Mog's World

The Empty Leash

The empty leash hangs on the wall,
And waits for walks that will not be.
I hold it gently in my hands,
Caress its worn length tenderly.

There's something missing as I walk,
No presence close to my left side,
A comforting, familiar friend,
On eager journeys far and wide.

The only pain you ever gave
Was on the day you had to leave,
Aged, crippled, merely shadow
Of the dog you used to be.
So I made that dread decision,
Kept our date with destiny.

Did you know how much I loved you?
though it seems I must go on,
How it seared my soul to lose you,
Part of who I was is gone.

The empty leash hangs on the wall...fond memories,
Of swirling snow and large brown eyes.
Perhaps someday I'll smile at them,
Right now the pain is still too strong.

--Barbara Bayne