Missing our Little girl ...

Journeyed to the Bridge June 1, 2006
This is a picture of our little girl Molly. She has just passed away on the 1/6/06 at the age of 11 years 6 months. We were not looking for a pet, but in hindsite she had decided we were to be her family, and we are so proud that she chose us. Her first 9 months in life were not with us and it would seem very cruel, we are so glad we gave her 10 years 9 months of love.
There is a saying There is no psychiatrist in the world like a dog licking your face, her brother Max the dachshund is doing his best to dry our tears. God bless all animals.
We Love you "Mush Moo."
Mum, Dad, and Max your little brother.

Abby in my heart ...

August 22 2003 - June 3 2006
My sweet Abby, what were you doing that night the car hit you? I will always remember your sweet little panda bear markings and your quiet little meow. Your mom Kissa really misses you. She always is looking for you on your favourite chair and bed. Rest in peace my darling Abby, you will always be with us in my heart.
Love Tianna, Benny, and Kissa

Missing Apple and Melodie ...

August 6, 1992 - June 24, 2006
Sleep well Apple, no more pain. Now with mummy Cherry, grandma Rowan and great grandma Lily.
Thanks, Anne
February 29, 1992 - November 13, 2006
Lovely Melodie 29.2.92 - 13.11.06. Our beautiful Melodie left us to join her sister Apple who died in June. Sleep well Melodie, we'll miss you.
Your human family
Anne, Fred, Catherine & Amanda

Until we meet again ...

April 17, 1992 - June 29, 2006
We lost Barny on the 29 June, and it feels like my heart is broken in two, I miss him so much and will always miss him. TILL WE MEET AGAIN I LOVE YOU XX
from karen mcgill

Our brave and loving friend has gone to a better world, no pain.
Barny we love you soooo much, and miss you soooooooo much, play and be free old friend, until we meet again. You will as ways be in our hearts.
love mum and dad xx

Remembering Fred ...

Fred, that fall night you picked me to raise you out of the litter, you walked up to me and claimed me as your own. I am very humbled by that choice. And deeply honoured. I feel great comfort in you being at the Bridge with your brother right now, playing and laughing and being whole. I want to thank you for every second you were in my life from the greetings when I came home to the showing love. I know you had your own trick we called showing love but each day in your own ways you showed more love than I ever thought possible. I promise you I will try to live up to the choice you made. Enjoy your time with Max and watch for me.
Mom Trish

The love of my life ...

My dog's name is Tyler. He was born March 17, 1996 and went to the bridge on January 16, 2006 I would like the memorial to say that he was the love of my life. Thanks so very much. I really appreciate it.
Kelly Pavone

Our special Tessa ...

Journeyed to the Bridge August 6, 2006
My son's thirteen year old cat, Tessa, crossed the rainbow bridge today. She had moved house with us all three times, the last time three hundred miles from her previous home, but had remained unfailingly loyal and loving. I hope she finds peace and happiness on the other side of the rainbow bridge; she was a really special member of our family.

Our angel Midget ...

August 5, 2000 - July 28, 2006
Midget was a little angel from the very first time we brought her home as a pup. The runt of the litter, my son and I named her Midget, the little Chinese pug angel. She was a joy for myself and Greg my son. She was my constant companion and she was so intelligent. I would talk to her and she would cock her head to one side, which meant she understood what I was saying. When I would leave for a while, Midget would sit on the top step in the kitchen and wait for me to come home. And there she would be, waiting for me. Sadly she became sick for us and after many trips to the vet, she would get worse as the infection that was inside her little body was beginning to take the life from her. Then my little Midget grew so weak and frail she could not even stand anymore and her life's breath was beginning to fade away. Then came the vet's horrifying words - He could do no more for our little Midget. We then made the painful decision to put an end to her suffering. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make, but it was the right decision. I am so devastated and my life seems empty now. But I know Midget has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is with all the other angels in Heaven.
August 18, 2006

Our precious Buttercup ...

Journeyed to the Bridge August 16, 2006
This is my precious Buttercup. We lost her on August 16, 2006. She was only 2 years old and was very loved by our family and other pets. Rest in Peace Sweet Buttercup. We are sure to see you again someday. We will love you forever.
The Nelsons and Skittles, Brownie, and Jelly Bean

For my best friend ...

Journeyed to the Bridge September 4, 2006
Sasha lived a happy & good life. I never had a better friend. You raised Blue & Kaycee to be as wonderful as you & for that I am grateful. You will always live in my heart, I love you Sasha. Thank you for 16+ years of being my best friend.

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