In memory of Reggie ...

April 26, 2000 - October 17, 2007
Reggie, our big fat guy, was the most unique dog to ever roam this planet. It was an unstoppable spinal fluid cancer that led to Reggie's demise here on earth. His last couple of weeks were tough, although he maintained an upbeat attitude the whole way. Though the time came where nothing else could be done and he had to be put down to end the suffering. He lived his life to the fullest and never ceased to entertain and comfort us. He lived 14 years worth of life in 7 years. He was a blast. We will forever miss the long walks, the battles of catch in the yard, the kisses he freely gave, the cute tricks he was able to perform, and his warmth from his body lying at the end of our beds. Eventually we will all be in the company of one another once more, never to be apart again. Until that day comes, we ache and wish you were still here, but know you're in a better place. Until we meet again Reg, Love, Your mother and brother

Missing Toby ...

September 26, 1998 - November 27, 2007
Loving pet and friend
He never had anything bad to say about anyone
We miss him dearly

For our beloved Raleigh ...

Journeyed to the Bridge November 29, 2007
Today our beloved Dalmatian Raleigh went to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope he will be waiting for us when it is my time. I hope that the poem rings true and he will be young and he will romp and play again and once again be healthy. He was 13 and lived 10 of those years with us and we were blessed by his being in our lives. We will miss him.

Remembering J.R. Mewing ...

"J.R. Mewing"
It's been a little while since you went over Rainbow Bridge, and in all the commotion, I feel this is the right time to tell you how much we will miss you amongst the gifts under the Christmas tree - your very favorite spot. Enjoy your peace my kitten mitten.

Until we meet again ...

"Iluka ('Big Bear')"
May 14, 1999 - November 17, 2007
This is my beautiful girl "ILUKA." She was born 14th May 1999 just before Mothers Day ... sadly she left me on the 17th November 2007. You were truly my best friend and companion. I will never forget the love and unconditional loyalty you gave me over the 8-1/2 wonderful years. I was blessed to have had the best girl in the whole world. Good night my big bear, sweet dreams until we meet again in Rainbow Heaven. I will never forget you. Daisy and Michael are missing you too.

Added November 15, 2008
Well it's been a year since my Iluka (Big Bear) came to the Rainbow Bridge.
A day hasn't gone by that I have not thought about you or missed you. I still light a candle for you from time to time and your Anniversary is the 17th November 2008. I just want you to know that I love you dearly and miss you terribly still. Daisy and Michael still miss you as well. It broke my heart when you left me and knowing that you will be with me again one day makes it easier. I love you Iluka and will never forget you and will be always thinking of you. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I love you Iluka and Miss you. Your Mama.x x x x
October 5, 1997 - December 5, 2007
Taylor was born on the 5th of October 1997 sadly she passed away to join her friend already there waiting at Rainbow Heaven on the 5th of December 2007. Play together and be happy as we will all be together again one day. Please give ILUKA a special kiss from me and let her know how much I'm missing her and how much I love her. My tears haven't stopped flowing. I do believe in this wonderful place. Sweet dreams Taylor from all who love you. Be happy angels of Rainbow Heaven.
1993 - July 14, 2009
Jessy, you came into our lives at the young age of 6 months as a rescue dog and quickly made your mark as a loyal and very energetic companion with a knack for escaping that left us speechless. I lost count of the number of times you did your Houdini act and escaped down the paddock to round up the neighbours' sheep even though you weren't supposed to. In your younger days you were always playing with your mate Sandy and getting into trouble and I swear you must have had nine lives. You were hit by a four wheel drive and sent flying through the air and even survived a snake bite but you would always bounce back. You had a nasty cut on your leg once that severed a tendon and had to be reattached, even this didn't stop you but it slowed you down a little.
As you matured you stopped escaping and were content with just fetching the ball and the frizzbee and coming over for a cuddle and a pat.
The last year we knew you were getting tired and struggling but you had your good days and your eyes still had that sparkle, but we knew you couldn't go on forever and dreaded the day we would have to make a decision to send you to the Bridge to meet Sandy.
Poor Jessy, the last few days were hard for you. Walking around became so hard, and picking you up caused you such pain ... I watched you that morning and I saw you were not breathing very well, and then I looked at your eyes and saw a sadness I had never seen before and knew you were ready to be at peace. We cried and hugged you as we found the courage to let you go. You went so peacefully and we are grateful for that. We placed your physical body near where Sandy lies but I know you are now running free with Sandy in the meadows of Rainbow Bridge.
We loved you Jessy and there is an empty feeling and sadness in our hearts at the moment, but that will disappear with time because we know you had a good long life, and the fond memories will last forever.
RIP Jessy
Eric & Theresa, David & Sara
March 23, 1996 - August 3, 2009
Elsa you came into our lives as an eight week old bundle of joy. We named you after the lioness in the movie Born Free, it was an unusual name, and a lovely movie. You had a lovely nature and were such a friendly dog that the tremendous wagging of your tail would almost make you fall over when anyone approached you to give you a pat. You were also a great playmate for Jessy who unfortunately passed away only a few weeks before you. I often wonder what you were thinking when Jessy wasn't there for you to lay next to anymore. You both managed to get yourselves into so much mischief when you were younger but those beautiful pleading sad eyes soon earned forgiveness.
Our daughter Sara was born when you were not quite a year old and you continued to show what a beautiful dog you were. You were ever so gentle with Sara when she started to walk and seemed to know that you had to be careful around her so as not to knock her over.
Although you were very lucky during your life and did not suffer any major illness, time caught up with you and arthritis set in. It was very difficult to watch you struggling to get around but we looked after you as best we could until one day we noticed your belly swollen with fluid. The vet said it was due to a heart complaint and when he x-rayed your chest he found a tumour that was bigger than your heart. We had to make the decision to let you go to Rainbow Bridge and be with Jessy. It was such a hard thing to let you go and watch as you slipped away, but we all told you that we loved you and I'm sure you understood. You are at peace now and reunited with Jessy. We love you Elsa and will never forget all the good times.
Love Dad, Mum, and Sara, and David

Love you forever ...

2003 - 2005
Zam, you have no idea how much I miss you. My first dog, first pet, you taught me so much. When you came home you were a playful loving pup with paws two sizes too big. Though you were only here a short time it was some of the best times I've ever had. You were so silly, didn't like eating meat and I had to carry you up and down stairs until you were almost 6 months! I will never forgive the person who came into our yard when we weren't home and fed you antifreeze. They took away my best friend who was there whenever I needed him. I only wish I could have been there when he needed me most. RIP Zamboni. Love you forever, Tianna

To our baby girl ...

To our baby girl Whiskers, who we loved so much for fifteen years. We miss you waking us up in the morning and jumping up in bed next to us at night. We'll never forget you. Sweet dreams.
Mom & Dad Gliesman

Missing my babies ...

December 31, 1989 - December 26, 2007
You were a part of our lives for many years.
I am still missing you and have shed many tears.
You hung on through Christmas, you left the next day.
It was so hard to see you slip away.
You left your pawprints on my heart that time can never erase.
Now my precious boy I leave you in God's care and grace.
I know you are now with Blossom and son, Ben,
Across Rainbow Bridge where one day we all will be together again.
Your human Mom, Linda
"Sophia Marie"
August 12, 2010 - November 7, 2010
In loving memory of our tiny Chihuahua puppy, Sophia Marie August 12, 2010 to November 7, 2010. Your life here on earth was oh so brief, the love you gave will be cherished forever. I will never forget your tiny tail going so fast that I called it your little windshield wiper. Whenever she heard her name she would be so excited, the windshield wiper would go and go. Life was so good, you loved your toys, the fenced yard to romp and play with your friends, Yorkie Mercedes and Zoey, a Chi-weenie who became her substitute Mom. We got her at 6 weeks old and really should have been 8 weeks due to her size, but Zoey took over and even let her nurse at night when she was ready for bed. She watched over her and would lay in the dog bed and sleep together. The good life came to a screeching halt when she tumbled off the recliner she loved. She had puppy stairs to climb up and did it several times a day, this Friday she dug into her blanket and went off the side. I feel so bad for not being able to prevent you from falling, I would give anything to be able to go back and redo it, but that is impossible. I thought you would be ok, you walked to the bed and would go and drink all by yourself, but the damage was greater than we knew. Sunday she perked up when the grandkids stopped by, went outside and did her business like always. Later that night she just went limp in her bed, I held and rocked her and soon she stopped breathing. Death is so hard to take, and why a dog so young and adorable? I loved you so much Sophia, I know you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and one day you will see me again, I look forward to seeing your little tail like a windshield wiper once again, until then my Bentley is there and I know he will keep an eye on you until I reunite with you both again. I miss you my sweet girl!
August 6, 1995 - July 14, 2011
Barkley entered our lives at 5, when a previous owner gave him up to working too much. Thanks to our daughter-in-law she got him for me after having lost my yorkie from kidney failure. Barkley had such an adorable little prance and a picture perfect, little Yorkie. We enjoyed him for 12 years, but as we all do, old age took a toll on him. I knew his life was coming to a close which it did during the night, but that doesn't make the pain of losing him any less. He brought so much happiness in my life and I will miss his cute little ways. I thank God he didn't suffer and crossed the bridge, leaving an empty spot in my heart. I know he has only gone ahead, so take comfort in knowing one day I will be with him again and my other loved furbabies that went on first. Barkley, let Bentley show you around one day you will see me again ... I promise ... until then know you were loved here on earth and will remain in my heart forever. Love you Bark Man!!
August 1, 1994 - August 2, 2011
Muffy came to us just before my own father died, in fact we took her to the vet for her second shot and stopped by to see him the day before he died. Muffy, you brought so much comfort to me for so many years, I didn't know if you would make it to your 17th birthday, but you did. I knew your time with us was coming to an end, old age does that to everyone. You left the next morning, leaving me heartbroken again, but I know it was for the best. You were worn out and it was time to cross over the bridge. I know Barkley and Bentley were waiting for you as you Yorkies grew up together and spent many days laying in your dogbed either by the woodburner in the winter, or in the heat of summer in the living room where it was cool. Even though I knew time with you was coming to an end the reality of your death still hurt deeply. Just know you will remain in my heart forever and one day I too will be with you all again. Love and miss you Muffy,
Your Mom
January 28, 1996 - March 12, 2012
Your passing is still painful, having cancer wasn't easy and you suffered, so God let you cross the Rainbow bridge early in the morning. I am sad for your passing but just knowing you no longer are suffering makes it bearable. You were such a good girl, never a problem and always a joy. Knowing you are with your best pals that you grew up with brings me some comfort and now you no longer are in pain. I will miss you for the rest of my life as my furbabies were my comfort and joy. One day when I cross I hope to see you all again, until then know I love you and will keep your memory forever. Until then goodbye my precious girl!!
Love forever
your Mom
Journeyed to the Bridge August 12, 2013
We only had 9 years together, but those were 9 precious years we shared with you Heidi ... we are missing you so as you died on Aug. 12, 2013 last week. Your passing was so unexpected, your kidneys just gave out, your best friend Gretchen is grieving for you too ... we will miss you forever ... We loved the way you would howl when the grandkids came for their Sunday visits ... you looked forward to that. Sunday's will never be the same. I know you are safe and have no more pain, just know we will all cross one day ... so be patient ... we will all get there one day. Until then know you were loved so much and are deeply missed by all of us. You where the best dog, never did anything wrong in our eyes. Love you forever ...
Mom, Dad, Gretchen and our other furbabies!!

In memory of Poopy ...

Journeyed to the Bridge March 7, 2008
Poopy was 13 when she passed on on March 7, 2008. She was rescued from the side of the road and almost died from fever, worms, mange and a broken leg. We brought her home at 4 weeks old and she was a huge part of my life. She loved water and is probably laying in the sunshine at the edge of the river in Heaven. Her sister Monkey and I miss her a lot ...
Thanks for listening about the Super Poop - Poopy...

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