My angel ...

"Allegra Aspen Lace 'Lacey J'"
Journeyed to the Bridge May 13, 2008
Exact birthdate unknown - celebrated 2 September because when I brought you home 2 February, 2006 from the shelter, I was told you were 5 months of age. Passed over Rainbow Bridge 13th May, 2008. You were my "work in progress," my angel-girl who was to be my assistance dog. You never had a chance because several months after I got you the place we lived in was sold and I could not find a place that would let me have you and your friend Jock, so I trusted someone I thought would care and he abused you, my little angel, so much that you attacked his dog and I had to let you go again. I didn't have a choice my angel. I don't know how ANYONE could have ever hurt you. You were a fighter, a brave little girl who never had a chance right from the beginning - smart beyond your years. Now you are safe from him and from the pain you lived from him and your first owners who ignored you and left you locked alone in the house with no love and no companionship. Thank heavens you knew how much I loved you and still do. I miss our wonderful walks, our "talks" in the rain, in the snow and in the sunshine. I cannot wait to see you again, my angel girl, my sweet Lace of Spades.
I love you so much, Mom

Missing Snuffles and Mugsy ...

Journeyed to the Bridge September 29, 2008
Snuffles, our mini rex rabbit went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was our very first rabbit and we've had her for nine years. During her life she was a good mom to her babies and she got along with her playmates - Gus, Bugsy and Mugsy who will miss her dearly. She was so gentle and she would let you cuddle and pet her for as long as you wanted. She loved to eat her carrots, lettuce, and other treats. She will be greatly missed but she can now play with Hoku at the Bridge until we meet again.
Bunny kisses to you!
Mommy,Daddy,Gus,Bugsy, and Mugsy
Journeyed to the Bridge January 10, 2009
Our mini rex rabbit Mugsy who was 8 years old went to the Bridge on January 10, 2009. She was a good mate to Bugsy and playmate to Snuffles and Gus. When you brought out their food dish, she was always first in line to get her piece of carrot or lettuce. Then she would hop away and eat in peace. She was so soft and cuddly. May she join Snuffles at the Bridge and the two of them can hop and play. She will be missed dearly.
Dad, Mom, Gus & Bugsy

Loved, missed, never forgotten ...

Journeyed to the Bridge October 16, 2008
This morning about 8:30am, Boyfriend made the trip to Rainbow Bridge. He went as easy as one could expect an old dog to go. He simply laid his head down, took a few deep breaths, and was gone. I hadn't had him from a puppy, I didn't even get him into his middle years, he simply wandered in and decided he lived here once he was too old to roam. He was just nice enough to let me share the house and bed with him. We thought forever that he was a coonhound, then a bird dog, finally found out he was an English Coonhound. A rare breed in our parts, so he was definitely special in more than one way.
I made up my mind when he came that I would let him sleep on what he wanted, eat what he wanted, and basically get to know what it was like to be a spoiled housedog. I think he did. One of my favorite memories was of walking into my bedroom and seeing him lie with all four feet up in the air and jaws flopped back. He was so funny. Now I know he is no longer old, no longer hurting, and is free to roam without fear of cars or hunters. He was loved, he will be missed, but never forgotten.

Hoofprints on my heart ...

1982? - November 21, 2008
On November 21 I came home from school only to get a phone call telling me that my best friend was being put down because he fractured his leg. I felt numb, totally numb. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out, it just couldn't be true, I had to be dreaming. Lucky was there for me through literally everything. I hope he knew how much I loved him and how each day with him always felt whole. complete. happy. There are days I know he's right beside me and others where it feels like he was never here. It breaks my heart to think about him but I know he'd want me to be happy. R.I.P Luckers, I'll never forget the first day I rode you. The normally slow horse everyone was used to turned into a fiery thoroughbred racehorse that day. In fact you were like that every time for me, but never anyone else. We soon earned our name "Speedy Gonzales" given to us by my coach. You were also my amazing show horse. All those times getting up at 4:30 just to trailer to a show were so worth it. I remember we stayed at the barn past midnight braiding you and I almost fell asleep with you in your stall. All those memories will stay in my heart forever but it's time I need to let you go, to let you run free up there and have the time of your life. RIP Lucky, you left a trail of hoofprints on my heart that will be there forever, Love you, Tianna.

"R.I.P. Lucky, I'll Never Forget You" (video)

Forever in our hearts ...

"Beau Klein"
Beau, a Rottie/St. Bernese mix, was only six years old on November 15th, 2008. He went to doggie heaven January 8th, 2009.
Your mommy didn't want to put you to sleep, but you were suffering so. Now no more pain for you, only playing and laughing with your new friends.
Beau was his mommy's boy, they were a team. He was loving and gentle. I like to refer him as the gentle giant. I like to think of myself as his aunt, I loved him so. He was a special doggie.
Beau , you're playing and running around everywhere now. You have no heart problems now to slow you down. You will forever be in our hearts. You play now boy, and enjoy your new life. Mommy will be fine but will always remember you with a smile on her lips.
Forever in our hearts. Aunt Carol and Mommy Golida and loved ones.

Missing our special ones ...

"Toby Evans"
March 1999 - October 2008
My life has not been the same since I lost you.
Your back was so messed up boy, but you kept up as best as you could.
I knew one day it would let you down big time and it did.
I am so glad that I had you for 10 years before the old back went out one time too many.
I could not have you paralyzed, your spirit was gone from your eyes.
Now you're playing and being Mr. Macho in your new world.
Are you getting along with the new doggies?
Boy, you can't be boss all the time.
You be good and make Mama proud as you have always done.
We miss and love you very much. You'll always be king in my book boy.
Hugs Mommy and Daddy and family
Journeyed to the Bridge September 25, 2012
Foxy, daddy's little girl. We will miss you so much.
You greeted us both with that wagging tail , but we know it was your Daddy you really wanted to hold you.
We wish there was something we could have done to have you around for many more years, but it was not meant to be.
You will forever be in our hearts. Bedtime will never be the same without you there to watch out for us.
We loved how you growled at anyone who would come near your Daddy, one time was enough for your Aunt Carol. She was afraid of you, can you imagine that? Sweet little girl like you ...
Now you will be protecting your new mates. Have fun and walk tall baby girl, no more back pain for you. Oh no, you will be running with Toby and Missy and Clareese and their friends.
Rest now little girl, mommy and daddy will forever love you.
"Missy Rodrique"
Toby's only daughter
October, 2001 - April, 2006
Oh Missy, how we miss you little girl.
You were a blessing given to me by my little sister.
We cherished you and still miss you terribly.
You stole our hearts little girl.
Now you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and there, just ahead,
Oh my goodness, it is your Daddy, Toby ... Go frolic with him Missy.
Stay by his side and let him protect you as we always tried to do.
Miss you little one, no more pain and not being able to walk.
Look at you go, wait Daddy, don't run so fast ...
Always in our minds and forever more in our hearts.
July 25, 1997 - November 2, 2012
Our precious Kizzygirl - I am so sorry you had to leave us. I have never met a little girl so tough right up to the end.
We couldn't watch you suffer with being blind and your little legs giving out anymore.
Now don't be afraid little girl, cross that Rainbow Bridge with confidence and style. You have always been the Queen in our world.
Your mate of 10 yrs, Toby, and your daughter Missy are waiting for you just beyond the bridge.
Mommy and Daddy won't be there with you, but you will have so many friends to play with. There are Clareese, Foxy and Beau, and Taz. Enjoy your new life, no more with that tail between your legs like you're scared all the time. There is nothing to fear anymore.
You were always my little girl. I cherished you, and I will miss you beyond words.
With tears and much sorrow, Mommy and Daddy must say goodbye.
Rest in peace now, Kizzygirl. After 15 yrs, you have earned some much needed rest.
Your family here and esp. Bobby will miss your sweet little growls.
Psst ... I told Dee to make sure you have treats waiting for you, bacon strips it is girl ... Oh and there is plenty of sun there for you to bask in on your pillow.
Go play with your family and friends little darling. You will forever be in Mommy and Daddy's hearts.
October 1, 2001 - August 10, 2012
11 years of uncoditional love
Claireese, we will miss you so much.
You were our special girl.
Run now with your playmates and know you were loved and will be missed.
Hugs from Mommy and Daddy

For my little buddy ...

My Little Buddy
February 14,1996 - January 18, 2009
My Little Buddy, was such an inspiration to me during the bad times. Always doing something different and making me laugh. He had his own little way of doing things or letting you know what he wanted. He would stick his head in the door with his head leaning to one side, making his special sound to let us know he was ready for bed. He would jump up in my lap, while in the recliner, and want to sing. No one could sing like Taz. He just loved his ball - It had to be the blue racquetballs, none other would do for Taz. When he played with it you could tell he was in a happy mood. When he met us at the door and then go find the ball to bring to us and start chewing on it. He was so funny!!!! Gosh, I'm gonna miss my little boy.
He learned how to swim at Gloria & Rod's house years ago, when we were in their hot tub one time, he just jumped in with us. He thought he was going swimming.
Well Little Buddy, we all knew this day had to come, but we didn't know it was going to be so soon. I love and miss you.
I can see you now going over the bridge, tail a-wagging like crazy. Look at all the blue racquetballs lying on the ground!!! You look back at me and with that smile, this is what you're telling me: "Oh Daddy, I am in doggie heaven, don't cry for me. I am free of pain and life is great for me now. I am playing with all the other dachsies. I have made new friends already. Toby is my bestest friend, and guess what Daddy, he loves blue racquetballs too."
"Lucy Fitchum"
Journeyed to the Bridge September 18, 2014 Hey little Miss Lucy, you have only been gone from me a day and it feels like years. We miss your bubbly spirit, we know you enjoyed your life to the fullest. You were our princess, now say hello to Taz. He will be so tickled to see you. You always got the better of him in play, show him you haven't changed.
You will always be our shining furry star. Miss you so much, you were so loved
Walked the Rainbow Bridge September 18. Gone but will never be forgotten..

Memories are forever ...

"Kuna Koko"
aka "Kysurakyan Koko Arkuna"

November 16, 1999 - January 12, 2009
You came into our lives at eight weeks of age. A bundle of fluff, full of mischievous energy. Hoya was your first best friend and mentor. She taught you not to steal food from the table and how to behave. I remember the holidays we had on the coast with you trampling through Patty-Johns garden trying to eat her agapanthas. The weekly ski trips on the river with you watching to make sure the kids wouldn't fall off the kneeboards. How much you loved Hamish, Patty-Johns Maltese cross, how you would protect him from wandering when he was no bigger than a rockmelon, you'd curl him up between your front paws. When the kids were younger you loved to roll them around the backyard in wine barrels and they'd squeal with delight at how fast you made them go. Then Hoya went to Rainbow Bridge. It was awful watching you pine for her. For eighteen months you pined and moped. Then I brought home your second best friend, Roxy. Ohh ... something little for you to love. You changed - no longer were you sad. You raced around the backyard showing her everything. You tried to clean her and always let her take your toys away from you. You never got mad at her. You loved her so much. Life was great. Then eighteen months ago we were given the bad news - mammary cancer. This didn't slow you down one bit. You still jumped in the pool and swam like crazy, you still played with the kids and you still had that sense of humour. We thought maybe the vets had it wrong, a sick dog wouldn't act like this. So we took you back to a different vet for a biopsy six weeks ago. Your tumour was malignant. Four weeks ago you started palliative care medication as we'd noticed that you would whimper only at night. The medication stopped this. We felt safe enough to go away on a short holiday for a week. You were up to your old tricks and displaying that sense of humour of yours. I got regular email updates that you were ok. I couldn't wait to get home to see you both. We opened the door at 4.30am after a long flight home and you'd been sick. You weren't the same dog, the sparkle had gone from your eyes, the wag had gone from your tail. I burst into tears, knowing what had to be done. It was time for you to go. You stopped eating and would only drink water which you quickly vomited back up. You wanted to go outside and just watch the world go by, the wind in the trees, the birds in the sky. I watched you taking it all in. You knew didn't you? I barely slept as each hour was precious as the countdown ticked. I told you over and over how much I loved you, I knew you couldn't hear me as you had lost your hearing six months prior. But you already knew this, I told you everyday of your life. You'd waited patiently for us to come home so you could pass away with your family around you. I'd contacted the vets and made the arrangements for you to pass away peacefully at home later that day, you didn't make it. You died in the arms of Aaron and I, tears streaming down our faces. You fought a brave battle big girl, loyal to the end. Never showing us your true pain until the last 10 minutes of your life. Your spirit appeared to me a few hours after you'd passed. You were standing by the pool gate waiting patiently to be let in for a swim as you always did if someone was in the pool. You also appeared to Aaron walking around the kitchen to the front door. Thank You for that baby. You're with Hoya now in Rainbow Bridge. I know she'll be looking after you as she always did. You gave us nine years of your life but memories are forever. We love you. RIP Bubbalouie, no more pain.

For my best friend ...

May 25, 1998 - August 9, 2007
Born a dog, she died a lady. She was the best friend a human could ever have. Although I do not look forward to death, I do look forward to crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

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