Mog's World

In Loving Memory of "Arnett's Mountain Dew"

Your life was such a fragile one.
I know you fought so strong,
But God had other plans for you
In Heaven where you belong

Although I do not understand
My faith is still in you,
He must have something else in mind
My precious little Dew.

I cried and prayed, my heart is torn,
My soul is bruised and worn.
So Lord, please tell me why it is
My Little Dew was born?

I fell asleep and in that time
My eyes began to see,
The plan that God had just for you --
It was not here with me.

I looked much deeper in this dream;
There must be answers here.
And in a distant corner view
Things started to be clear.

What is this? A mother weeps?
A hole is in her heart.
I wonder what is going on ...
My Dew will play a part?

"You see that Mommy's lost her child,"
I heard an angel say.
"Her baby girl was born too soon,
She lost her life today."

I watched this dream with such intent.
I wondered, "Where's my Dew?"
I gave my all, I tried my best;
Her life is now with you.

I sat up in my bed and heard
A voice so faint and shaking,
A prayer was going up to God:
That mother's heart was aching.

"Dear Lord, you know my baby girl
Has come to live with you.
She never had a chance down here --
Not much that we could do."

"My baby's just a tiny thing,
I worry about her so.
But if you'd give her this one thing,
It'd help me let her go."

"So here's my one request, Dear Lord,"
I heard that mother say.
"Please send a special friend to her
To help her run and play."

And then I saw the picture clear,
That God had chosen me
To teach my Dew important things
He knew that she would need.

My Dew she must know how to love
And give of all her heart.
She must know how to be a friend --
I think that is her part.

I thought the dream was over
And I thought I understood.
But God, said, "Child, here's one more thing;
I'm proud, you have done good."

"I know this test was very hard;
You gave your all in all.
But if you were up here with me,
You'd see it's worth it all!"

"For up in Heaven there's only joy,
And Dew is good and strong.
She's with that little girl right now,
Just where she should belong."

"I'm sure that if that mother could
Say something just to you,
She'd tell you thanks for sending her
Your precious Little Dew.

"So give yourself some time to heal
and find some peace within.
For one day when the time is right,
You'll see your Dew again"

(c)2004 by Susan Arthur. Used by Permission.