Tia's Page!

OK ... I'm over a year old now ... it's May 1, 2006 ... time to take over my own page now! I'll leave Shayna's first entry there for awhile because I think my puppy pictures were adorable ... but now you're gonna get the REAL stuff ... ME!!!

Now you've got to admit I'm beautiful!
I'm not a kid anymore, no matter what that Mog says!

This is me on the back of the loveseat,
with my favorite toy in the world, my bone!

I don't know if you can see from there,
but the Mog and I have a beautiful courtyard outside.
I love to sit here and look out ... and sometimes bark!

Here I am, modeling my warm sweatshirt
that my mommy Carole made for me when it was cold.
I have short hair so I get cold easy.

Here's where I get to sleep,
in my mommy Carole's bed, of course!

And here I am with my big sister Shayna (a.k.a. the Mog) ...
Sometimes she'll let me in her chair.

By Shayna ...
Time to update Tia's page ... she's still a pain in the butt, but I guess
she'll eventually shape up into something. We call her Hurricane Tia,
or sometimes the Tia-Monster ... sometimes it's like she never stands still!
I was NEVER like that!
Anyhow, this is my new sister Tia, at 17 weeks old.
See those little white back toes? Aren't they silly?

This was Tia when she first came home, on April 18, at 14 weeks old.