August 19, 2002 - February 27, 2018
Best friends come into our lives
and leave pawprints on our hearts

After living with us for thirteen years, our beloved Chinese Crested Yogi died. He was 15 1/2-years-old. He was blind, nearly deaf, and suffered from heart, liver, and kidney disease.

In February 2005, my husband Jeff and I were watching the Westminster Kennel Club Show on TV. As the Chinese Crested paraded in front of us, I said, "I've always wanted one of those!" Not long after, I was looking at the website for A.D.O.P.T., a local shelter from where we had gotten our Boston Terrier Packer the year before, and they had a Chinese Crested ready for adoption. We submitted the paperwork for "Rembrandt" and went to the shelter to see if we could adopt him. We were approved and he came home with us. We wanted an appropriate name for him, so Rembrandt became Yogi. He learned his new name immediately, and I always bragged about how smart he was. I could talk to Yogi in extended sentences, and he would understand.

Yogi was 2 1/2-years-old and had been given up by his owners because they had a new baby and no longer had time for him. What a terrible excuse! In fact, he had been adopted by someone else the week before, and it didn't work out - don't know the reason - but he had just been returned to the shelter when we showed up wanting him. Anyway, we were the lucky ones because we had Yogi for thirteen years.

At that time, we had three Bostons - Pluto and Pogo (the twins) and Packer - and Yogi fit right in. For all but this past year, when we got our first Pit Bull, Yogi spent his entire life living with Boston Terriers. We always joked that, unless he looked in the mirror, he thought he was a Boston, too.

Yogi was always an attention-getter wherever we took him. He was so unusual being nearly bald, but with tufts of hair on his head and feet and a big-plumed tail, which was always wagging. He enjoyed riding in the car and going places. In the summer, Yogi loved lying on the deck and sunbathing. But he definitely never liked our Wisconsin winters; our nearly naked little dog always had to wear a sweater or coat in the bitter cold.

He also loved baths; he would get so excited he would jump right into the bathtub. When he was younger, we would take Yogi to the beach and he liked that, too. So, maybe he also thought he was a Labrador!

Yogi was in good health until a couple years ago, when old age began to catch up with him. His eyes developed cataracts, and he eventually went completely blind. Then he lost most of his hearing. Our vet was also concerned with other aspects of his health, so he did a lot of tests and discovered Yogi had liver, kidney, and heart disease. In the past year, his health deteriorated drastically and, no matter what we tried, we couldn't stop the effects of his aging. He was on several different medications and a special diet. As much as we tried to postpone it, the time came when Jeff and I realized we were keeping Yogi alive for us, not for him, and we had to let him go. Yogi was a very special dog, and we will always treasure the thirteen years he brightened our lives!

JoAnne Rosenfeld

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