There is nothing like the love of a dog ...

My name is Shayna Brightstar. I'm also called the Mog (short for Miniature dOG).
I'm a chihuahua, longcoat variety, and I live in San Antonio, Texas with my mommy, Dee.
This is my world.

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Updating Me ... 2006!!!

Just startin' to wake up from a great nap!
Wonder what went on while I was asleep?

My blankie's so comfy, I don't want to move.
Is that Tia on her way?

She's still pretty wild ...
But I really do like her!

She's a good kid, really ...
When she'll sit with me like this!

Here's a pic of the 3 of us ... Tia, my mommy Dee, and me!
Shayna's Christmas, 2005

This was me this year, waiting for Santa to come,
wondering if he'd notice I was awake!

I guess he didn't notice.
Look at all my stuff!

Well, I checked out my goodie bag one more time.
I didn't mean to fall into it!
Nothing on the bottom, guess I got it all!

Tia did pretty good too for her first Christmas.
I wonder if she'd notice if I ...
Nah, guess I better not ...
Gotta think about next year!

Hi, I'm Shayna - Version 2005!

Do you think I look fat? Mommy says I'm fluffy.
I think I'm definitely fluffy!

It's not all the Christmas goodies, really!
I grew a LOT of hair this year!

Mommy laughed when she saw this picture.
She says I look like one of those "big head" stuffed toys.
I am definitely NOT a stuffed toy!
The very idea!

Watch out for the Hairy Eyeball! ...

Slipper Time!!!

Put that foot down, Mommy!
I want a tummy rub!

I said, put that foot down! I'm the boss here, and

That's better ...

Yeah, now we're gettin' into it ...

Come on, come on, don't quit ...

Yeah, yeah, do the ears too ... that's good ...

That feels SO GOOD ...

You can just stay there all day and do this ...
I mean, what else do you have to do, anyway?

TWO slippers ... even better! Double your
pleasure, double your fun!

Hey, come on!! Who said we were through?

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