For my little man ...

1994 - 2006
I lost my little boy this year, due to a stroke. 12 years was not long enough to laugh and love. BoBo was at side through thick and thin. He made sure I was being well protected. I got BoBo when he was only 7 weeks old, a little furbaby. He looked like a ball of fur. My ex-boyfriend got him for me as a birthday present. I watched him grow into a wonderful little man with so much love to give in return for being loved and cared for. When BoBo was about 2 years old I had moved away from my ex-boyfriend and had taken BoBo with me. When I thought I had no love to give, and down on my luck, here comes BoBo, who taught me how to love again, and for that I will always be grateful. And now that BoBo has crossed over to the rainbow bridge, my heart and my life has a void. He has taught me so much, and in so many ways that love comes from the heart, and he had a big heart. Like I said, 12 years was not long enough to live with, 12 years was not long enough to laugh with, 12 years was not enough to give him huggies, and 12 years was not long enough for him to give me kissies. I will miss you my baby BoBo - the walks, the car rides, the park, I miss all of that. Until we meet again, I hope you know you were loved more than you know. I know you loved me more than I will ever know. BYE MY SWEET LITTLE MAN.
P.S. BoBo make sure you're a good little man, and play with all the animals while you are there.

For Gizmo with love ...

"Gizmo Sutton"
Journeyed to the Bridge September 25, 2006
We lost Gizmo to IMHA on 09/25/06. He was diagnosed on 09/18/06. He was 9 1/2 years old. One day he was going on his walk prancing down the street as if he owned the street. He would always greet his little buddies at the dog walk. He gave us so much love and we loved him very much. He was our other child. He was with us 24/7. We will miss him so much but we will meet him at the Rainbow Bridge someday.
Our Love to Him,
Charles & Barbara Sutton

Missing Rusty ...

"Krusty Rusty"
Journeyed to the Bridge April 15, 2006
Rusty was a stray. He was so skinny that he could fit through a pool fence. This is how he got our Buffy pregnant. We knew he was of good character then as he stayed around for the pups. He was a timid dog and it took me over 6 weeks to get him to come near me. At first I would throw chicken necks out into the bush so he would have something to eat. Gradually as time went on he got closer and closer. I was sitting on my front step and had a biscuit, I broke that biscuit into small sizes and finally he came so close that I got to pat him. We still took it slow, but after a few months he was in my lap and loving it. He was my dog and he loved me for the kindness, I could see that in his eyes. I don't know how old he was, the vet estimated about 5-7 years. He would walk the kids to the bus stop and I knew when they were gone as he would run home. My Krusty Rusty was taken from me on April 15th 2006, after coming home from shopping, he ran out to greet me in the car and I ran him over. He was gone and I never got to say goodbye. I will never play with him again as we walk down the lane and he rushes forward and then runs behind me trying to get me to run. Go Rusty Go!!! I only had him for three years but he will always be my Krusty Rusty, my rescue dog that I saved and loved dearly. Go Rusty Go!!!!! Miss you everyday.
Love Leeanne (Mum)

For my beautiful boys ...

Journeyed to the Bridge October 16, 2006
My beautiful dog Leo passed away 16-10-06. I am heartbroken. Sleep tight my little boy till we meet again. I LOVE YOU.
Journeyed to the Bridge December 16, 2006
I lost my little boy today, 16-12-06, just 2 months after I lost Leo. My heart seems to have broken in two. How can this happen to me again? I love you Toby. You are now at the bridge with Leo, running and playing together like you used to be, happy. Till we meet again ...
Love, mummy Carol xxxx

Missing Toddy ...

Toddy was born Feb 1994 and was our family friend until Sept 2006
Dalmatian cross Labrador
He was well loved and always looking for tummy rubs. 12 and a half years he became part of many family outings and events (he was happiest perched on the front seat in the car). He loved food - anything we ate - always brought him to attention as the picture shows.
He loved his long walks with his master. We really miss him.

For my dear friend ...

May 23, 1991 - October 23, 2006
Here I am again I have lost my dear friend and first puppy. Brusier was a great dog, always friendly and wanted to please. He was my brother's dog I gave him for his birthday in 1991 and when my brother became sick and couldn't care for him my Mother took him and she had one of my last puppies Hurricane who was born when a hurricane came though Florida in 1992 so the nickname stuck. We lost him Jan. 13, 2005 my brother in March 15, 2005 and now his dog in Oct. 23, 2006. He has Cezar, Pepper, Hurricane to play with and no more pain.
We will miss you so much,but know we loved you with all our heart.
Dakota Hurricane Sunrise Born Aug. 23, 1992, Died Jan. 13, 2005
Brusier Born May 23, 1991, Died Oct. 23, 2006
Your Mom #1 Judy and Your Mom #2 Eloise
Please take care of all our loved ones and see the sun shine!!!!!!

I'll remember you forever ...

March 23, 2006 - October 29, 2006
Chopstick had a very short time here on earth. But he brought me more happiness and joy in these past few months then anyone could in an entire lifetime. He was always a very healthy and happy kitten who suddenly got ill and was diagnosed with FIP, an extremely fatal feline viral disease. I thank God everyday for sending Chopstick to me so he could have the best life for the short while he was here. I did refuse to "put him down" even though the vet insisted. I wanted him to leave at God's will, here in his warm bed. Chopstick held on so tight, and refused to pass in front of me. So I left the room for just a few short minutes so he could pass, and came back and knew he was happy again. I can't wait until the tears stop falling so I can look back and laugh at all the silly things he did. My sister gave me a beautiful gift that really helped me. It was a picture frame with his picture that read:
"I'll remember you forever
and how much you meant to me
so don't be sad or even grieve
it was just my time to leave"

For my little buddy ...

"Nikee Davis"
Journeyed to the Bridge August 12, 2006
My special little buddy Nikee, a miniature schnauzer, crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on 8/12/06, exactly 2 months today. I don't have a picture to send you, but if you would be so kind to place a rainbow memorial, I would really appreciate it. I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Nikee got very weak that morning and I knew that it was time. I called my neighbor to drive, I wanted to hold Nikee and my wife was too upset. Thank God for your website, I brought my laptop to my vets office, and from your website the music to "TEARS IN HEAVEN" played while I held Nikee in my arms and the vet gave him the shot. He stared at me as I was crying as if to say "It will be alright daddy." He went to sleep so peacefully, never moving or blinking an eye, just staring straight at me. I knew then, that Nikee was at peace and no longer in pain, and I had done the right thing. Nikee, mommy and daddy and Gretchen miss you and love you and think about you every day. Until we meet again, "ALL OUR LOVE"

For my precious little baby girl ...

"My Precious Little Baby Girl"
I can still feel your little paw scratching my left shoulder telling me to lift our blanket up so we could sleep back to back while listening to 3 Eagle's beautiful flute music that put us to sleep each night. I miss you so much Baby Girl that I can't play that CD anymore without crying my heart out. I miss your running up to me from the bathroom to let me know you just went "Potty In The Potty" and jumping around in circles waiting for me to go see.
Shay Wontonk'Canna
"Woman Who Inspires"

Our love, our April Rose ...

"April Rose"
Journeyed to the Bridge November 18, 2004
How we still love and miss her! April was the best teacher I ever had! She taught me how to love animals with my whole heart! We had her 14 blessed years. We were so lucky she was our dog. I know she is still here with us! She was so wise and funny and loving. She was always amazing us - she really loved to watch the Westminster dog shows and Animal Planet! She adopted other dogs that weren't hers and acted like she was their mother. It sounds crazy but I do believe she was sent to us for a very special reason. She was more like a person than a dog. In my heart I know she was and is our special angel. We thank God for the gift of time we had to spend with her. Her tragic death on November 18th, 2004, will never be forgotten.

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