The best dog ever ...

1999 - 2012
My name is Simone and I would like to create a memorial on your site for my best friend's dog Ozzie. He was 12.5 years old and his mom, Elizabeth Plouffe Jordan and dad, Alex Jordan loved him dearly.
His mother says, "He was the best dog ever."
I will always remember Ozzie as a lovable friend who liked to cuddle.

In remembrance of Chiquito ...

"Chiquito Antonio Gomez"
June 3, 2005 - April 17, 2012
His favorite things to do were; being by my side, playing with monkey, playing with his little (BIG) sister Molly, and sleeping with me. He was very protective of me.
During the day he would sleep in his little house. He loved to travel. Over all a little dog with a BIG heart.

Missing our babies ...

April 6, 2004 - January 29, 2009
Brownie, you were the last of the clan. Although you were the runt, you were the strongest.
Even with your chronic illness that you developed last July, you managed to stay strong and lovable until the bitter end. Now in Heaven you will be playing with Snowball and Squirmy once again. Rest in Peace, sweet Brownie.
Love you so much, Dutchess, Mom, Max, Chelsea and Jim.
Adopted: May 2009 - Died: April 21, 2012, 11:15pm
Spunky and Adorable - that is Pablo!
Dear Pablo, how I'm going to miss those morning ruckus
of yours, squeaking like mad for food.
You were also a leader to Duchess and Pepsi
I can see how they are missing you already!
RIP, sweetheart; your acute pain is gone.
Play in Heaven with all our other little friends.
Love you so much, Pepsi, Duchess, Mom, Max, Chelsea and Jim.
Born: 2003 or 2004?
Adopted: March 8th, 2008
Passed Away: November 5th, 2013
Dear Duchess, you were the old lady of the bunch. Always checking for that next piece of apple, a carrot, something to eat. You were chubby and lovable, loved to be stroked. Always looking forward to seeing us before scampering back to your hut.
Now in your old age, you were taken away; I am sorry to come home to see that you passed on, however I am so happy that you lived a long, loved, and happy life. Miss you already.
Love, Pepsi, Mom, Max, Chelsea and Jim
Adopted: May 2009
Died: March 12th, 9:00AM
Dear Pepsi, you were the quiet one of the bunch,
Yet when you were hungry, you would demand lunch!
Such a sweet little guinea pig, that girl Pepsi.
Now Pablo and Duchess will be awaiting,
For you to enter the Rainbow Gates,
To play with them and other nine,
For me, you will always shine.
Hugs and kisses, little one!
Love, Mom, Kenda, Hank, Max, Chelsea, and Jim
Adopted: May 2015
Died: sometime during the night, September 11th to September 12th 2016
I was so sad Kenda, when Monday morning I opened the blinds,
Did not hear you squeak like you would.
Thought perhaps you were taking a couple of extra winks,
But lo and behold you were permanently asleep.
I said, "oh no" and touched you, finding you cold,
But the angels decided to take you in the midst of the night.
You were the loudest, most assertive guinea pig I ever had;
Mom's home is so quiet, Hank is sad, and we all love you so bad!
Play with all our past friends in the Rainbow Garden, dear Kenda.
Love, Mom, Hank, Max, Chelsea, and Jim
Adopted: May 2015, 5 - 7 years of age?
Died in our loving arms on July 5thh 2017, 7:07PM
Dear Hank, aka Handsome Hank, Sir Gorgeous, and Sir Hank
You were so dearly loved and spoiled!
You were so easy to have on the lap or chest,
Because who would refuse to cuddle with you
But now you were quickly stricken,
And with so much pain and grief,
We let you go to meet Kenda and the Gang at the Rainbow Garden
We will miss you so much
You were our last guinea pig, but certainly not least.
See you one day!
Love, Mom, Max, Chelsea, and Jim

For my little friend with the small paws ...

Journeyed to the Bridge April, 2012
My little Friend with the small paws, he is no longer here, he has had to leave us and gone to play on the other side, of the rainbow bridge, his friends are waiting for him to join them, now his spirit is free, no more suffering for Hector you see, he is totally pain free. An ache he leaves behind him for my family, but over time that will pass and one day we too will be free.
We have rescued many small paws over time, and many have gone before, gone to the other side, where Hectors now heading for and Holly will be the first one there, to great you and play and jump once more, Her little bandit mask was so cute, she is another one over there. We must have seventy friends just waiting for us to share, the beauty of the rainbow bridge because there is no suffering there.
RIP my beautiful little friend HECTOR and the many many more we rescued. We miss them all.

My best friend and constant companion ...

For CoCo, my best friend and constant companion for the last 17 years. My daughter brought you to me after you were found abandoned and roaming the streets of her neighborhood. When she introduced you to me, she said "Welcome to your new home, Puppy Heaven." No truer words were ever stated. The powers that be brought us together at a time in my life when I wasn't even aware that I needed it most. He gave me you to love and take care of and you gave me so much love in return. You woke me up in the morning with kisses and snuggled next to me as we drifted to sleep at night. Enjoy the meadows and meeting up again with Buckey and Margaret ... until I see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you,

Forever and always ...

"Sir Eddie"
When I bought him: February 5th 2012
Journeyed to the Bridge: July 14 2012
Here is my pet rat, Eddie. I am unsure when he was born, but he was already fairly large when I bought him. I bought him at petstore, in the feeder rat area. He was with some albinos, but I must say, he was the most hansome of them all! ;) He died on July 14, 2012. He mainly ate Regal Rat, along with his nightly treat of a various type of seed. He lived in a glass tank, and his favourite toy was a mirror with beads around it. (What a vain rat!) Thank you for reading, and R.I.P Eddie! <3
Lots of love, Sir Eddie the Knight! I will remember you forever and always, as one of the largest fragments of my heart xxxooo

Unforgettable in France ...

April 10, 1989 - October 25, 2004
To my Best and Unforgetten Friend. I searched a kitten for my father, dealing with serious heart problems, great cat lover and friend of nature, going fishing trouts with his cats when he was a young boy. I found you, blue and white male, 2 months old, and the same night, I found you under my blanket, purring so loudly that I was afraid. One month later, I took you to my father and you became friends immediately, reading the newspaper and solving crosswords together. You travelled between him and me; you became my (first) cat, a powerful cat with a strong caracter, always winning against me, frightening people you hate to 'smell'. Intelligent, opening every door, coming back for dinner at any place we were. Cuddly. My great protector I felt safe with. You lived in peace with all cats appearing later in our live. You teached me the Passion of Cats. You fought a long time against CRF and we finally lost, after 4 tough months, against FIV or FELV. A last time, you put your big paw on my arm and you joined the great cat lover who had passed away on 24th February 1994. Baudelaire and Melusine joined you on the Rainbow Bridge. You continue life in my dreams ... until we will be all together again.
September 13, 1995 - disappeared November 1, 1997
My little Kamaflou. You and the other kittens were planned to be killed the first day of your life. I said no, no, I will take the black and white. Next day, I was told that you was still alive and would be given to me eight weeks after. The vet felt anxious about the reaction of Balzac. Five weeks after birth, you already joined our home and you and Balzac became great friends. You were a very gentle cat. Five minutes before I went to bed, you already were in. Every morning, you followed me into the bathroom and you jumped into the wash-basin and drank water from the tap. You slept on my head. We removed to the South, in a house with garden. You only went out one time and two months later Baudelaire and Melusine were born. You carried them into my bed. You cared for them during three months. Operation was done by the vet. One day, I had to take you to the vet, my ex told me that he had found you, wet and shocked, since then, you hated him. I was separated when I prepared your boxes to remove into an apartment with garden some kilometers away. You entered yourself into your box. Arriving at our new home, the ex-friend opened, against my will, the boxes placed on the veranda. All my four friends spread out. I was desperate. As usual, Balzac came back soon. Then, Melusine climbed over the neighbour's fence and many hours later my shy and frightened Baudelaire. My little Kamaflou, I was searching you for three years, in the neighbourhood, at the previous home, in rescue centers. I did not understand, you were so close to me and not to know is horrible. Melusine was a comfort: alike physically, same great hunter as you, same Siamese character. When Grizou was born on my veranda from an abandoned cat, found dead later, with two other sisters, I protected the three, and Melusine was jealous and disappeared twice for exactly 24 hours. Only Grizou loved me. Every evening, she was waiting. Her sisters placed, Baudelaire adopted her, Melusine accepted her, once grown up, and I moved with her and my three others to the North. I had to stop searching for you and I hoped so much that you found another home like Grizou found hers. But maybe you will wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge because I kept you always on my mind and you continued your life by my side through your marvelous kids. Their birth was the most beautiful event in my life.
April 14, 1997 - April 18(?), 2011
A difficult 1-hour-birth, you trusted me all your life. Pure white with yellow-sunny eyes, Siamese blue behind, I called you my beautiful Good Fairy. Despite a weak heart, you never complained. You felt all my pain, you stayed by my side when fighting for Balzac and especially the three days after. You put your head on mine and your long limbs around my neck. Since then, you spent all the nights on my right shoulder. The last one, you purred so loudly. You did not want to leave me, you did not show illness, in hospital you passed away, and I feel so guilty because I could not free you from the cruel and dishonest vet for better care and because of my illness at same time. Light as a feather on my shoulder, we made the final way and my life since then is unlucky. You loved me as nobody other. I wanted to take your brother away from this unlucky place. The day before preparing the hoped removal, he ate a big deal of his favorite meal, jumped easily onto the high window and looked towards your sparkling star and then came into my arms to cuddle me and he purred very loudly. The day after, he became very sick and, despite of excellent hospital care, his heart, too weak, joined yours, the one he loved so much. As I will ever love you, my fairy Melusine.
April 14, 1997 - May 20, 2012
Little 80 gr. born in my hands, you struggled for life. You became a beautiful and tender cat. You slept, since your first night on earth, in my hair, together wih your sister. Always on my side, you were waiting for me behind the door, every evening. Rescued from so many accidents, from illness, one nearly fatal in spring 2006, I was always afraid for you. Successsfully rescued again in May 2012, your heart failed suddenly and joined the one of your loved sister, gone a year before, for whom you were always searching since then. Prince of my life, Prince of my heart, forever broken now.

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