Our unforgettable boys ...

May 24, 1989-July 7, 1997
Benji was an enchanting, placid, brave little dog and he died on the 7th of July, 1997. Dave and I miss him very much.
June 6, 1991-March 14, 2002
In memory of my beautiful Pepe. He was a good and beautiful Cavalier and he loved me all the days of his life. I am so glad he breathed his last breath with me.

In memory of Peanut ...

July, 1981-June 15, 2000
19 years old and a great little dog and companion. I loved you then, I love you now; you will always be in my heart. I did it for you because I loved you so much and did not want you to suffer anymore, now you are free and young again, but you will always be in my heart. I love you and miss you, Peanut! Rest in Peace.
Always in our hearts,
Mom, Debbie, Lisa, Ronnie & Angie

For Tasha with love ...

August, 1988-February 1999
Tasha, you were the best kitty friend I could have asked for. I was honored to share your life for 11 years. From the day I went to pick you from your litter mates, I knew you were mine. I think actually, you picked me. The most gentle cat in the world who gave me a loving head rub and welcomed me each morning as I got ready for work. I will always miss you and you will be in my heart eternally.
Love, Mom

Remembering Peanut ...

My little Peanut was the greatest dog ever! She always made me laugh when I was sad. I remember the little picnics we had under the big oak tree, watching her make her daily rounds around the yard to check on things, her nosey being covered with dirt after she buried her treats, and her always protecting me from anyone she didn't know. I got her when I was 1 year old and grew up with her. She always watched over me. I will always love my little Peanut.

The light of my life ...

To my angel Wiggles...you were my sunshine. The light of my everyday. The most perfect, sweetest Wiggies. Words cannot express the love I feel for you always and forever. You will always be a part of me. Life will never be the same without you. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you've given to me. I'll miss seeing you in your tent everyday. I'll miss seeing you play with your ball. I'll miss watching you spin around on the ground when you were extra playful. I'll miss watching your eyes close whenever you chewed your food. You were tough as nails, never slowed down even after all you've been through. The light of my life. I love you my sweet angel. I'm so glad your suffering is over. I can't wait to see you again. I'll hold you in my arms till the end of eternity. Laurie

Gone too soon ...

We found this little orphan and gave her lots of love.
We only had you for 2 months but you knew what it meant to have a real home. We love you always, my baby girl. I know you look in on me sometimes, I feel it. Be happy my little one.
From Mom, Dad, Princess and Sheba

In memory of Zorro ...

Our sweet bad boy; Zorro El Malo Don Diego Blue Boy ... you came into our family 12 years ago & brightened the life of our little girl so much. She was 9 years old when she adopted you & made you her dearest friend & her favorite playmate. As she grew into adolescence you were her closest confidante, her most loyal ally. You licked away her tears, tuned in to her every mood & made us all laugh when that's what we needed the most. It's been just a little over one month since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge & your passing was so sudden. And our pain is so deep. We still hear your tappy-taps on the kitchen floor & spell the word "chicken" so you won't know that we're talking about your favorite thing in the world besides your "mommy." Every time I hear the kitty door open I expect to see you. Why do I feel so strongly that you're still watching over your mommy to make sure she's safe?...you were so vigilant when you were here. Good bye for now my sweet grand-dog. Be a good boy & play nice. Until we meet again, you are a blossom in our hearts that will forever bloom with love.
Your loving family, Grammie & Poppy & Mommy

Remembering Ceaser ...

"Ceaser Chin Lee Fairchild-Wise-Collins"
December 23, 1984-July 7, 2000
Ceaser touched everyone he met. He had a bottle fetish, any kind, glass, plastic, small or large. Ceaser would bug anyone who had a bottle until he got it. Ceaser was from a military family and was a well traveled animal. He was a great "Road Dawg." What a wonderful companion he was. Ceaser had 16 beautiful years on earth, he has taught us so much, he would communicate with us, Ceaser was the most intelligent dog I ever knew. Ceaser will be greatly missed. I know, the hole in my heart will heal in time. Your life continues in a awesome way.
MOM, Bertha M. Wise, Jr.-Collins; DAD, Charles L. Collins

For our Sally ...

Crossed over July 17, 2000
Today, we said goodbye to our sweet Sally, a beautiful German Shepherd/Collie mix, after sharing her life for the past fourteen years. We rescued her as a puppy - thirteen displaced hip fractures, so many other injuries - and yet, she wanted to live, to get through the pain. She taught us so many lessons - unconditional love - how to be kind and gentle and patient with a loved one who has grown old and fragile and needs you - and she left us, as we held her in our arms and stroked her and told her how much we loved her, she left with dignity and grace. We will take her ashes back to the farm where we lived when she was younger - the place where she ran with deer and ducks and her little boys ... and hid from bears ... and loved her family ...

In memory of Mya ...

You were my pride and joy. You were always there for me when I was sad and lonely. You always put a smile on my face and I was so proud of you. You were such a good girl. Now all I have is our sweet memories we shared. I miss you very much. I hope that you are happier up there. I will always think of you, pray for you, and most of all I will always love you!

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