This page is for my friends. Everybody needs friends, and I love mine very much.

This is Tia. She and I live together in the same place. She's pretty wild and bounces around a lot, but she's young and I'm sure she'll learn. It just takes time. We do love to do some things together, though, like bark! Between us, we're the best barkers in the world ... just ask anybody!

This is Sooty. He's my boyfriend. He's a Pekingese and lives in Australia. I guess that's way far away from here, I've never gotten to see him in person, but we e-mail each other a lot and he's a really cool guy. He belongs to me so don't anybody go getting any ideas ... ;-)

Zac is a cat, and he's Sooty's "little brother." That means that they both have the same Mommy and Zac lives in the same house with Sooty in Australia. I've never really met a cat in person but Zac is really nice and he e-mails me too sometimes, and we're friends.

These two Kool Katz are Charlie and Joy, the Donnell Katz. Charlie is watching birds, while Joy is stretching on the bed and looking cute. They live in Nevada. Can you imagine anyone not wanting these kute kritters? But that was how their mommy got them; they had been throwaway kitties.

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