My soul mate Simba ...

"Simba Baby Azizi"
Belonging to Pixie James
May 16, 2009 - July 31, 2010
My Savannah Cat Simba was a spectacular gift and an instant soul mate. In our brief life together he brought me happiness not measurable by words. I showered him with kisses every time he walked into the same room as me and I tried to give him everything he could have wanted. He was my constant companion and best friend and it is hard to remember a life before him. I'd give anything to have that back.

In memory of Beau ...

June 22, 2010, Mesa , AZ - Lambeau Millie Weist, known to friends and family as "Beau", has died from complication following a stroke. She passed away peacefully at home with her parents and brother at her side.
Considered to be the Valley's best lizard hunter, she was self taught. Beau practiced her skills almost daily with walks in the desert. Although near the end she needed assistance to get in the car, she didn't want to miss the camaraderie as she tried to teach her brother the family trade. Badger was quoted as saying that he learned a lot from her and hopes to continue and pass along the knowledge.
Sunday mornings were reserved for a ride with her dad and brother to get a newspaper before the park - unless mom was home, which meant she could sleep in like her!
Beau lived to give kisses. It didn't matter how long it was since she last saw you, she had to give kisses when you walked in the door. In her spare time, Beau loved to lay in everyone's way, sit outside, sleep, and lie on her back and get a belly rub.
Beau's life started out rough as she was born to a mom with distemper. Removed from that home, she went to a foster home where supervision and guidance was non-existent. She fell numerous times in the pool and nearly drowned. She was removed from the foster home and put in the care of Power Road Animal Hospital.
It was here that here forever family was found - Rachel and Raliegh. Finally, at the age of 4 months, she found stability. But other problems surfaced. Her adoptive sister died just a couple of months after she arrived. Her brother, Boomer, advanced in age, did not provide the necessary stimulation. Fortunately, her parents adopted her brother Badger and she had a playmate.
Health issues popped up for Beau - seizures. Thought to be brain misfires, it took a couple of years to get it under control with the right balance of drugs. She was able to predict her own seizures. Usually occurring at night, she would wake her dad before it started.
Beau is survived by her adoptive parents, Rachel and Raliegh, brother, Badger, and grandparents and numerous cousins. Proceeded in death by sister Dani (2004) and brother Boomer (2007). Cremation by All Pets Great and Small. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Arizona Humane Society.

My baby Bella ...

December 14, 2007 - September 10, 2010
On September 10, 2010, my dog Bella's life suddenly came to an end after an accident. Even though she had only 2 1/2 short years, she was a very happy dog. She was a lap dog. She always made me laugh when I was down and out. She cuddled up next to me and looked at me with loving eyes, and made me feel better. Even though she is gone, he will be deeply missed. The happy thoughts will never go away but will stay in my heart forever. She's my baby!

My baby boy ...

June 16, 2009 - May 18, 2010
Tommy, my baby boy. Born 16th June 2009, killed by a speedy driver (who didn't stop) 18th May 2010. Missed by his brothers Tigger and Jake and big brother Spooky. Never forgotten but thought of every day by "Mum" who can't seem to stop crying.

My sweet girls ...

Journeyed to the Bridge December 30, 2009
Lucy a fine Jack Russell Terrier - she was over 15 years when she went. Sadly missed, she had been on tablets for a year. They were keeping her going till that fateful day we could not keep her going any longer. She was pure Jack Russell, kind, grumpy, stubborn, cuddly, loyal, and most of all spirited in a way only a Jack Russell could be.
Rest in peace sweet Lucy (Boos).
Your Daddy will always love you. R.I.P. Died December 30th 2009 at 18:30 PM.
Journeyed to the Bridge June 11, 2010
Sweet Tara, I took you because your owner could not keep you. We had known each other with Lucy for many years. You and Lucy became sisters, a real double act. But that fateful day came when we could not keep you going. But as with all my dogs over the years I did my loving duty and was at your side to the last second. Your grave is a part of my garden. I could not do the same for Lucy, but when I play in the garden with my 2 Jack Russells Nellie and Lucky I think of you both youthful, in full flight chasing each other, looking up at me and thinking, not a bad life.
You may be both gone but I can still feel and sense you with me.
God bless the gentle giant Tara, always known as Bungle or the Bear.
Rest in peace, you were loyal and true.
Tara died June the 11th 2010 at 18:06 pm.
Bye bye my sweet girls.

Gone too soon ...

"Che Che Papatsos"
D.O.B. January 2, 2001
Our beautiful little red miniature pinscher. You left us too soon buddy, but anytime would have been too soon. We will see you over the rainbow.
Your family who will never forget you -
The Papatsos (Mike, Vanessa, Mikey, Gianni, Marissa, Valerie and grandkids)

My precious friends ...

July 22, 1996 - August 1, 2010
From the day I found you in that parking lot, I knew you were a special girl. Your patience and sweetness will be missed very much. Hope Squeeks found you at the Bridge and you are both playing and having a great time running free.

"Skansen's Strychnine V. Kainein, 'Squeekers'"
June 10, 2006 - January 25, 2011
Life was a challenge for you always. I knew you loved LeeAnn & I, and that was all that mattered. You were a wonderful boy with such a loving nature. Find MissWooey so you can play together until I see you again. I miss you puppakins.

My best and brightest ...

Journeyed to the Bridge March 14, 2011
On 14th March, 2011, one day after your 14th birthday, you went over Rainbow Bridge to be a much healthier, more vibrant boy, just as you were as a youngster. It was time to let you go, my sweetheart. You had a wonderful life - full of health and promise until the end. You served me as my best friend for 14 years and as my demo dog for all my obedience classes for the last 7 years of your life and you served me well. You knew everything I needed and you did everything I asked of you. There will never be another Jock - there was ever only one. You were the last of my trio of huskies. Our last year together was the best ever. I promised you I would find a place where we could be together again and I kept my promise, just as you kept your promise to be my best and brightest. Until we meet again - my old son - farewell for now.
Love always and forever,

Missing Zero ...

November 26, 2007 - April 3, 2011
Zero was everyone's friend, and my best companion. He was beautiful inside and out and always brought a smile to my face. I miss the hugs he made sure to give every night, and sneaking on the bed to snuggle with me after my significant other went to work. He was my favorite shadow and my best friend. I can't wait for the day when I'll see him again.
Sara & Jordan
P.S. The boys miss their buddy too

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