R.I.P. Mookie Rosenfeld
Born April 11, 2005
Died March 29, 2016

Mookie was the greatest friend anyone could ever have. We were as close as close could be from the moment he first came home with me. We got to enjoy the ten best years of both of our lives together, and he will always be remembered by me and the many many friends he made over the years. He fell into my lap from a family that for some unknown reason did not want him to someone who would love him more than anything in the world. He loved everyone he met, and he touched the hearts of everyone that was lucky enough to spend some time with him. He was smart, gentle, loving, and kind. He had his own personality that matched mine and some say we even began to look alike, which to me is a great compliment. He was spoiled and he deserved it. And he spoiled me immensely as well. He was always by my side and when I had to leave he would wait on my bed until daddy came home before he would come out and socialize. He was as loyal as can be, even standing guard outside the bathroom door so no one else would go in there and he was there to greet me every time. He was smart. When I would ask for a kiss he would lick me on the face, unless of course, I had my work clothes on. He knew when I was going to work and I was leaving him for a few hours so he would refuse to kiss me in defiance until I came back home.

One story I will always remember: we used to live about a ten minute walk from the gas station and almost every morning we would walk down there together. He would wait patiently outside and every time I would come out with two of those counter beef sticks. I would give him the first and he would gobble it down in two bites and give me a big smile. Then when I would give him the second one he wouldn't eat it right away. He would hold it in his mouth hanging out like a cigar for the entire ten minute walk back until we got all the way, then he would eat it. It was like he was so proud of his beef jerky. Like he was saying to all the cars passing by, "hey look what I got!" That is a memory I will hold onto forever along with many others. He will always be missed until we meet again someday.

I know he is somewhere waiting for his daddy to come home ... Goodbye Mookie. See you soon.

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