Always in our hearts ...

Journeyed to the Bridge November 21, 2006 We were told you were young when we rescued you but you were never young in your ways and now you've passed away the vet told us you were about 12 years old.
You have given us many happy years and lots of special memories to treasure.
You will be sadly missed by Senna (your partner in life) and Blade (your pup) as you have always been inseparable. You were so patient and loving with your pups and even though at times you were poorly you always had love to give. Senna had epilepsy before you came along and suddenly his fits stopped and he came off his medication, he has never had one since, we are sure this was down to you being with him.
You were very special to all of us and it is lovely to think of you springing about like a lamb as you did when you were younger.
You will be in our hearts always, thank you for touching our lives.
Mummy, Daddy, Aaron, Senna and Blade.
Goodnight and godbless

For my friend Roller ...

Journeyed to the Bridge November 14, 2006
I lost my feral cat, a good friend I named "Roller" on Novemeber 14th 2006. Sites like this and others have help me deal with the guilt and pain of losing my dear friend Roller. I pray and hope to see him again someday along with other of my dear animal friends I have lost in the past and to come. Roller I'll always love you and you'll always be with me in my heart.
Phillip Leffelman
Elgin, IL

Missing my friend ...

"Mr. Meow"
Thank you for blessing my life with your company. I know that you are in a better place now where you can chase lizards and nap in the warm sun, I miss you my friend and one day we will be together again on the other side of the bridge. Until then enjoy the blessings of heaven.
Your sad human Chuck

Remembering Benji ...

December 7, 1993 - July 8, 2004
Benji was born December 7, 1993 and went to Rainbow Bridge July 8, 2004. You were the bright spot in my life & I've never gotten used to not seeing your sweet face waiting for me at the door. It was so hard to see my strong little boy get weaker & weaker from Cushings Disease & even though it's been hard on me, I'm glad to know that you're waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge happy & healthy once again.
I love you buddy & will see you again someday!

Loving Oliver always ...

August 10, 2004 - December 30, 2006
Oliver, thank you for touching our lives over the last couple of years. We truly appreciated your short time with us. You were special and will always be missed. We love you always.
Cliff and Heidi

Missing Duke ...

September 30, 1990 - July 27, 2006
Duke, my best friend, was born on September 30, 1990. For 8 long years he lived the life of a hobo - lonely and no family to love him. In September 1996 he was picked-up by the local dog-catcher and sentenced to put down the very next day.
On that fateful day, as if by divine intervention, my brother informed me of Duke's plight and I drove frantically to save him. When I first saw him he was all dirty and disheveled and was lying sadly in his own waste. I think he knew that he was on death row. Regardless, I knew right away that I loved him and that I would finally give him the loving family he longed for. ...
Duke was a part of our family until his death on June 27, 2006 - a mere 3 months from his 16th birthday - quite a feat for a Bassett hound. In return for our love and appreciation, Duke filled our lives with his joyous expressions, comforting nudges and companionship.
We all miss him dearly and put a single rose on his grave at Christmas, his birthday and of course the day he left us to go to be with God. ... We love you Duke. God Bless!

Duke's Story

In memory of Rollie ...

Journeyed to the Bridge December 30, 2006
Pictured are my two dogs, Rollie (straight hair in the front) and Maggie (curly hair in the back). Unfortunately, Rollie passed away on Saturday morning (12/30/2006). He was eight-and-a-half years old and had far more to give the world than the short time he was given. Rollie was probably the most intelligent and personable dog I've ever run across. Maggie, his sister, misses him terribly and wanders around the house trying to find him. Seeing her do that and not understand what has happened is almost worse than the whole death business. These two got me through some pretty rough times, and I'm going to miss the little guy. Seeya around, buddy.

Missing Penny ...

"Penny Poo Poo"
my home is so empty. no one to be happy when i get home. no one to pick up after me when i eat. just the little things you did i miss so much. you will always be my brat dog.

From Britta in Germany ...

09. January 1999 - Journey to the bridge 16. December 2006
The sorrow is so much big - I have no words express my pain. But that kinda love does not need many words. I thank you so much for nearly 8 wonderful years full of love. I love you so much that it badly hurts.
Your babydog mum Britta and everybody which loves you.

Today my best friend left, he shared my life for many years,
He knew my tears and happiness and constantly stand by my side,
His heart was full of deepest love, his thoughts without any bad meanings.
And all the warm words I talked to him touched his soul directly,
Today my best friend passed away, utmost sorrow and pain came into my life.
I forgot to tell you: I told you about my dog.

Missing my best friend ...

October 17, 1995 - January 22, 2007
Trev was born 10/17/95 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on 1/22/07. He was my best friend. He may have been 135 lbs, but he was my lap dog. I will miss those big brown eyes of love, and his kisses on my chin. I know that as much as I miss you, and want you here with me, that you are running and jumping and climbing any fence you can find. No more pain for you baby. You have left it all behind you. Say HI to Duke and Elton for me. I love and miss you all.

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