Our sweet little Shadow ...

Crossed the Bridge on January 6, 2002
This is a picture of my Shadow Puppy. He was only 2 months old when he died 1/6/02 of Parvo. All the "could haves" and "would haves" haunt us but we look forward to meeting our "little woof" at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for this site.

Four beautiful angels ...

"Dinky" and "Shiva"
I want to tell you about the two sweetest little girls in the whole world. Dinky was the littlest one of the litter. Nobody wanted to keep her alive. I bottle fed her and worked very hard to make her a big strong girl. She was an adorable very tiny black cat with the biggest yellow eyes I had ever seen. They almost covered her tiny little face. She was my baby and only tolerated the rest of the family. She was my best friend. I lost her on Aug 18, 2001. She was four years old. Before she left me, I adopted a little white Persian girl. She and Dinky became best friends. I guess she wanted me to have someone when she left me. I named this tiny girl Shiva and she has been my little girl ever since. On February 18, 2002, we lost Shiva and I miss her very much even though I know they are both together now and waiting on me. This is a huge void in my home today. But I have wonderful memories of two brave little girls that I am so proud of.
On October 11,2001, a litter of kittens was born. Among that litter was a wonderful little boy with the clearest pale blue eyes in the world. He came to live with us from another state and we were so proud to make him a part of our family. He was a flame point Himalayan who would immediately start to purr when he saw you come into the room. We named this little gorgeous guy Indy and he was so special. It was not long before he became my bed buddy and when I woke up he was always right there beside me. We had gotten him to be a friend for our little white Persian, Shiva (shown above). Now, sadly, we have lost all 3 of our wonderful babies. I know that they are all there together on the Bridge and waiting for me to come home with them someday. Dinky, Shiva and Indy, mom loves you very much and you will always be part of my family.
To our beloved Morris. We found you on a bright sunny day in 1993. The last of the litter to go. It was love at first sight for all of us. You belonged to your mom, Heather, but you tolerated the rest of us. We have so many wonderful memories of you to comfort us for many years to come. Every once in a while, a furbaby comes into your life and changes it forever, as you have. Sadly, you left us at 12:18 am on Sept 12,2005. You have no way of knowing it, but your leaving has left such a huge void in our home. I think you know how much you were loved and I know how much you loved us. I know you loved your mom the most but I like to think that you knew we were your family and this was where you were meant to be. You will be with us always until we are all together on the rainbow bridge. Take care of Dinky, Shiva and Indy for us. We love you all.
Mommy Heather, Grandma Pam and Grandpa Scott.
2007-March 31, 2021
This is our Tomo. He walked right up to his mom and said I chose you. He was about 3 or 4 when he blessed our family in 2007. The best boy ever and was the other cats big brother. Wes don't know about his life before but he was truly the sweetest boy and was loved so much that his life before us didn't matter anymore. His mom was with him when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and its left a huge hole in our family. Remember mommy Heather, mommy Tanya and Grandma will never forget you..you are with us always...

Our little girl...

Here is a picture of my little sweetie pie, Boobie. We had lots of sweet names for her which included "Tummy Rub Girl" and "Poopa." She loved having her tummy rubbed. One of the sweetest things on earth was that she could actually give hugs. When we would ask for a hug she would bury her head in my chest. My husband and I miss her very much. It's left a huge hole in our hearts. She was loved so much by everyone that met her. My husband always said that she was never a dog to him, that she was always his little girl. I pray she is spending her days with her best dog friend Scratches and my Dad.

In memory of Cezar ...

February 22, 1990-February 24, 2002
Cezar was a special part of my family.
He was born Feb. 22, 1990.
He died Feb. 24, 2002.
Cezar, you will always be by my side as I will see you every day of my life. Pepper will join you soon and you two can play in the sunshine again. I know you are warm in the quilt I made for you.
I remember when you and Pepper tore up my class papers as I had been studying too much, you thought. Never had you done that before nor did you do it again as you taught me I needed to play. So we went out into the snow to play and we did have fun didn't we?
I love you Cezar and always will.
Love, Judy

My little sweetheart ...

"Pee Pee Head"
1988? - October, 2001
This picture was taken the last time I saw you. I knew it would be the last time for you were so sick and could barely walk. I broke my rules of feeding you people food, and fed you your favorite treat -- mini-bag of M&M's ... it was the first time during that visit that you came alive. I miss you Peeps! You were my little shadow when I was growing up ... you were the lady, the protector, the spazz and my sweetheart. I miss you terribly. We always talk about you and none of us can get thru the memories without tears. We love you.

The lights of our lives ...

"Dusty Rusty"
December 16, 1988 - March 14, 2002
My sweet little Dusty Rusty - When God brought you into our lives in 1988 little did we know the medical problems you would have. Two ruptured discs, two spinal surgeries, two tumor surgeries, allergies, seizures, and heart problems. Three years ago you were diagnosed with diabetes. My husband and I cried so much over all your medical problems, but we willingly put you on the medications. For 3 years we gave you your insulin shots twice a day. We loved you so much for you were our life. A year ago blindness set in and you could not sleep in our bed anymore so we bought an air bed to sleep on, and for over a year we would cuddle up and you would sleep under the cover next to my stomach at night. You developed a cough, and X-rays showed you had fluid in your lungs. So you were put on medication for that. On March 14, 2002 you got worse and we took you back to our vet. Tests showed you were drowning in your fluids and your heart was failing and your kidneys were shutting down. After 3 hours at our vet we decided to let you cross over the Rainbow Bridge and go to God. As hard as it was to let you go our vet said you were dying.
Dusty Rusty, mama and daddy miss you so much. Our hearts are broken. You gave us so much happiness in the 13 years God let us keep you. You were worth every penny we spent on your medical care. Please don't forget your mama and daddy on this earth, and you bark for us as soon as we cross over the Rainbow Bridge. You will always be in our hearts. We love you, Dusty Rusty.
Mama & Daddy, and Angel & Muffin
October 7, 1995 - October 13, 2008
My sweet Muff Muff, what can I say about my little boy. You gave daddy and me so much love. You were our squeaky toy dog who loved his squeaky toys and when you went to wee wee on your wee wee pads you had to rearrange them.
You were so special; you loved your belly rubbed and you'd go to sleep while daddy would rub your belly. Daddy and I tried our best to take care of you and give you the best medical care we could give you and all the love in the world. Our vet tried his best to help you but the tumor in your stomach was wrapped around your liver and there was no more we could do. The vet said you were in pain and dying. Our vet let you pass on the operating table so you would not have to wake up in pain.
It was so hard to let you go but it was even harder to see you suffer; you were getting weak and you gave up eating. I know you are in heaven with your brother Dusty Rusty and you are free of pain and barking and running and your eyes are clear and you can see all the other pet angels in Heaven.
Please know mama and daddy miss you with all our hearts and so do your sisters Angel & Burgundy. One day we will see you at Rainbow Bridge. You bark for us when you see us cross over and we will all be in Heaven together. We love you Muff Muff (Muffin). You will always be in our hearts.
Mama & Daddy, Angel & Burgundy
October 12, 1995 - June 11, 2010
My sweet sweet Angel, truly an Angel sent from God to watch over your mama and daddy. I never thought this day would come when you would leave us. I knew you were dying with congested heart failure and I tried to prepare myself for the day I would have to say good bye but you are never really prepared.
Every day when I would say my prayers I would cry and ask God please give me another day with my Angel. Our vet said you lasted longer then he thought you would. He said it was our love that kept you going, but each day I saw you getting weaker and weaker. When you didn't care to eat I knew in my heart you'd be leaving us soon. Daddy and I loved you so much; our hearts are so broken. God blessed us with an Angel and God called his Angel home.
I know in my heart you are with your brothers Dusty and Muffin playing at Rainbow Bridge, and with all the other fur babies. And you're happy bouncing around, you can see ok and eat again. I can see you now chasing your tail. You like to do that, and holding your butt up in the air. I never knew why you did that but you sure were funny. You were so special, Angel, and you had so much love to give mama and daddy. We miss you so much and so does your sister Burgundy. The day you died here at home Burgundy was so lost. I watched her going from room to room looking for you and looking in your kennel.
My sweet Angel I will always hold you close to my heart. My vet cut off some of your hair so that I could put it in a locket and keep you close to my heart. I pray you will never forget your mama and daddy and that when God calls us home you will meet us at Rainbow Bridge, and run and say there is my mama and daddy - I've been waiting on you. And we all will live together in peace and there will no more sickness, no more sorrow, no more crying, and we all will be happy again living with all God's animals. I love you my sweet Angel. Rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge till we meet again.
Mama, Daddy, your sister Burgundy, and your sister Hope
We all miss you so much.

In memory of my boys ...

"Max Sines"
June 24, 1997-March 3, 2002
This is our beloved Max. He came to live with us when he was just a puppy. We loved him very much, and he loved us back even more. Life will never be as happy and complete without our Maxy. We will love him forever.

Max's Story
"Sam Sines"
December 1983-March 12, 1997
This is our beloved Sammy, who joined our family when he was about 8 years old. He made us laugh with his happy, joyful ways, and we will love him forever.

Sam's Story
"Luke Sines"
April 3, 2002 - September 23, 2004
Today I lost my beloved Luke (Yeedle). He was only 2. He had been very sick for the past year with frequent seziures, bouts with pancreatitis, and skin allergies. After a long battle, I finally had to let him go to Rainbow Bridge. I miss my sweet baby so much. He meant a lot to me. He was like one of my children.
The bridge that Luke is walking across in the photo is in my home town, and is named the Rainbow Bridge. Somehow, it seemed appropriate.
Luke, I love you.

Luke's Story

My two angels ...

June 1988-December 1998
Buster a 9 year old pitbull, died of renal failure after a long life of happiness with us. We are missing you, wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. We love you.
May 1991-December 2001
Jake, a 10 year old boxer/chow mix, died from a brain tumor. You are at peace now, no more storms to ride out. We love and miss you. Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.

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