lost babies. Sweet dreams.

To Abby ...

I said good-bye to you today. In my dreams we traveled back to New York to the park where you used to frolic in snow up to your ears. Then my dream brought us back to California where we made our home. We crammed for college finals together, we met your future daddy, and at last the wedding day photos complete with you at my side! And when Emily was born, you stayed up with me during those endless newborn crying nights. You helped her learn to crawl, and she loved you so much her first spoken word was "Abb." Never once were you mean to the little rug rat chasing you around. In your old age you became her "grandmother," so protective of her. We will always miss and love you, my first scotty dog dream come true. Thank you for sending us Max, little girl, I know he was a gift from you.
Love, your mommy, daddy and baby Emily.

In memory of Teela ...

1974-October 25, 1999
You were mom's little girl. Even though you only weighed 5 lbs. The day you died you left a big hole in my heart that will not heal. I think of you every day. I miss the way you always followed me around the house. Miss sitting down and having you right beside me. You always knew when I was feeling sad and you were always there to cheer me up. Now I have that sadness everyday since we took that last ride together. You were so brave, and you fought a long hard battle to stay with me. You will always be in my thoughts until we are together again. Rest In Peace My Teela. Mom

Remembering Muppett ...

We miss you and we will always remember you. Love, your friends, Charlie, Nancy, Daisy & Vern

In memory of Dusty ...

Loyal friend ... Staunch protector ... Soul mate. That says it all. Wait for me ... Marie

To Molly ...

June 21, 1987-June 17, 1996
There are just not words enough to describe you Molly and what you meant to my life ...We shared one Heart Beat ... Being a Therapy Dog you were a bright light to many, but your light was the brightest in my life. You changed my life ... and I will never be the same without you. You are what what made me get up in the were the smile on my face and the joy in my soul. The happiness in my life. With you Molly I have everything I want. You added purpose to my life. I think of you every day of my life, and anxiously wait to meet you at the Bridge. I will love you with all my heart forever and ever. Ours was a Lovestory ... you were my best friend. Love forever, Judy

For beloved Heidi ...

July 4, 1988-March 22, 2000
This is a photo of our granddaughter Caitlin and our beloved Heidi...last picture taken of her and this was in Oct. of 99. We miss her so, she was such a devoted friend to my husband and me. We have two Cockatiels, and oh, how she loved her birds and they miss her so much too ...
--Penny Dodds

Our sweet Punky ...

Our beloved furbaby, Punky, lost his battle with CRF on 4/29/00. Punky was a beautiful orange tabby kitty, with the warmest, most loving eyes. He didn't complain, no matter how many pills were put down his throat. He was the most handsome boy! When he died, a part of me died with him. I know I will be with him again when God calls me home. He will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, with his tail wagging and that loud piercing howl of a hello. I long for that day.
Jill, Lynn, & Sodie (Punky's sister)

To Bif, with love ...

Bif, although 11 1/2 years with you was great, it wasn't enough. We had more camping trips, walks, drives to do. We miss you when we get up, when we eat, when we do anything around the house ... how could you be gone?

In memory of our best friend and most loyal dog ...

"Molly Von-Tastic"
October 14, 1988-June 21, 2000
And how you lived up to your name. One of the most fantastic dogs in the world. Couldn't be more devoted to her family and so protective of my day care kids. Known as the baby-sitter never letting the children go outside unless you went with them. Then you had your litter of puppies and wouldn't stay in your whelping box unless Daddy slept on the floor next to you. So for 8 days, that's what he did... Oh Molly what we went through with you. But then last year we brought home a new puppy, you looked at us like you thought we were crazy, but took the responsibility of being Toby's Mom, teaching him and keeping him in his place. Toby is missing you terribly and has some big paws to fill. You'll never know how much you will be missed.....We love you Molly!
Your Family

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