For our precious Bostons ...

November 26, 1983 - April 3, 1997
Penguin Rosenfeld, beloved 13 year old Boston Terrier of JoAnne and Jeff Rosenfeld, died April 3, 1997. Always loyal and true, Penguin had been a Rosenfeld since he was six weeks old. When Penguin died at age thirteen on April 3, 1997, he was deaf, blind, incontinent, had thyroid problems, and was almost completely bald. He had a stroke, and we didn�t want him to suffer so he was put to sleep. I told him I would love him forever and never forget him as I held his head and kissed his face when the doctor gave him the injection. That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. My husband had Penguin's nametag engraved on the back with his date of birth and date of death. I wear it on a silver chain around my neck, so my beloved Boston Terrier Penguin is still only a heartbeat away.

Penguin's Story
December 5, 1993 - July 2, 2001
Pepsi - what can I say? In his short seven and a half years he brought so much joy to our lives.
In December of 2000, Pepsi started having seizures. We took him to our vet, who referred us to a specialist. Our precious Pepsi had an inoperable brain tumor. We put him on medication to make him as comfortable as possible, and for a few weeks he seemed to feel OK. However, the seizures got worse - sometimes three or four a day. But, we kept hoping his health would get better.
Unfortunately, nothing helped. On July 2, 2001, soon after my husband and I, along with Pepsi, Pluto, and Pogo (we had already lost Penguin), came home after a trip to our cottage in Wisconsin he had a last seizure and died in my arms. Pepsi only lived six and a half months after the devastating diagnosis.
Pepsi, you will never be forgotten.

Pepsi's Story
August 27, 1994 - January 30, 2007
August 27, 1994 - December 19, 2006
Pluto was truly "one in a million." He had the most wonderful personality, loved everyone - people and animal - and was so sweet. I always called him my little angel because he was just so good! And he and his twin brother Pogo were just about the cutest dogs you've ever seen.
Unfortunately, at age eight Pogo's health started to deteriorate. He had irritable bowel syndrome and was constantly on medication and a special diet. The disease would get better for awhile, then return. When he turned twelve, his illness worsened and progressed into inflammatory bowel disease; and Pogo started having multiple seizures. They increased and caused brain damage. We did all we could for him, but on December 19, 2006, we couldn't watch him suffer any longer.
Unbelievably, six weeks to the day later, on January 30, 2007, we lost Pluto. After Pogo died, Pluto was having trouble eating because he had lost so many teeth; so we started giving him the soft pouch food. Other than his teeth, Pluto seemed in perfect health. Suddenly, his stomach was distended; so we took him to the vet who told us he had advanced liver failure. (We're not sure but, coincidentally, two weeks later the pouches were part of that massive dog food recall in February; so we think that contributed to or caused his sudden illness.) We immediately tried everything the vet and a specialist she consulted could think of to do. Five days later, we had to make the agonizing decision to have Pluto euthanized. We held him and told him we would love him forever and that he was one in a million.
Pluto and Pogo, our precious twins, we will never forget you.
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Pluto and Pogo's Story
Adopted: January 18, 2009
Died: June 7, 2010
"Life Isn't Fair."
Cagney, beloved Boston Terrier of JoAnne and Jeff Rosenfeld, died June 7, 2010, of Cushing's disease, less than a year after he was diagnosed. We adopted him after he was found on the streets of Chicago, so we have no idea of his history or his age; although, we estimate he was only about seven when he left us ... way too soon. Cagney's too-short life was defined by his illnesses. However, someone once said that a dog doesn't comprehend the length of his life but does realize the quality. We hope we gave Cagney the best quality life he could have had. Cagney leaves behind his three brothers, Packer and Lambeau, both Bostons, and Yogi, a Chinese Crested. Cagney will be truly missed, but our precious memories will live on forever.
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Cagney's Story
October 16, 2003 ~ December 22, 2011
Say not in grief, "he is no more," but live in thankfulness that he was.
Hebrew proverb

Nitschke, beloved Boston Terrier of JoAnne and Jeff Rosenfeld, died December 22, 2011, at UW Veterinary Care Hospital in Madison, of complications from Bell's Palsy. We adopted Nitschke October 9, 2010, when his previous owner died; and he had his 7th birthday the following week. We only had Nitschke for fourteen months - two birthdays. He left us way too soon. Someone once said that a dog doesn't comprehend the length of his life but does realize the quality. We hope Nitschke loved the life he had with us; we loved him so much and will miss him for the rest of our lives - but our precious memories will live on forever. Nitschke leaves behind his three brothers, Packer and Lambeau, both Bostons, and Yogi, a Chinese Crested.
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Nitschke's Story
"Leroy Butler Rosenfeld"
Born March 4, 2005
Adopted April 6, 2012
Died May 13, 2014
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
My husband Jeff and I adopted Leroy from Wisconsin Boston Rescue on April 6, 2012. Our anniversary had been two days before, so he was a "present" to ourselves. We had lost our precious Boston, Nitschke, the December before to complications of Bell's Palsy, so we needed another Boston to love and to go with our other two Bostons, Packer and Lambeau, and with our Chinese Crested, Yogi. We brought the new dog home to meet his brothers and, after about two hours of sniffing butts, they decided they all liked each other.
Leroy loved playing ball and was constantly bringing us a tennis ball to throw, and we were always crawling under the furniture to dig one out that he had pushed under.
Our sweet Leroy had nearly two wonderful years with us before he got sick on Friday, April 4, 2014, and he crossed the Bridge on May 13. We spent the last few days of his life holding and cuddling him, letting him know how very much he was loved. He was cremated with one of his beloved tennis balls.
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Leroy's Story

"Packer Rosenfeld"
May 8, 2003 - September 1, 2015
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
Love leaves a memory no one can steal...
We adopted Packer on Sunday, January 4, 2004. I was working at The Humane Society of the United States regional office in Naperville, Illinois, on Friday, January 2nd. I was the only person in the office that day when a person from A.D.O.P.T., one of the local animal shelters, came in to pick up some of our brochures that we distributed to local organizations. (A.D.O.P.T. is an excellent shelter, and we subsequently adopted three more dogs from them, our Chinese Crested Yogi and and two more Bostons, Lambeau and Cagney.) The A.D.O.P.T. volunteer saw the pictures of our Boston Terriers on my desk and said, "We've got one of those at the shelter." Of course, that excited me, so I called my husband Jeff at his work and said meet me at the shelter during lunch. We met there and saw the Boston that was, at that time, named Simon. We changed his name to Packer for the Green Bay Packers.
Packer had started out as an Iowa puppy mill dog and was sold by a pet store in Naperville. Then he was surrendered to the shelter because his owners had a larger dog, who tormented him. Packer was so skinny that we were sneaking him extra food without the other boys noticing. He was also terrified of almost everything. When we took him for walks, he would first peak out the front door, look both directions, and make sure no one or nothing was there. While he was outside, if a leaf blew by, he would dash back inside. His fear did alleviate eventually; however, he was always a little scared and hesitant to try new things.
Packer was diagnosed with diabetes on his tenth birthday in 2013. Our vet put him on insulin, so we had to give him shots twice a day for the rest of his life. Although we managed Packer's diabetes with daily insulin shots, it took a toll on his heart and other organs, and he was on several medications for the last six months of his life. Packer began having severe seizures on August 28th, progressively getting worse. The only way we could stop the seizures were heavy doses of phenobarbital and Valium. He couldn't stand or walk without collapsing, and he wouldn't wag his tail. When his tail stopped wagging, we knew it was time. We had Packer euthanized on September 1, 2015. He was cremated with one of his beloved fuzzies, and his urn is in our breakfront in the dining room, along with the seven other Bostons we have lost. We had a wonderful 11-1/2 years with our precious Packer.

Packer's Story

Adopted October 18, 2007
Died July 9, 2016
You can't buy love but you can rescue it.
In October 2007, we had two dogs, our Boston Terrier Packer and our Chinese Crested Yogi. We had lost our twin Bostons Pluto and Pogo within the past year. We received a call from A.D.O.P.T., the shelter from which we had adopted Packer and Yogi, telling us they had another Boston if we wanted him. Of course we did! We drove from our Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, home to our condo in Lisle, Illinois, to adopt him.
When we first saw the dog at the shelter, he was so skinny, and he looked nearly deformed with a hunched back and a gimpy leg. He had been picked up by Chicago Animal Control, and they said he had been living on the streets for about six months. Surprisingly, they did not euthanize him, as he had many health problems; instead, Chicago Animal Control gave him to A.D.O.P.T to find him a home. He only weighed 11 pounds, about half of what his normal weight should have been; both back legs had luxating patellas (bad knees) and one leg didn't even reach the ground.
Anyway, we brought the new dog home, and he and Packer, especially, became best buddies. It took us a few days to name him. He was called "Dudley" by the shelter, and we thought that was, actually, an appropriate name because he was such a dud as a Boston! But we decided to continue our Green Bay Packer theme and call him Lambeau.
A few weeks before we lost Lambeau, our vet had diagnosed him with a serious heart disease. We were trying some new medications but had not finalized a treatment plan yet. Then, at 3 AM the morning he died, we took our precious Lambeau to the Green Bay emergency vet clinic because he was bleeding profusely from his mouth, and our pillows were covered with blood. After assessing his condition, the vet there decided he had an autoimmune disease, which was causing the bleeding. He had no platelets at all (the vet said 30,000 is the number a dog should have), and those are for clotting.
After discussing the different treatment options for the autoimmune disease, starting with a 100% blood transfusion immediately that would, most likely, need to be repeated in three days, the vet said that she couldn't give us more than a 50/50 chance of success. She said treatment might give him a few more days, but with both the autoimmune issue and his heart problem, we felt the best thing for him was euthanasia.
As with all our dogs we have lost, we are heartbroken, but Lambeau was with us for almost nine years, and we believe we gave him a good life. We will miss him forever.
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Lambeau's Story

August 19, 2002 - February 27, 2018
Best friends come into our lives
and leave pawprints on our hearts
After living with us for thirteen years, our beloved Chinese Crested Yogi died. He was 15 1/2-years-old. He was blind, nearly deaf, and suffered from heart, liver, and kidney disease.
In February 2005, my husband Jeff and I were watching the Westminster Kennel Club Show on TV. As the Chinese Crested paraded in front of us, I said, "I've always wanted one of those!" Not long after, I was looking at the website for A.D.O.P.T., a local shelter from where we had gotten our Boston Terrier Packer the year before, and they had a Chinese Crested ready for adoption. We submitted the paperwork for "Rembrandt" and went to the shelter to see if we could adopt him. We were approved and he came home with us. We wanted an appropriate name for him, so Rembrandt became Yogi. He learned his new name immediately, and I always bragged about how smart he was. I could talk to Yogi in extended sentences, and he would understand.
Yogi was in good health until a couple years ago, when old age began to catch up with him. His eyes developed cataracts, and he eventually went completely blind. Then he lost most of his hearing. Our vet was also concerned with other aspects of his health, so he did a lot of tests and discovered Yogi had liver, kidney, and heart disease. In the past year, his health deteriorated drastically and, no matter what we tried, we couldn't stop the effects of his aging. He was on several different medications and a special diet. As much as we tried to postpone it, the time came when Jeff and I realized we were keeping Yogi alive for us, not for him, and we had to let him go. Yogi was a very special dog, and we will always treasure the thirteen years he brightened our lives!
JoAnne Rosenfeld

Yogi's Story

"Mookie Rosenfeld"
April 11, 2005 - March 29, 2016
Mookie was the greatest friend anyone could ever have. We were as close as close could be from the moment he first came home with me. We got to enjoy the ten best years of both of our lives together, and he will always be remembered by me and the many many friends he made over the years. He fell into my lap from a family that for some unknown reason did not want him to someone who would love him more than anything in the world.
He will always be missed until we meet again someday.
I know he is somewhere waiting for his daddy to come home ... Goodbye Mookie. See you soon.
Jeremy Rosenfeld

Mookie's Story

My treasured friend ...

March 12, 1993 - June 25, 2007
Today I lost a treasured friend
Who loved me to the very end
A friend who right or wrong
Stood by me helping to make me strong
I will miss him till the day I die
Just thinking of him makes me cry
But I know one day I will stand on a ridge
and call to Jed at Rainbow Bridge
There we will be together again
And my heart will cease to be in pain.

Forever in my heart, Jed

Missing my Lucy ...

June 5, 1992 - July 12, 2007
Lucy was our 15 year old Beagle. She was killed on Thursday, a tragic death. She was deaf and did not hear the car start and was run over. She was a special dog. Oh how she loved to eat! Once she ate 78 paint balls! How I miss her and love her so.
Thank you,
Mary Alice

My special angel ...

"Princess Anastasia Walthall"
June 7, 1994 - August 6, 2007
Thank you God, for allowing this precious angel into my life. Princess, I will love you forever and I know we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Your unconditional love sustained me through many lonely, trying times. Your faithfulness gave me strength to make it through another day. I could always depend on you to be the one constant in my life. You loved walks, belly rubs, doing your cute little tricks (you were so EASY to train), going to hospitals and homes for the elderly to cheer everyone up. What a wonder you were. There will never be another Princess. Mommy loves you so much and I am missing you something fierce right now, but I'm grateful that you are healthy, running and playing and happy. Wait for me, I'm coming home one day soon.
With much love, Mommy

My beloved Nvwati ...

April 1, 1997 - September 28, 2007
Nvwati, a timber wolf/siberian husky, was born in my front room on my duvet at 10:30 am on April 1, 1999. Nvwati was the odd dog out - he was blonde and white, while the other pups in the litter looked more like timber wolves. They got good homes immediately but as prospective new human companions came to see the pups I would pick up Nvwati and all but push him in their arms, but they all said, "No."
When he was six weeks old I awoke to find his wolf mom Miko, in seizure. She was brought to the animal hospital at 7:30 am that day, diagnosed with a brain tumor that afternoon and passed away that night. For six months I couldn't stop crying over her loss. Nvwati took her death quite hard and so I kept telling him I would keep him for one more week. Before long he wiggled his way into my heart and he remained my constant companion for over 8 years.
The word Nvwati is a Cherokee word meaning "Good Medicine." And that he was. I am a person living with AIDS, and have survived breast cancer. During times that I wanted to give up he refused to let me.
Nvwati literally stopped traffic when we were out. He was so very beautiful and had an attitude to go along with his beauty.
He competed in a pet singing competition here and was a finalist. We flew to NYC where he competed in an international pet singing competition. He won second prize. He was on several television shows and travelled all over to perform for a year. I am aboriginal (Native American) and I drum and he sang right along with me.
Nvwati gave what I referred to as "Butterfly kissies," his tongue barely touching your skin when he kissed you. He was especially sensitive to homeless people, he seemed to know they needed just a little more love than others might.
Sadly yesterday afternoon while we were out for a walk I noticed he was slow. Jokingly I asked him if he was getting to be an old man. Half an hour after our return home he was lying on the floor and let out a yelp. I helped him to my bed and rubbed his tummy thinking maybe he ate something he shouldn't have. I looked into his beautiful ice blue eyes and saw that he was not ok. I immediately called the Animal Hospital and was told to bring him in. We got two blocks from home when he began to stagger and then sat down on the sidewalk. Looking in his beautiful eyes I knew I was losing him. I sat on the sidewalk next to him and held his little head in my arms telling him how much I love him as he passed away. It was 3:30 PM and at that moment a part of me died along with my beloved Nvwati.
The vets ran over to where we were after I called, and examined him right there on the sidewalk and sadly told me he was gone. They carried him to the Animal hospital less than a block away and immediately did an autopsy. My beloved Nvwati died of a massive heart attack!
After the autopsy I was allowed some alone time with my baby and I held him and cried on him and stroked him and told him how very much I love him, I thanked him for 8 years of unconditional love from him, told him to go play with his wolf mommy and let him know that when I die I will make sure I bring a ball with me so we can play together in Rainbow Bridge.
As I left the Animal Hospital, I sat outside on my scooter (wheelchair type thing) and looked up at the sky. On the one side of the street where I was, the sky was blue and sunny. Directly across the street the sky was black and it was raining. It was as though the heavens had opened to welcome my beloved Nvwati home.
I miss him so very much!

In memory of Shila ...

26-giugno-2007 / 29-settembre-2007
Hai saputo infondere tanto amore su di una persona che ti adorava. Non mi lascer pi andare perch il tuo cuoricino sar sempre qui con me. Fortunato chi ti ha incontrato lungo il suo cammino, Fortunata me che ho conosciuto il meglio, solo il meglio di te, un angelo travestito da cucciolo venutomi a tendere la zampa nel momento di maggiore difficolt. Mi mancherai e mancherai al mio mondo.. perch insieme avremmo potuto fare grandi cose, cose che, sono sicura, continuerai a fare nella tia nuova, piccola dimora. Sappi solo che in pochi mesi ho imparato ad amarti e continuer a farlo, perch mai nessuno - stato in grado di regalarmi tanta gioia quanto il tuo dolce modo di essere, senza parole! Arrivederci dolce amore mio.
Marianna Sagliocco

June 26, 2007 - September 29, 2007
You gave me much love, and how I loved you. Even though you are gone too soon, your memory will always be here with me. I was fortunate to have met you in this walk of life, a disguised angel in the form of a little furry friend to be with me in a difficult time. Without you, something beautiful will be missing in my world. Together we could have done great things, things that, I am sure, you will still do in your new life. In our few months together I learned to love you, and I will always love you, because you gave me so much delight with your sweet ways, even without words. Goodbye, my sweet love.
Marianna Sagliocco

For my shining star ...

July 30, 1999 - September 4, 2007
Flynn was the most precious dog! He was a Springer Spaniel/Lab mix. He was born on July 30, 1999 and was with us until September 4, 2007. My husband and Flynn had the same birthday, which made it a really special occasion! We all miss our Flynny very much. He was not a pet to us, he was a member of our family. One of the kids. Flynn had such human qualities and I am sure he could understand the human language! Anyway the words he wanted to listen to! I will forever miss my snuggle-buddy. He was such a sweet-tempered little guy. We appreciate all you have taught us and all you taught your little sister Jasmine (our yellow lab), without you I don't think Jasmine would have house-trained so quickly, she really looked up to you Flynn! I know she still misses you too. Sometimes she goes back behind the chair that you always loved to lay behind and she sniffs around as if looking for you. Flynn took a part of my heart with him when he went to Rainbow Bridge and my little Flynny Foo Foo I will always love you. Until we met again my sweet little man, I know you will be waiting for me at the gate and I am so looking forward to petting your soft ears again. I will love you forever and I will never forget you, you had to leave too soon, 8 years was not enough for me but I don't think a lifetime would have been enough. You were my shining star sweetpea!
Love Your Mom,

For Sassie with love ...

"Smith's Rambling Black Rage (Sassie)"
February 25, 1992 - September 9, 2007
She was born Feb. 25, 1992 and died Sept. 9, 2007, at 1:05AM. I was her first Mommy and I was her last Mommy Her second Mommy is very sick and she had to give her to me to care for. Now no more pain and she can run and jump with her dear friend Hurricane who passed Jan. 13, 2005. I saw her born into this world and saw her take her last breath. Now she is warm again. She waited for my hubby to get back from FL, as she loved to go to his shed to check on him and to get a little pat from him. Bobby made it home at 12:00 and she took her last breath at 1:05am. We all will miss her more than I can say little girl say hello to Salt (Blackie) April, 2007 and now one of his masters has gone home.
Love, Judy, Bobby, Lucille, Eloise, Gladys!!!!!!!

For our precious angel ...

1977 - January 23, 1992
Our precious angel, Toodit. Found under a bus as a puppy in 1977, Toodit filled our lives and home with much love and happiness for 15 years. She died at home on January 23, 1992. We miss her every day and honor her memory by opening our hearts to another puppy and know she is smiling down on us all. We love you Bassa Nova! Mommy, Daddy and Leo

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