Gone much too soon ...

October 5, 1999-April 30, 2001
I lost my best friend on April 30th of this year, he was killed by a hit and run driver in front of our home. Spot was born Oct 5, 1999 and has been with us since he was weaned. My husband thinks I am crazy but I can still feel my baby snuggle up to me at night when I go to bed, I can feel him follow me around the house as he always did. Spot was the most loving, kind, loyal friend anyone could ever have and I miss my baby dearly. I am thankful that he did not suffer when he was hit but I do hope he know how much I truly love him and always will.

From Marcia in North Carolina ...

1986-April 23, 2001
Aussie, blue merle, I got her as a puppy, she was bred for working stock and she did try her best but was more interested in being with me/watching out for me. She understood everything I said. We shared so many good times and also during the bad times she helped me get from one day to the next even when I wanted to give up. She was a constant companion and my best friend for 15 years.
A gift from God above is the beauty of a friendship, touched by unconditional love. A love that asks no questions ... believes in all the best ... never doubting, ever trusting ... withstanding any test. A love that weathers any storm and yet that love still stands through the very darkest hour, it still reaches out a hand ... there in that hand the sweetest gift that you can give a friend. A heart that cares, a love that shares that will be there till the end. A treasure to be cherished ... a gift from God above is what I share with you my friend, an unconditional love.
Thank you God for allowing me to have this special friend in my life ...
"Ticker E. Katty"
1986 - March 16, 2001
My very special barn katty, got him as a baby and he grew up in the barn. A very good mouser and overseer of his domain, a good and dear friend to me, Misha and the horses. I sold the farm in 1993 and retired him to the new house as an inside outside Katty. I don't think he minded the move and change of job title ... he relaxed and slept on the end of my bed - purring constantly - I guess that's why I named him Ticker. He was soo very smart but stubborn like an old goat, he tried to do it all by himself.
When he started failing, he allowed me to take care of him through the end of his days and I am soo very thankful that we were able to share 15 years of life together and he trusted me to care for him.
"Good as Gold, AKA 'Pete' "
February 1998 - May 19, 2002
He was bred for the show ring but ended up too little to compete in his age group. The breeder wanted to find him a good home and somehow they found me. So I took him, fancy hairdo and pom poms and all - got rid of the fancy hair stuff ... Well, it did not take him very long to learn how to play in the dirt and run around with the big dogs!
I know that Misha and Ticker E. Katty were waiting for him at the bridge to take him across and help him find his way ...
A precious little thing and another gift from God the time we had him with us.

Our friend is gone ...

1986 - April 6, 2000
Received Ceaser our red golden when he was 9 months old in 1986. We had him for almost 14 years. He died on a cold, miserable, rainy day on April 6, 2000. I can still smell him when it rains. But I know he is in pain no longer. He was the best dog anyone could ask for - not just a dog, but a member of our family who will always be terribly missed. We love you Ceaser and miss you every day.
Karen, Jim and Steve

Our sweet Bear Boy ...

"Little Bear"
May 23, 1997-June 3, 2001
I recently have lost my beloved Keeshond, Little Bear. He was a vibrant, caring dog who was only 4 years old. My fiance George and I got him and his brother Smokey as pups. They spent every minute together, never separated. Smokey misses his brother dearly, as do myself and my fiance. Little Bear had always listened to my fiance and never ran away, but Sunday, June 3, 2001 he saw a strange dog being walked across the street from our home. He darted into the street and was hit by a passing car at a high rate of speed. Thankfully, he did not suffer. That day, I lost my baby. He was an incredible dog and will be missed. He will forever be on my mind and in my heart. I hope that he has made his way to the Rainbow Bridge and that someday I will be there to hold him in my arms again.
Dana, George, and Smokey

In memory of Muff ...

Muff was a beautiful calico cat that I adopted when I was three. An elderly woman had found her and her litter mates in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks and was kind enough to take them in and find homes. She meowed the entire way home. I named her Muff after a kitten in a book named Muff who was the only one of her siblings that didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up. At the end of the book she decides that she wants to be a little girl's cat.
Anyhow, Muff was also shy and often referred to as the "invisible cat," as few people ever saw her -- including my parents. But she was always an affectionate friend to me and slept against my leg every night. She is much loved and will be greatly missed!

For my loyal friend ...

My cocker spaniel was truly loved and I will miss him forever.
He was by my side for 17 years, God bless him!

The Almighty Thor ...

What I'll miss - I'll miss your happy face and waggling tail that I awoke to every morning, I'll miss your howls of good morning to me, I'll miss you trailing right behind me throughout the house, I'll miss all the mischief you managed to cause, I'll miss taking you for walks, I'll miss our rides in the car, I'll miss our trips to the park, I'll miss taking you out for ice cream for your birthdays, I'll miss putting your goodies in your Christmas stocking, I'll miss you snooping through the grocery bags looking for what kinda treats momma bought you this week, I'll miss how happy you were to see me when I walked in the door, But most of all I'm going to miss hugging you and kissing you and telling you I Love You. Until we meet again ... *I miss you, Thor.* Love you, Momma

In memory of Charlie and Chaplin ...

"Charlie" and "Chaplin"
Charlie (January 1985-August 7, 2001)
and Chaplin (September 1986-November 29, 1999)
Missed so dearly by their family. But we are happy in the thought of you both finally together again at the bridge. We love you guys!!
Diane and family

In memory of Tasha ...

December, 1994 - February 4, 2001
Tasha came home with us on January 28, 1995. She was eight weeks old. She crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on February 4, 2001. Tasha was a beautiful all-white bull terrier. She was my husband's first dog and the love of his life - she was the biggest goofball and was the most loyal dog I have ever known. Tasha was diagnosed with mammary cancer in early 2000. She was a trooper - through all the biopsies and medications she never showed us her pain and always wagged her tail even at the very end. It was the hardest day of my life and my husband's. He held her while they put her down and would not get out of the car when we got home. My husband is a big, strong guy but that day I had never seen him cry that way.
We will always love you, Tasha - my Tasha Toots. We miss you every day. You be a good girl!
Love, Daddy, Mom & Courtney.

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