Seven years ago, Mike and I rescued a puppy from animal services. We named him Snuffie. On the way home we stopped and got him a harness and put it on him. He tried to jump out of the car and if it weren't for the harness we might have lost him for good. We stopped to pick up Melissa for her weekend visit (she is Mike's daughter). Melissa fell in love with Snuffie. She was not allowed to play with him much since he had been neutered the day before.

He took a nap with me and from then on he slept in the bed with Mike and I.

He would always try to run out the door everytime we left.

He did a lot of barking and he did a lot of things that were cute especially when we had possums in the house. He would always let us know when they were inside.

Snuffie's favorite place to lay during the day was on the back of the love seat and he would look out the door. Whenever a dog or cat would be in the yard he would bark and not stop, even when we told him to shut up he wouldn't stop. We put a gate up in front of the door and he jumped over it a few times.

When we moved he did pretty good, except for his barking. It seemed that no matter how we told him to be quiet he just kept barking. I took him to training classes and that helped some, but, we had let him go for so long that the barking continued but not as bad.

The first time we left Snuffie was just before we moved and we boarded him with his vet for two weeks. When we got home I went and picked him up and as soon as I got him home he got sick. He was allergic to fleas.

Before we went on vacation, 2 years later, he became ill again and he had to have surgery to remove 3 tumors. He recovered well from that surgery. He started to get a tumor again in the same place and that one was removed when we came back from vacation. He looked so funny with the collar on over his head so he wouldn't pull out the stitches.

He got in the habit of jumping off the back of the sofa and one day when he hit the floor he slid and hit the frame of the front door (which was open) and slid the rest of the way to the wall of the patio. He hurt his leg, but, seemed to be okay. When Maryann came over with her owners (she was hit by a car and there is a memorial to her on this site), they were playing and when he jumped off the loveseat he hurt his leg again, but, this time he went to the vet. Pulled the tendons both ways, verical and horizontal. I had to put him in a cage to heal his knee.

When Mike would come home from work, Snuffie was always at the door to greet him, tail just a wagging. We loved watching him wag his tail as the whole backside would move.

He became ill again, this time it would end his life. He was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) and had 5 more tumors. The vet suggested getting a puppy to help him to become a little more active and we put him on medication to help with the CHF. One of the tumors got bigger and he started to suffer and would not accept the new puppy, because of pain.

We felt that it would be better to let Snuffie go, so that he would not suffer anymore. It was hard to make that decision, but, it was for the best.

Snuffie was loved very much and still is. He will always be in our hearts and will not be forgotten


When we are reunited that will be a day of great joy. I know you are in heaven and not feeling any pain and playing with Maryann.

Thank you for the joy and comfort you brought to us.

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