Kaylee's Rainbow

I heard the story of Rainbow Bridge several years ago and thought it a beautiful concept ... but I wasn't sure I entirely believed, not even after my beautiful Kaylee left me in 1998 to join the beloved dogs in my life who had already gone on ahead. I thought: how wonderful if it could be true ... I knew there had to be pets in heaven, because heaven was supposed to be a place of perfect happiness, and what happiness could there ever be without my beautiful furred friends? But somehow, right now it was hard to see.

Kaylee was the last of my line of Chihuahuas. She had been with me through major upheavals in my life, and had truly been my friend and confidant. With her I had never been alone. Without her, I was awfully, finally alone, even though I now had another little dog in my life, Shayna Brightstar of Mog's World. I missed Kaylee bitterly. I cried every day.

One summer day in 1999, almost a year after Kaylee had gone, I was feeling especially low. I felt like I wouldn't make it. It was a bright beautiful sunny day outside ... the sky was a cobalt blue ... a day truly of God's making. But I saw only blackness.

Suddenly there was one loud rumble of thunder. Wondering where the storm clouds could be in such a brilliant blue sky, I looked out the window.

And I saw it ...

Stretching from one end of the sky to the other, a brilliant, perfect rainbow ... just as all the stories and poems described. I had never seen such an awesome sight. I stared, spellbound, and something prompted me to say, "Hi, Kaylee ..."

And I felt such a feeling of peace wash over me ... it was as if she was there, telling me, "It's real ... I wanted to show you. I'm here, Mom. We're all here, and we're well, and we'll wait for you ..."

Slowly the rainbow faded, but it didn't matter now. It was there, in my mind and in my heart. I didn't have to wonder anymore. I knew, and I know, my precious pets are there, waiting. I still miss them all terribly, and sometimes I still cry. But I no longer doubt.

Rainbow Bridge is real. I've seen it.