Mog's World

Waiting for Me

When I saw you, I knew you were special
In a way seldom seen, seldom known.
And I knew with you there, bright and caring,
I’d never again be alone.
With a wag of your tail, or a quick kiss,
Or just resting your chin on my knee --
When I came home, tired, torn and tattered,
You were always here, waiting for me.

But your years were too few, passed too quickly.
Now you’re gone, and the world’s cold and grey.
Still, I guess you went first, bravely, boldly,
Even joyfully, to show me the way.
Now you run, young and free, in bright gardens
And lie in the shade ‘neath new trees ...
And I know, when I too make that Crossing,
I’ll find you there, waiting for me.

© 1982 by Dee
in memory of Frosty Morning (1972-1982),
Summer Twilight (Ginnie) (1977-1986),
Evening Shadow (1977-1992),
Summer Dawn (Romi) (1982-1998),
and WinterStar (Kaylee) (1985-1998)